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[ Bell dings ] Lennon:
Fight fans, here we go. It’s time for the bout
you’ve all been waiting for. Announcer:
This crowd going wild! My God.
Look at that. He is in trouble!
Look at his legs! The crowd is electric! Tyson bringing it on! Down goes Bruno into the ropes! A right by Barkley,
and Hearns is down! Oh! Down goes Chavez for
the first time in his career! What a shot
by Evander Holyfield! Castillo’s in trouble! What a fight! Lennon:
I-I-It’s showtime! — Captions by VITAC — Ranallo: Big crowd on hand at
the Barclays Center in New York for one of the biggest
fights of the year — the undefeated
Keith Thurman set to defend his welterweight championship
against former champion — the once-beaten
Shawn Porter. Here with
the official introductions — Jimmy Lennon Jr. [ Bell dings ] Ladies and gentlemen, from Barclays Center here
in Brooklyn, the time has come for the bout you’ve all been waiting for — the WBA welterweight
championship of the world. It’s time for Thurman VS Porter! Thurman:
It’s hard for me not to see Shawn Porter
being hurt in this fight. ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ He be riding you tight now,
it’s the moment of truth ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I got nothing to lose,
I got nothing to lose ♪ Porter:
He won’t hit me any harder
than I’m gonna hit him. ♪ So this is what you want,
then? ♪ ♪ You want a war ♪ ♪ Show me what’s up then,
now we ready to bust in ♪ ♪ Take everything,
leave ’em with nothing ♪ ♪ I’ve got nothing to lose ♪ I just can’t pick anything
special about Keith. ♪ He been riding you tight now,
it’s the moment of truth ♪ He has a questionable chance. Those all will play
roles in his fight. ♪ So, is this what
you want then? ♪ ♪ You want a war ♪ ♪ Show me what’s up then,
now we we ready to bust in ♪ ♪ Take everything,
leave ’em with nothing ♪ Thurman: When we got to bat,
we’re battling till it’s over. ♪ Take everything,
leave ’em with nothing ♪ ♪♪ Lennon: And now, here is
the former world champion and current
number-2 contender — introducing
Showtime Shawn Porter! [ Cheers and applause ] Ranallo:
28-year-old Shawn Porter, a former high school
football player who turned pro at 165
1/2 pounds, Porter’s built one of the most
impressive résumés in boxing since making his welterweight
debut in 2010. He won the IBF
welterweight title in 2013 with an impressive
unanimous decision over Devon Alexander. Then stopped our broadcast calling Paulie Malignaggi
one of his biggest wins. And, Paulie, he lost the title
to Kell Brook, but Shawn Porter is
on the road to redemption. What makes him
such a special fighter? Malignaggi:
Well, it’s that tenacity if you could really
put it in one word. He’s has tenaciousness
once he’s in the ring. He makes you
very uncomfortable. Yesterday in
the fighter meetings, he actually said
the phrase, “If my opponent is comfortable,
I’m uncomfortable.” So he relies on that tenacity,
getting up on your face, getting chest-to-chest,
being physical. He’s a former high school
wrestler and football player. He uses the body as well
as the punching ability. He scored what many
consider an upset victory in his last fight over then
III Division champion Adrien Broner with a clear
unanimous decision last June in Las Vegas. Lennon: And now,
making his way to the ring, here is the undefeated WBA welterweight champion
of the world — Keith “One Time” Thurman! Keith “One Time” Thurman —
27 years of age. His mantra in life —
“KOs for life.” “One Time”
because all it takes is one punch to turn
your lights out. Al, his favorite
all-time fighter hails from right here
in Brooklyn, Mike Tyson. When he was a kid,
Keith Thurman said his goal was to have more knockouts
than Iron Mike. With 22 KOs,
he’s halfway towards equaling Tyson’s mark
of 44. What makes him
such a great fighter? Bernstein: Well,
one of the most salient points is that every fighter
that has stepped in the ring with Keith Thurman,
except for Jan Zaveck, has hit the mat
at least one time. Let’s go to the tale
of the tape. Numbers very similar, but when you see
these fighters fight, you would be surprised that the
height and reach is the same, because Porter fights
much shorter than Keith Thurman. Here once again
is Jimmy Lennon Jr. [ Bell dings ] Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you
to Barclays Center here in Brooklyn, New York, for “Showtime Championship
Boxing” on CBS presented
by Premier Boxing Champions. We are ready for the featured
bout of the evening brought to you
by DiBella Entertainment. This bout is sanctioned
by the WBA, the President
is Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, supervisor Jimmy Binns Jr., along with the New York
state athletic commission. The chairman is Tom Hoover. Introducing our three judges
scoring this bout — From New York, Eric Marlinski. Also from New York —
Waleska Roldan. And from New Jersey —
Steve Weisfeld. Introducing our third man
to the ring, the referee in charge
of this bout — Steve Willis. All right, fans. Here we go with the main
event of the evening — 12 rounds of boxing for the WBA welterweight
championship of the world. And now, ladies and gentlemen
in attendance, and boxing fans joining us
around the world, live from Barclays Center
in Brooklyn — It’s showtime! [ Cheers and applause ] Introducing to you
first the challenger fighting out of the red corner. Wearing black trunks
with yellow and red trim, fighting out of
Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of Cleveland, Ohio. He weighed in right
at the limit of 147 pounds. His record stands
at 26 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw, with 16 wins
coming by way of knockout. Currently ranked the WBA
number-2 contender. Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the former IBF welterweight champion
of the world — “Showtime” Shawn Porter! [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] And his opponent
across the ring, the defending world champion. Fighting out of the blue corner, wearing red, white,
and blue trunks, hailing from Clearwater,
Florida. He weighed in at
a ready 146 pounds. With a record of 26 wins, no losses, one no decision, he has 22 big wins
coming by way of knockout. Tonight, making the third
defense of his title, here is the undefeated, the reigning WBA
welterweight champion of the world —
Keith “One Time” Thurman! Best in the world! [ Bell dings ] Ain’t no body
better than you! Once again,
our referee in charge will now begin instructions —
Steve Willis. Willis: Here we go. Okay, gentlemen, you’ve both seen the instructions
in the dressing room. I want you to respect them. Let your commands — Protect yourself at all times. Right now,
low line’s gonna be here. Low line’s gonna be here.
