Kim Possible Kimitation Nation Episode 3 – Jack Peters

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Thank you very much! I’m the new pink Hey Kim, oh sorry. I thought you were oh There she is and she’s wearing her mission clothes she must need us Kim, what’s up, do I know you I know I’m scared too. Yep. Is that really you man? Miss telephone call. No. Thanks Forget it, but you don’t know what I’m going to ask dumpling. Does it involve cloning. Oh, not at all. Well, okay, maybe a little Know guys, I don’t know him this time you are in this is your look you created it Everybody’s wearing it. It’s way beyond cheerleader cool. That doesn’t mean anything Oh sure. It does. Let’s just save the world pool and how cool is that? It’s your new frontier. Yeah Hey Bonnie, nice outfit and nice try but you really can’t pull this look off It’s my looks Ego and DNA I have options I have henchman To crown any one of you would be a crime against humanity that even I am incapable of Get a haircut ooh The style file perhaps the season blue skin is in as I predicted The new look inspired by high-tech teen Kim Possible is sweeping the world Gah, there are lifts Impossibles An army of Kim Possible’s of course impossible then Drone How do you know that’s the right Locker See perfect match Just one Impossible hair the next an unbeatable fighting force will be in my class Dr. D. If we can’t handle one Kim Possible. How are we gonna handle a bunch of them do?

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