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Kelli and Judy Send Two Rookies Home #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Kelli and Judy Send Two Rookies Home #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(upbeat music) – I am really sore after
rehearsal last night, but you never know when
it’s gonna be a cut night, so you have to be on
your A game all the time. (upbeat hip-hop music) – I thought it’d be good if ya’ll could see them
while they’re warming up. Marshall and Kevin are
here from Tangerine Salon and this visit’s in preparation
for our makeover day. – I’m so excited to be back
and work with these ladies. A lot of times you can make
assessments from pictures, but until you can actually
see how hair moves, you don’t know how it’s going to accentuate her and make
her look her best self. Even a small change can take someone from just being a candidate
to a real cheerleader. – Let’s show and sell
for Marshall and Kevin. (ladies cheer and applaud) – K, group one, just
the rookie candidates. (ladies clap) (rookie candidates performing) (Work this Body by Walk The Moon) – Kevin had an amazing idea for Shana, he wants to bring some red back out. It’s kind of faded right now, don’t you think? – Yeah, she definitely
could be a richer red. – [Marshall] Yeah. (Work This Body by Walk The Moon) I think Kelsey would look great with a shoulder-length, wave bob. You would see so much
more hair in the front, not all behind the neck, you know? – [Kelli] Tonight one of things I’m looking for is musicality. Musicality through dance is literally painting a picture with your body movement to the music. This routine is not like Madeline. It’s weird. (Work This Body by Walk The Moon) Lauren’s much softer
compared to the other three. (Work This Body by Walk The Moon) Bret, I’m not seeing musicality. (ladies applaud) On my radar is Lauren and Bret. – Okay. Ya’ll take a water break. (upbeat hip-hop music) – We have already released
two from our roster so we have 43 ladies in training camp now. We’re seven over and Judy and I are going to call some ladies into our office.
– Bret. – We will have some discussions, we may even have a cut tonight. – Last practice I was
called into the office, so, that’s never a great feeling. I’m hoping that Kelli and Judy can see how bad I want this and that I’m doing my best. – Hey Bret. How are you? – A nervous wreck. – Okay, we’ve had one discussion and this will be your second so I want to be real thorough with the information I’m giving you. – Yeah. – The choreographers that have taken notes on everybody have not noticed you yet. So you’re being overlooked, which means that you’re just being outperformed by others in the room. Some of the things that
are continuing to happen through training camp is the words choppy, or… – Average, okay. – Yeah. – So, I think my main thing, Bret, is I’m not seeing in your performance a sense of musicality. That might be the style
that you’ve done in the past that’s just real count-driven. – So I think I just need
to meet with the veds and then video, side-by-side. I want it so bad and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. – I just think you’re not at this level
of performance, yet. I think you need more dance classes, where you’re learning choreography to different styles of music, like we’ve done here. So, we’ve actually seen enough to make our decision. Tonight’s going to be your last night. We’re sorry. – It’s okay. This is the best of the best and you gotta bring your A game and, I get it. Hopefully I can come
back stronger and better. Thank you. – Okay. Goodnight, thank you. – Goodnight. (woeful music) It’s been a whirl of emotions. It’s hard to get cut, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot and that’s really all you can ask for out of any audition process. So, I’ll go home and work hard and hopefully come back stronger. (anxiety-filled music) – Lauren? They want to see you. – This is my first time
going into the office, so it is definitely nerve-wracking, but I’m hoping that I could have a good, positive conversation with them. We can talk about things I need to work on and then for me to improve from there. Hello. – [Kelli] Hey. – How are ya’ll? – We’re good how are you? – I’m good. – I want to give you some feedback and let you know what we think at this moment in time. – Yes, Mam. – Your experience with the Range Reds and your experience with TCU is awesome and you come highly recommended and that gives us great hope for you. But, in this training camp, the kind of feedback
that we were getting was, a soft dancer, not really
hard crisp powerful. – Yes, Mam. – You know we’re making
our final selections for the team and… I do think you could make this team. If you could get the right experience and the right look and you need more, time. – Yes, Mam. – Tonight will be your last night. (Lauren cries) – Well, I just wanted to express, I’m really appreciative
for this opportunity. I’m sorry. And I don’t want you to think I did not prioritize this, ’cause I did. – Oh, not at all. – And I recognize the
things I need to work on. – We’re sorry. – It’s okay. I appreciate you letting me know now, so I can come back better. – I think you will. – Okay, thank you. – [Kelli] Okay, thank you. (Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara) – [Judy] I didn’t think
you were cutting her. – I wasn’t. – But it’s okay, I think it would end up this way anyway. – It’s gonna be this way next week or the next week.
– Right. – It has been an emotional process. Just really wanting this
to become a reality. I think I need a little bit more time, just to take more dance classes, stay familiar with the style. It’s definitely tough, but this is a goal of mine and so, I’m definitely
gonna work on those areas and come back stronger. – To have a conversation that there’s no real quick solution I just feel like almost threatens them, confuses them and then we’re gonna have the same conversation
in a couple of weeks and cut them. And I’m trying to eliminate
the extra suffering.

43 thoughts on “Kelli and Judy Send Two Rookies Home #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. It is so difficult and painful to work so hard for something you want so badly and then be cut. I commend them for being classy and professional. I hope they come back stronger and achieve their goal.

  2. You can tell that Kelly is much quicker to cut someone when she has doubts this season. I think that came from the Melina situation last year. I appreciate the change because that was hard to watch.

  3. SO mad they kept Meredith and Kat, who I personally don't think are that good, but they cut Bret, who I felt was stronger. 🙁

  4. I'm angry that cut Bret, while meredith she be off beat every practice and not catching up with the choreography. It doesn't make NO sense 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄#shesmediocre #bettydaviseyes

  5. There’s defiantly something not normal here….am all in to freedom of colour and dress…..BUT we have to draw the line here…. 2 weirdos turn up in the so called DCC stadium…..I mean we are in Dallas here AT the so called prestige cowboys , the bloke with the beard, hairy legs, black socks, a Scottish kilt, Big Dr. Martin boots with silver studs and a pineapple on top hair do…..and this loon is the stylist….nope something not right here. I wouldn’t let these people into my garage sale….and there dealing with teenage gals…..uhmmmmmm……trust me I’m a hairstylist….RIGHTTTTTTT………

  6. I love how Bret handled being cut, she didn’t act overdramatic or anything. I hope she comes back better next year but personally I think she was enough this year

  7. I was really crying while watching this poor lauren so painful and heartbreaking hopefully she comes back soon better and stronger then before keep focusing trying and doing the best that you can ladies you can do it

  8. anyone else feel like we’re watching the same content but in different orders and different titles for the videos ?? 😂

  9. Question: are these girls supplied the perfect white shoes or do they have to buy them themselves?? Are they replaced regularly? It’s just, they’re so very white and pristine.

  10. This is Poms NOT cheerleading. I'm tired of seeing these squads identify themselves as cheerleaders. As a cheerleader, we don't do kick lines or kicks. We are gymnasts, we throw people in the air, and we ACTUALLY compete. You don't see an actual cheerleader wearing boots like that to a game and/or a competition.

  11. Just started watching like today, (saw on suggested videos) and umm Meredith, honey..HOW! How are you still there. But hey whatever it is, it’s working in your favor.

    Damn i really didn’t mean to get hooked to this show🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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