Tap it up. Let’s go to work. Ranallo:
It has been nearly 40 years since boxing has been seen here
on prime time CBS. Can’t think
of a better fight to bring the sweet science
back to the masses. [ Bell dings ] The bell and round 1 —
the undefeated Keith Thurman, the champion,
in red, white, and blue — The once-defeated
former champion Shawn Porter in black,
red, and yellow. And immediately,
Thurman tests him with that left hook
to the head. We look at the keys to victory
for Keith Thurman — He cannot let Porter
push him to the ropes. He’s been boxing
more lately. He’s got to plant
and throw with authority. He’s already doing that, and he’s got
to counter effectively when Porter’s
coming inside. As for Shawn Porter —
smart pressure, moving his head,
not attacking at random. He’s got to put Thurman
on the ropes, as I’ve mentioned, and he’s got
to jab his way inside. Porter has a punishing,
powerful jab. Malignaggi:
You see Porter trying to use that jab to get
Keith out of position, but Keith smartly
sliding to the sides and not getting himself
back to the ropes. Porter known
for his swarming offense, putting the pressure
on his opponents. Thurman known for his speed,
his power, but he’s not
a one-trick pony. He can also box, as he caught
Porter with a right uppercut. That could be a major punch
in this fight. Thurman has a great uppercut,
and he landed it against fighters
like Diego Chaves when he came pouring in. The former football player
Porter does resemble a middle linebacker
in his approach at times. And he wants to get inside
any which way he can. He slams that jab forward. A lot of times,
he just pushes it, but what he’s trying to do is
just build the momentum forward to get you backed up,
and so he can find you, he can close that gap. Just passed the midpoint
of the opening round. Thurman’s been smart in sliding
to the left and the right and not going straight back,
so far. Right hand to the body
by Thurman. The fight was originally
scheduled in March. In late February, Thurman
suffered a minor neck injury in a one-car accident
postponing the bout, making it that much bigger here
at Barclays Center, which is becoming
the east coast home for the biggest
prize fights. You know, in recent fights
Thurman has been moving much more than he is early
in this fight. He is standing there and he is fighting
with Shawn Porter and trying
to push Porter back. Under a minute left
in the opening round. Porter missing
with the left hook upstairs. Thurman using his footwork now
with the front foot coming in. Willis: Hold up! Malignaggi:
There’s no feel-out process
in this fight, huh, guys? We didn’t expect it. Both shot out
of the proverbial cannon, hoping to deliver
fistic fireworks on a major night
for the sport of boxing. And they’re both
throwing power punches designed to create
a knockout. And both
with hurtful intensity. Thurman has been down
one time as a pro back in 2010. Porter also been knocked down
once in his last fight in the 12th and final round
against Adrien Broner. A great start to this one. One round gone
in Brooklyn. [ Bell dings ]
Willis: Time! [ Cheers and applause ] I more feints to get him
where you need him to be, okay? Feint him to get him
where you need him to go, and behind that,
use your jab. Don’t worry about
trying to put five or six
combinations together. Feint him, feint him,
feint him, get him where you need him to be,
and then get strong. Okay. Gracias. Good job first round.
Good job. -Good luck, baby.
-He’s jumping all around. Focus on that nose
with that jab. Jab, jab, jab —
jab right hand. Got to be
busier than him. Don’t try to land
something crazy from the outside
or whatever. Bounce out of the way of it,
if you can. Back up, feint him,
feint him. Get him where you need him
to be, okay? When you put your combinations
together, cut him off, and go. [ Bell dings ] Ranallo:
This is “Showtime Boxing” on CBS powered by PBC. Round 2 for the welterweight
championship — the title holder Keith
Thurman defending against the once-beaten
former champ Shawn Porter. Bernstein: You know,
Keith Thurman lands 47% of his power shots,
according to ShoStats. Number five on their list of all
the fighters they track — he landed exactly 47%
in round 1. Thurman coming off
a career-long 350-day layoff. Defeated Luis Collazo — Stopped him after a cut
in the 7th round. But earlier
in that round, Paulie, Thurman was hurt by a body shot,
and that’s an area I’m sure Shawn Porter
would like to target. Malignaggi:
Of course, but that body shot
would have hurt anybody. It just happened to catch him
at the right spot at the right time. Hurting someone with a body shot
is a timing thing, as you see, Thurman, again,
sliding to the side and not back to the ropes. There’s a good body shot by
Porter, speaking of body shots. And that’s what he needs. And in this round,
Porter’s starting to show some of the pressure we expected
to see in this fight. Yeah, I believe Porter has
to consistently be first if he’s gonna have
any kind of success. And as you can testify, Paulie,
Shawn Porter one of the more physically stronger
fighters at 147 pounds. He is, but
the difference tonight, with a lot of Shawn’s fights
at welterweight is that Keith is
a natural welterweight, as well. So it’s gonna be harder
to be physical with a natural welterweight and not a former
super lightweight. A minute and a half
remaining in the 2nd. Porter swarming
Thurman on the ropes, trying to make life
a little difficult. Overhand right by Porter. Thurman shelling up trying
to block those shots. This is what Shawn needs
to do right here. This is what he specializes
in — making you uncomfortable, body-to-body,
and getting to work. Left uppercut
on the inside by Porter. And, you see,
smothering keeps working. As you can see,
he’s so close to him that Keith can’t really
get leverage on his shots. And Thurman could be
holding him at this point. Kell Brook did that
during his fight, but he’s not. Kell Brook, the only man
to defeat Shawn Porter — highly touted
welterweight champion, as is Danny Garcia. Again,
a talent-rich division. Yes, Floyd Mayweather
and Manny Pacquiao stepped aside
for the moment, but these two looking
to ascend to the throne. Thurman has really relied on his left hook early
in this fight more than normal and has landed
several good ones. I’ll tell you,
Porter has a good cheek, ’cause he got hit
with two thunderous shots in that exchange. Shoe shine to the body
by Porter. Right hand over the top
by Showtime Shawn Porter. Here’s a spot where — I was gonna say Thurman might
use the uppercut. Porter used it. Well, Thurman better be
careful leaning over like that leaving them
susceptible to those uppercuts. And, again, this is where
Porter specializes. A good round
for Shawn Porter! Round 2 is in the books. [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] Good work, good work.
Keep your distance with him. Don’t let him get close
without punching. Don’t just
let him rush in. Work off that jab. If he’s close,
let the right-hand hook go. Get positioned for that hook.
Here’s your water. Right there in the bucket.
Right here. I need that half a step back
to come over the top. I don’t want you smothering
your work by being too close. Step back —
distance and range right there. Give me a couple feints,
make him throw something and come over the top
or something like that when you get
in there again, okay? Don’t run, don’t run. Don’t run.
Nothing different. Good. Good work. Don’t just let him
rush in and not punch. He’s rushing in to you.
You got to let it go. Okay. Let it go. Keep your defense moving.
Keep turning. [ Bell dings ] Ranallo: Round 3 — plenty of action already,
as anticipated between two of the very best
in the Welterweight Division — Keith Thurman
and Showtime Shawn Porter. Thurman off to a better
start here in round 3, trying
to walk down Porter. Bernstein:
Keith Thurman told us he felt that Shawn Porter
had defensive liabilities that would allow him
to land a lot of punches. There he lands
a right hand, but Porter is a deceptively
good defensive fighter. Malignaggi:
Yeah, he doesn’t come off slick with that pretty style
that he gets — He changes the look, he attacks
all at once, he steps back. He smothers you very well. Thurman has recorded 22 knockout
wins in his 26 victories, but he hasn’t legitimately
stopped anyone since stopping Jesus Soto Karass
back in 2013. It’s Porter putting the leather
to Thurman’s body one more time. Geographically, this fight
is starting to favor Porter when he gets on the inside,
even though Thurman’s landed some good shots
like he did just there. Willis:
Work your way out. We have seen Thurman
in his last few fights try to establish
the distance, showcase his footwork
and his boxing acumen. But Shawn Porter
is gonna be — tried to be in his face
all night long, Paulie. Malignaggi: Yeah, and that’s
what he specializes in is to keep making
you uncomfortable, and that’s really showing
his best attribute — is the fact that he can make you
so uncomfortable. It’s very physical. The difference here tonight, it’s like I said,
he’s got a natural welterweight. His one loss was to Kell Brook, who was also
a natural welterweight, so he had trouble
being so physical. He’s making the attempt tonight, and he’s done it
very well in spots. If he can be
consistent with that, that’ll be his key to victory. Willis: No hold.
No hold in there. Let him go. Break!
Step back. I got you, sir.
Step back. Thurman trying
to establish that jab. It’s been a key weapon
for him recently. And he’s only thrown 22
so far in this fight, and that is a low number
for Keith Thurman. And again,
Porter working the body, although that one was
just below he belt line. [ Crowd shouting ] Under 30 seconds now, and Shawn Porter
is just a storm. He gets you in a headlock.
He leans on your head. He’s just very physical.
It’s not the just the punching. He just tries to make it a very
physically uncomfortable fight. Willis: Step back.
I got it. Step back from him. Well, Shawn Porter —
Oh! Oh! Thurman coming back
with a couple of left hooks
to the body! And a big right hand. Fireworks at the end
of the 3rd round! Wow. [ Cheers and applause ] Don’t just let go,
though. Keep your eyes on him,
react to him. Breathe.
Breathe. Slow everything down.
You’re safe. I’m asking for the overhand,
and I’m not getting it. Why? Huh? Throw the overhand
right, okay? Throw
the overhand right. And remember,
if it doesn’t land, you got to be aware
of it, okay? You’re the matador. Breathe.
One little more. You got time.
You got time. Breathe, breathe. You get him up
on the ropes, turn to the side,
take a half-step back, punch him some the middle,
and over the top. Yo, just do this. Just do this for me —
just this. You good?
-Mm-hmm. I need more feints
to get him where you need him
to be, okay? Bernstein: In the waning moments
of the last round, Thurman was able to land
a huge right hand that momentarily
stopped Porter. Did it hurt him badly?
We’ll find out. Followed it up with a couple
of decent left hooks, as well. It’s round 4,
scheduled for 12 for Thurman’s claim to
the welterweight championship. There’s a cuffing
left hand, but, again,
Porter just muscles his way in trying to make life as difficult as possible
for the defending champ. Shawn Porter’s starting
to lead with his head and not attacking
smartly right now. And he could be hit
with a big counterpunch if he keeps doing that. Malignaggi: That’s the thing —
He attacks any which-way he can. He wants to just
close the distance. He doesn’t care really much
about fighting on the outside. He throws the jab,
but really the jab is just a decoy
to try and fly inside. His whole style
is based on getting inside and then working,
working, working. Both of them
feinting each other. Thurman has never been cut
in his pro career. The way Porter fights,
that may change tonight. Porter, on the other hand,
has been cut myriad times. The Porter jab has been good
in this fight. Oh, nice counter left hook
to the face there by Thurman. Man: Whoo!
Beautiful jab! Thurman is determined to land
that counter left hook. It hasn’t quite been there yet,
but he wants that punch badly. Malignaggi:
I’ll tell you what, Porter does throw
the same jab every time when he just rushes in,
and Thurman’s trying to time it with that left hook. And that’s a move attempt
there by Porter. He tried to spin Thurman. Under 90 seconds left
in the 4th. Thurman — Good job defensively
to avoid those shots and then nails Porter
with a left hand as he pivots away
from the ropes. And there’s, again, a counter
left hook of the Porter jab. Porter’s gonna have
to start feinting with that jab or touching
with it a little bit. A minute left
in the 4th frame. Heavy exchange — oh! Porter’s knee
buckled after that left! And the veteran holds
on immediately. Smart move —
smart move by Porter there. Buckled his knees,
grabbed right ahold of Thurman, and that is
a better move, Mo. Left uppercuts by Thurman. And holding again.
He’s still trying to recover. He’s cut, too.
Corner cut on the left eye. And a good one-two
executed by Thurman. Blood over the — at the corner
of the left eye of Shawn Porter. Lucky for him,
it’s dripping down the side and not into his eye
right now. From the big overhand right. Shawn’s gonna need to reset. He keeps trying to back
the big shots, but I don’t know. Thurman utilizing
his footwork. It is thunder and lighting
in Barclays in Brooklyn. [ Bell dings ]
Willis: Time! [ Cheers and applause ] Won the round!
You got that round, too! You had him rocked
that round, baby. I thought it was over. Relax.
Breathe, breathe. Man:
That jab is working. You got to use it
and step around him. You know what I mean?
Sometimes use the jab. Watch where he’s stepping
when he’s coming over. Bring them hands back up. Jab, catch it, jab,
slip it, step around. Keep turning, keep turning,
keep turning. Pick your spot. But not just the jab. You got to add the right hand
and the hook, too. All right?
Not just the jab. Keep working,
keep working. I thought it was
over that round. We’re gonna get
this dude, man. Beat the jab. Work them uppercuts
when you’re in close. Right uppercut, left hook,
slam that body. -Okay.
-All yours. Just relax.
Take a couple deep ones, man. Relax. All yours.
Come on. Malignaggi: There’s some vicious
exchanges in the last round. You saw a huge
left hook by Keith Thurman. Got Shawn Porter’s attention.
He saw his knees buckle. And he grabbed a hold
of Thurman intelligently. Ranallo: And the 5th round
begins like the 4th ended. Thurman on the attack. Bernstein: Early in the fight,
we talked about Thurman zeroing in
with that left hook. It didn’t quite get there,
but in the last round or two, that punch has become
a total weapon. And 1/3 of the way through this
much-anticipated battle. It is as good as advertised, as Thurman on the ropes
using lateral movement. He has the edge
in power shots. And you see Porter try to cut
the ring down on Thurman. But as he’s cutting
the ring down, he’s only trying to rush in,
and I know that’s his style. But he’s gonna have
to pick his spots better to just rush in,
because Thurman is starting to time him
with some huge power shots. Willis: Work it out. Porter just missed with
the left uppercut on the inside. Backing up the jab
from Thurman. Nice right hand
to the body, just above the belt line
by Porter. Malignaggi:
You see, now Thurman’s the one
that’s walking Porter down. And Porter doesn’t really fight
very well going backwards, so not a good sign for him. Maybe he’s still in recovery
mode from the last round. He had his knees
buckled in that round. Went down for the first time
in his career in his last fight
against Adrien Broner. Another counter left hook
got in, and yet another. That, so far,
has been the kryptonite for Shawn Porter
in this fight. And it’s clearly something
he worked on, Al. I mean, he’s got it automatic
on this. As soon as Shawn throws a jab, the left hook flies
right out from Thurman. Thurman intercepted Porter’s
right hand again with the jab. That time, the right hand
got through for Porter! Goes to the body. Now another exchange! Porter digging away
at the body. Thurman firing back. Willis: Stop! Watch your hands. Porter, the veteran,
using the elbow, the forearm. Doing whatever he can
to irritate Thurman, get him off his game,
get him off his rhythm. Malignaggi:
And again, it’s harder
to muscle Thurman around. He’s a natural welterweight. In working
with Keith Thurman and formulating the game plan,
Dan Birmingham, who has won the Trainer
of the Year award — And so
he’s a fine trainer. Celebrating his 50th year
in the sport. Worked with former
undisputed 154-pound champion Winky Wright, Jeff Lacy,
among others. -Oh.
-Nice combination. Lightening quick
by Keith “One Time” Thurman. Malignaggi: And you see
the wrinkles in Thurman’s style. Now he’s able to box
going backwards. All those shots
were going backwards. Right cross by Thurman,
and he avoids the heavy leather
on the way back from Porter. Willis: Break it up, break it
up, break it up! Break! We’re headed
to the 6th in Brooklyn. I got you. [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] Keep using that jab. Keep using
those feints, okay? Then come over the top
with something. Back him up to where
you need him to be, get to his body, and control him
like that, all right? That’s when you’re
in the most control, when you got him
on the ropes. He not really working
with you right there. Get your shot out —
don’t swing wild with him
when he ready to swing. Pick your spot
where you want to do it. Relax. You’re winning
every second. Use them legs and box. Be first,
turn him with that body. Take what he gives you. Don’t hold back,
but be smart. Keep looking for that
right uppercut, left hook. -Okay.
-Dig that body. Keep it tight all the time.
-You’re breaking him down. Don’t take no chances. All right.
Come on. Let’s go.
Good job. Bernstein: In what
was a very close round, Shawn Porter had
this excellent moment — the overhand right, then he
would follow with the left hook. And the overhand
right is normally a very good weapon
for Porter. Ranallo:
6th round scheduled for 12 for Keith Thurman’s
welterweight title. Malignaggi: And again,
Thurman coming forward now. Porter boxing on the back foot, but Thurman’s able
to lead him and land. Thurman has spend less time
in the last couple rounds against the ropes —
very little time actually. For a couple
of rounds there, Porter was able to push him
against the ropes. Porter trying to establish the
jab, trying to work the body. Wings and misses wildly
with an overhead right. Cutting off the ring,
though, on Thurman. Now they clinch in, delivering
short rights to the body. But you see, he rushes
too fast on the inside. Then and he gets inside, and Thurman’s too big
of a welterweight. If he grabs a hold of Porter,
the action stops. Counter left hand by
Thurman connects. He’s gonna have
to pick his spots better. Porter’s very active
on the inside now, though. That was better looking. He worked in off the jab,
he came and folded off the jab. Just missed with that
right cross, as Thurman was able to circle
away from the ropes, reset in the center
of the ring. Now walking down, Porter,
who again lunges forward. Left uppercut
on the inside by Porter. Minute and 1/2
remaining in the 6th. Porter working well
to the body when he gets Thurman
on the ropes. This has been a very nice
round for Shawn Porter. Yes, he’s making it
a battle of attrition, Al. And this is Shawn Porter’s
specialty, the battle of attrition. He loves this kind of fight. Willis:
Break! I got it. Step back, step back. Final minute of the 6th. Good counter
right hand by Thurman. Put your hand up. Don’t pull his head down. Malignaggi: Those are the extra
wrinkles Thurman has. He’s not just a big puncher. Good sense of boxing and timing. He’s one of the most
cerebral fighters, period, both inside
and outside the ring. Good counter punch. Devours books, plays a variety
of musical instruments, and now trying to absorb
and endure this attack — the onslaught
from Shawn Porter with 30 seconds left
in the 6th round. Willis:
Step back, step back. Thurman —
a good job of avoiding that left hook by Porter. Staying just out of the range
when at distance. [ Bell dings ]
Time! Don’t punch. [ Cheers and applause ] Good job, good job,
good job. Good job. Keep that straight jab,
that power jab, on him, and add
the right hand every time. Don’t just jab.
Don’t just jab. He’s strong.
He’s walking through jabs,. And you got to add
that right hand. Way to work.
He’s all yours. Breathe.
Relax. Get your wind.
Relax. Okay? Go ahead, Joe.
Get the glove. I need that jab.
Bring that overhand. When you get close,
work on the ropes, slide back, over the top
with a right hand. Over the top
of the right hand. He’s starting
to throw like that. He’s starting
to throw right there, so we can step back. Yeah, step back. The Barclays Center
in Brooklyn buzzing for this highly
anticipated fight, and both Thurman and Porter
doing their best to deliver. Round number 7. Willis: Break! Step back.
I got it. Okay. Well, Dan Birmingham’s
advice, very interesting. Not only the jab
from Thurman, which is been
an under-used weapon, but he wants him to throw
that right hand behind it. Nice body work
employed by Porter. We bring in our unofficial
scorer Steve Farhood. Farhood:
Oh, these fighters are not
only challenging each other, they’re challenging the judges,
’cause they’re taking turns — both in terms
of being aggressive and in terms of landing
the harder punches. After six rounds,
I have it even. I think it’ll be settled
in the second half. Porter making that
investment to the body. Hope that it reaps dividends,
as we head into the second half of this championship
fight scheduled for 12. I think when Keith Thurman looks back on the video
of this fight, no matter what happens,
he will not be happy that he’s not using the jab
as he’s walking in. -Yeah, good point, Al.
-Using it there. Malignaggi:
But he’s got to use it
to put Porter out of position. Yes. Porter physically
man-handling Thurman, turning him
into the ropes. But Thurman trying
to fight out. Willis:
Break! Step back. And I know that Thurman
is a natural welterweight, but Porter is strong
on the inside. Malignaggi:
He definitely is. And it just makes you tired, just wrestling
with him in general. And Porter
doing a good job when it comes
to putting some money in the bank
to the body, Al. Yeah, he is
a very good body puncher, and we’ll see how that impacts
Thurman as this fight wears on. This has just been
a very close fight, just as we thought
it would be. Both men have in spots gotten done exactly
what they want. A little slip by Porter
on the way in. Willis: Work out, work out,
work out, work out, work out. 30 seconds
left in the 7th. Thurman walking down Porter,
not using the jab. Left hook, but a counter
right hand from Porter. Break!
Step back. I got it. Whoa. Through 7 rounds,
both Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter have proven that they are ready
for their close-up. It’s prime time boxing
on CBS! [ Bell dings ]
Time! Walk away. Okay? Listen, give him that jab,
slip, jab, step around. Keep taking angles
so he don’t get lined up with you to come over
with nothing wild, okay? Excellent conditioning. Excellent conditioning. Way to work. Try to be first
with the jab. The jab’s setting everything up,
but you can’t just jab. You got to add the right hand
and that hook. When you’re inside,
whack that body. Deep breath. Don’t be afraid
to tie him up sometimes. Good work.
Breathe, breathe, breathe. One swallow,
one swallow. Don’t bang with him
where he want to bang. You pick your spot
where you want. Malignaggi: And some of
the action from that last round. You see Thurman kind
of pawing his way in with the jab
instead of extending it in. I don’t know that he put
Porter out of position enough to avoid some
of those big shots that Porter was able
to answer with — that left hook
and the overhand right. Ranallo: Round 8. Bernstein:
Keith Thurman likes to tutor the young fighters
in Dan Birmingham’s gym, even give them money
to help them get to amateur
tournaments. He’s very invested
in those young men and how they do. And this fight
has really blown by. Sustained action
from the opening bell. The twists and turns —
both fighters having their moments. And our unofficial score
Steve Farhood, through 7 rounds,
has Thurman ahead by a point. A close encounter
of the welterweight kind in one of the most talented divisions
in the sport. The fans suddenly
may be turning on the — well, the matador performance
of Keith Thurman. Keith Thurman decides
to box for 25 seconds, and they get mad. Give him a break! Yeah, he’s just trying
to re-oxygenate. Trying to change the pace
a little bit. Yeah, I mean, come on. Nice uppercuts
on the inside. Shawn Porter has shown diversity
in his attack, as has Thurman. And both still very composed,
showing patience while still throwing
their combinations, Porter especially
has been very composed while still utilizing
his type of attack. But on his back foot —
nice shot to body! Good work to the body! That hurt Thurman, just like
Collazo did in his last fight. Susceptible to those
body shots, Keith Thurman. Let’s see if Porter can
get back on that. Willis: Break! Step back,
step back, step back. A minute left in round 8. Malignaggi: Well-timed left hook
to the body by Thurman — I mean, by Porter. Thurman just missed a homerun
ball of a right hand. Left uppercut
on the inside, counter left hook
to the head by Thurman. Thurman’s jab
has gone M.I.A., as Porter continues
to put on the pressure, trying to cut off the ring. Lead right hand there,
though, connected by Thurman. You see he comes at you
like a football player. Look at the little stutter-step
feints he’s got. And then he got hit
with the left. This is a fascinating
match-up on every level. ‘Cause he will get to you
any way he needs you. He does not care
how good he looks. Thurman chewing up the real
estate with his footwork, but still connecting —
accuracy. Thurman never loses
his composure, though, about countering. Especially countering the jab
with the left hook. [ Bell dings ]
Willis: Time! That was a close round. Looking good.
Your face look pretty. No problem. Bernstein: Shawn Porter had
a very important moment in that last round. He rips a legal body shot, and it pushed
Keith Thurman back. He immediately retreated, and you knew
that punch had an impact. Malignaggi:
Yeah, you could just tell the
way Keith reacted right away. But that was pretty
early in the round, and even though Porter, again,
trying to get down there — in fact, Thurman came back
in that round and was able to land
his own counterpunches, like that left hook. That wasn’t
a perfect left hook. He slapped a little bit with it,
but it had landed. Keep working, keep working.
Right hand uppercut. Left hook.
Come on. Punch, punch in there. Keep the hands up
all the time. Ranallo:
Sage advice from Dan Birmingham as we begin round number 9. Keith Thurman defending
the welterweight championship against the once-defeated
Shawn Porter who hopes to ascend back
to the top of the division and earn another piece
of the 147-pound crown. Mauro Ranallo along
with hall-of-famer Al Bernstein, two-time champion
Paulie Malignaggi at ringside. Willis: Watch that arm,
watch that arm. Bernstein:
One of the things that could
become a factor in this fight, according to ShoStats,
more punches thrown by Porter. He’s thrown 445
for 355 for Thurman, so he’s been busy. Good double jab by Porter,
getting on the inside. And there’s the jab
from Thurman. Break! Step back, step back.
Take a full step back. Full step back.
There you go. Saw Steve Farhood’s
scoring. Part of the reason
he gave the last round to Thurman was
a big comeback in that round after
that body shot hurt him. He came back very well
in the second half of the round,
and it’s a close round. That one surely
could have gone either way. Lead right hand by Porter. And that’s a couple times
Porter’s done that this round
with that lead right hand. He’s laying a couple
of sharp ones. Counter left hand
by Thurman. Just missed
with that left hook. As Porter along the ropes, loading up
with a right uppercut. Porter now swarming him! Porter — good defense,
good head movement. Avoiding the attack
of Thurman, muscling in with
that left shoulder. And again,
that body-to-body contact — Porter thrives on it. Oh, just missed with
the left uppercut did Porter. Just looks to push you around,
push you out of position, and then continue
to punch and assault you. Final 60 seconds
of the 9th. Is Thurman cut, too? Yes, he is. Left eye, as well. Looks like a bad cut. We don’t know if it came from
a clash or after a punch, and that’s an issue. As I said, in this type
of match-up, Keith Thurman cut for
the first time in his career. Bombs away in Brooklyn! I got it, I got it! Let him go, let him go! [ Cheers and applause ] An incredible atmosphere for what has been
an incredible fight. Fight it out, fight it out. Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, putting it all on the line
in prime time on CBS! [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] You’re fucking killing
me here. Keep working, keep working,
keep working, keep working. Keep working all the time.
Come on. You’ve got a cut
under your left eye, so you box, you box,
you box. You go back
to your boxing. All right?
Go back to your boxing. Relax. Breathe.
Relax. You want to come in?
-No, no. Next round. Take a swallow. Bernstein: Well, the referee
came over and told us it was a punch that
caused the cut. And it is already cut there
before Shawn Porter hits the head
of Keith Thurman, so it will not be ruled
a clash of heads. And we can see there
that the cut was already there when their heads
banged together. Malignaggi: Yeah, Porter had
landed a couple of sharp, hard right hands early in that round
that might have done the job. Ranallo: And Carlos Vargas
earning is money tonight, stemming the bleeding
for the first cut in Keith Thurman’s
career. Round 10, scheduled for 12 for Thurman’s
welterweight title. Thurman ducks underneath that sweeping left hook
from Porter, trying to feint Porter. Shawn Porter, by the way,
2-1 in 12-round fights. Thurman is undefeated
in 12-round fights as we head very close now
to the championship rounds. I guess by process
of elimination, he’s undefeated. He’s undefeated overall.
-Of course. Yes, naturally. And again, Porter trying
to smother Thurman on the ropes. Thurman with piston-like punches
to fight off the attack. It’d be a real news flash if I told you
he lost the 12-rounder. Willis: Fight your way out,
guys! Fight it out. Porter has a little problem in trying to turn this into
a Greco-Roman wrestling match. There’s the pawing jab
of Thurman. Doesn’t follow up, however. Did that last round have any
impact on Thurman, in terms of, overall, taking
something out of him? The cut being pushed
around by Porter. We’ll see. Malignaggi: Yeah,
that’s just psychologically a very debl– Oh, nice right hand there
connected on the jaw by Thurman! Those are the kind of rounds that separate the men
from the boys. A counter left
hook by Thurman. Thurman had himself
some good shots this round so far he’s landed. Willis: Watch your heads,
watch your heads. Stop. Stop. You all right?
You all right? Both men have been
cut in this fight. Neither man
has gone down. Porter’s knees
have buckled. And now Porter, again,
has Thurman on the ropes. Fight it out, fight it out,
fight it out! Thurman trying
to hold on. Porter keeping up
the attack. Porter mugs you on the inside,
and that’s what he’s doing. I got it, I got it.
Step back. Porter treating Thurman
like an Internet troll here with 45 seconds
left in the 10th. Man: Make him miss!
Make him miss! Make him miss! And this, now,
Thurman trying to turn it back into a boxing match. Wants to establish
the jab, it seems. There’s a double-pump
jab from Porter. Malignaggi: Yeah, the best thing
you can do to a jabber is keep jabbing with him. Nice jab by Porter there. See some blood back
on the part of Thurman. And, you know,
Porter has — Ohh! And Porter walked
right into that left hand! Thurman has him cornered! And Porter able to
turn the tables again. An off-balance shot
bringing the fans to their feet. And, boy, they are throwing
leather — punches in bunches. What a fight! Round! [ Cheers and applause ] All right, good job, good job.
Good round. You sick him up
again that round. Keep working.
What round? -11.
-11 coming up. We need both these rounds. We want both
these rounds. Keep working. Keep working. Bernstein: This is where
the right hand created the cut. It starts to bleed. That’s exactly where
the cut was created by that right hand
of Shawn Porter. And, you know,
I was gonna say — and in the last round, Porter getting
some more work done. But that was where he was hit
with that left hand that kind of
knocked him off balance. And I agree now
with Paulie. It was more
of a balance issue. I think that Porter
was hurt badly. Although, Thurman did land
some big shots like that one, and Thurman
had a big comeback in the latter part
of that round. Ranallo: We have reached
the championship rounds. Both athletes
championship-caliber. Thurman’s undefeated record and his welterweight
crown at stake. Has this been as good
as advertised, guys? Yes. And there are so many nuances
to this fight. That’s part of what’s
made it interesting. This fight is competitive. They told Keith Thurman
in the corner — Dan Birmingham,
and his trainer did — that they need both
of these last rounds. And they may or may not,
but it’s close. You just want to make sure
and win them just in case. Yeah,
you have to assume. And Steve Farhood believes
Thurman is ahead. Could be —
a lot of different ways. Let’s bring in our unofficial
scorer Steve Farhood. Quickly, Steve, why do you
have it the way you do? Farhood: Single shots in two
or three of the rounds have been critical —
where the other guy, the guy that got hit,
may have done better work over the course of that round. So it’s gonna be
a real challenge for the judges how they score
those two or three rounds. Two of the best analysts seated
right to my left. Al Bernstein, what does
Thurman have to do in these championship rounds to ensure that
he goes home champion? Well, you know, I think
it’s a very close fight, and I think
what he has to do is not get himself
caught up on the ropes where Porter can mug him. And, Paulie, for Porter? Malignaggi: Well,
he’s got to mug him, as Al said. And Thurman’s got to
try not to get mugged. Porter needs to close
the distance on the outside. He’s just not gonna be as
effective as Thurman’s gonna be. He needs to close that distance and then get to work
once he closes that distance. The thing is it takes
a lot of work to do that. Does he have the energy here
in the late rounds to do that and to pull that off with
that kind of work ethic? And psychologically
for the judges — Ohh! Another counter
right hand by Thurman! He walked into two shots.
Wow. And he stays standing. He’s only been down
once in his career, coming off in his last fight
against Adrien Broner. He won fight convincingly, but Thurman now tattooing
Porter with those shots. I’ve seen guys
go to sleep unconscious before they hit the ground when Thurman hits them
with one of those counters. He just walked into two
of those monster counters. It’s gonna take more
than one time to drop Porter
in this fight. Shawn Porter
is a tough cookie. I was saying,
psychologically, when Porter is fighting
in the center of the ring and Thurman’s fighting
like this, the judges feel like
it’s Thurman’s fight. If he gets pushed
against the rope, they feel more like
it’s a Porter round. Yeah, the perception
becomes the reality. A lot of times,
that’s how you win rounds. The perception becomes reality. You know that better
than anybody. A couple of left hooks
to the head by Thurman, and yet Porter continues
to navigate the mine field
coming forward. Now using
the stutter step. Herky jerky heady movement,
but unable to cut off the ring. And, guys, that takes
a lot of energy, too. I mean, all that
herky jerky stuff, and then you got to get in
and actually punch, too. And Keith Thurman’s landing
some very good counterpunches. 12th and final
round straight head. [ Bell dings ]
Time! Good.
You all right? [ Cheers and applause ] This was a round
in which Keith Thurman was able to be very effective
from the outside. They will
trade right hands, but it’s Thurman’s
that gets there. And then he counters
with that hook, and as Paulie
pointed out, those are the kind
of punches that Keith Thurman normally
knocks people out with. Don’t stay on the line. Don’t stay right here
looking at him right here, okay? Make sure
that you keep turning. Don’t just sit right there
and look at him. Make sure
you keep turning. Pick your spot where you got him
where you need him to be. Feint him, feint him,
and go to work right there. It’s that last round.
It’s that championship round. Keep the jab.
Work underneath. Keep your hands up,
and keep your legs moving. Good work, good work. Come on, man.
Come on. You’re still champion
of the world. You got this fight. Win this round, though. Win this round.
Come on, baby. Come on, baby!
-Come on, baby! Come on, champ. Lennon: This is the 12th
and final round of this bout place your attention
at the center of the ring. This is round 12! Ranallo:
As they should be, the crowd in Barclays
on their feet. A few weeks ago,
Francisco Vargas, Orlando Salido, delivered
a virtuoso action fight. Tonight, you are seeing
Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter
throw their hats in the ring
for fight of the year. Malignaggi:
Thurman being intelligent. Oh, that right uppercut! And yet Porter
keeps coming forward like a extra
from “The Walking Dead.” Yeah, right, if you’re close with Porter,
he’s gonna keep punching. You got to keep that distance
and change range on him, and Thurman’s done a good job
of that the last few rounds. Of course, we don’t know
what the official scoring says, but can Shawn Porter
win this fight if he’s not attacking
a lot in this round? Lead right hand by Porter. I’ll tell you, both guys have
had success with that punch, that lead right hand. Thurman’s is straighter. Porter’s is wider,
but both men have landed. There’s a counter
left to that. Automatic on Porter’s jab, the counter left hook
from Thurman. That was clearly,
as you pointed out, something in the game plan, and they’ve used it all night,
Thurman has. Oh.
Good right hand from Thurman. Willis: Fight your way out. I got you, I got you.
Step back, step back, step back. Last round.
Let’s go. Just past the midway point
of 12th and final round. Keith Thurman’s
welterweight championship and his undefeated record
hang in the balance, as Porter mugs him
on the ropes. And ironically, it’s Thurman
coming forward, not Porter. Oh, and that
left uppercut again on the inside by Thurman. One minute remaining. That’s where Thurman doesn’t
want to be right now. It’s Porter pushing. You know, they’re
making it physical. This is what
Porter’s been wanting. This is the 12th round,
and yet these two warriors are going at it
like it’s the 1st! And give the referee
Willis credit. He’s letting them
fight on the inside. Willis:
Last round! Work it out! Fight you way out.
I got you. Last round.
Fight it out. It’s a close 12th round. [ Cheers and applause ] I got you, I got you! More than 1,100 punches have been thrown in
this fight combined. More than 800
power punches thrown. And let’s let the crowd take you
through the final 10 seconds of what has been
a terrific fight on CBS. [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] Way to work. It took nearly 40 years
for the sport of boxing to return
to prime time here on CBS. After this fight we have
just witnessed tonight, I don’t think it’s gonna
take 40 more. The numbers are fascinating because they will show
that Porter was busier. What ended up being
landed was very similar, but I think we can say
that Thurman probably landed the bigger,
more flashy shots. So we’ll see how it all plays
out in the judges’ view. Good job, good job. You did it, you did it. No problem. I see you winning about
every round. Ranallo: We have just witnessed
a legendary fight here on CBS. Let’s go to the legendary
Jimmy Lennon Jr. for the official decision. [ Bell dings ] Ladies and gentlemen,
after 12 rounds of action, we have a close
but unanimous decision. All three judges
scored the bout the same. 115-113, all three in favor of the winner and still WBA welterweight
champion of the world, Keith “One Time” Thurman!
-I wanted that! [ Bell dings ] Well, the crowd here
at Barclays may not agree, but how can anyone be a loser
after a fight like that? Keith Thurman holds on
to his undefeated record and his title with a close
unanimous decision, Al. Yeah, Shawn Porter’s
not a loser, even though
Keith Thurman won the fight. -Terrific performance.
-Let’s go to Jim Gray. All right, Mauro.
Thank you very much. Keith, this was
an awfully tough fight. Your thoughts and reaction
to the decision, as the fans are booing? First off, I want to thank God
and give him all the glory. Secondly, I want to thank Al Hem
and Showtime, the fans right here. I want to thank Shawn Porter
for a tremendous fight. He’s a great warrior. You know, Shawn brought
it today, you know? He was on me,
but I knew that defense would be the keys
to victory. He’s smothers his punches
a lot. It’s very difficult
for the judges to give him
clear scoring. I was able to rock him
at least once around with clear, effective blows, and I believe that that was
the key to victory today. He was
in tremendous shape. He’s a tremendous athlete, and I would love to see him
in the ring again, maybe, if that’s
what he wanted, man. You would want a rematch? I would give him
a rematch, man. You know,
it was a great fight. It was a great fight,
man, you know? He was a great opponent. Everyone was saying,
“Was he gonna be my toughest
opponent today?” I was unable to drop him. I did rock him.
He’s a good athlete. How did you survive
this onslaught and this constant
aggression of him being right in front of you and throwing you on
the ropes constantly. You know, I threw
the throw back. Round 2, I gave him
the rope-a-dope. Muhammad Ali style, man. Defense, defense, defense,
defense, defense — neglects his offense. He had a great offense,
but I had a great defense today. Shawn it appears as though
the fans feel as though — You won this fight, Shawn,
according to the fans at least,
not by the judges. What is your thoughts
here on this decision? You know what, at the end
of the day, I’m blessed. I’m blessed to have
these fans right now. We worked hard. He’s a great champion. My dad says,
“Keep your head up.” -Do you think you won the fight?
-I do. I do, but let me
say this — I’m satisfied because
the competitor came out tonight. He ran a little bit,
did what he had to do, he got the win tonight,
but I feel good, I feel great,
I feel blessed. I’m blessed to be
on CBS. He said he would
give you a rematch. Is that what you
want immediately? Come on, now.
We need that rematch. I think the fans
want that rematch. [ Cheers and applause ] He got this one. If he gives me another chance,
y’all know I’m gonna work hard. I’m gonna come in here,
I’m gonna work hard in the ring, and we’ll come back
with that WBA title. Shawn, thank you very much.
Appreciate it. God bless you.
Thank you. All right,
back to you, Mauro. Ranallo: All right, Jim.
Thank you very much. Let’s take a look
at how the three judges scored it at ringside. All three of them
sought the same — 115-113 in favor
of the champion, still undefeated
Keith Thurman. Let’s bring in our unofficial
scorer, Steve Farhood. Farhood: Mo, interesting
that the 12th round that the judges disagreed. As a matter of fact,
they disagreed on about four or five of the rounds. The 12th round, though,
was not pivotal. Thurman had the fight
won regardless of how they scored that. My score happened to match
the three judges, 115-113, although I think we all
got there in different ways. Bernstein: I thought the scoring
in this fight was fair. It was a very close fight. Malignaggi: Yeah, I thought
it was fair, too. I thought Thurman
slightly edged it, but a great fight,
and both guys — You know, they say the sequel is
never as good as the original. I think a rematch
might even be better. Let’s go to Brian Custer. Custer: All right, Mo.
Thank you very much. I tell you what, this was
championship boxing at its best. I wouldn’t have been mad
if this thing ended a draw. What a performance by
Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter. Let’s recap our night of boxing
here from Barclays Center, the WBA welterweight title
on the line — Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter. These guys came out slugging. You saw Thurman there
with the left hook, something that he scored
with a lot in this fight. Some clean shots,
but Porter smothered him. His right hand —
He did some body work. Vicious shots
by both of these guys as they backed each other up. This fight went back
and forth — very close. And in the end,
Keith Thurman walks away with the unanimous decision. He retains his WBA
welterweight title. That will do it from the Barclays Center
here in Brooklyn. For Al Bernstein, Mauro Ranallo,
Paulie Malignaggi, Steve Farhood, Jim Gray,
and our entire Showtime sports crew,
I’m Brian Custer. Good night from Brooklyn. ♪♪

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