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King Cnut Movie Trailer

King Cnut Movie Trailer

I had a t-shirt made with cnut French
correction I had some screen-printed and I started selling them but then I
received a letter to stop it died started to investigate French Connection
basically I signed up to their brochure I was studying the enemy as I saw them I
saw a t-shirt that had a logo on that looked exactly like the Ford logo so out
of the kindness of my heart I phoned Ford and told them of this terrible
infringement that was going on and they had that t-shirt withdrawn within a week
but then the next brochure turned up they’ve told me not to do something that
they are unbelievably blatantly doing I phoned Pepsi and they were absolutely
livid IBM coca-cola dunking doughnuts and if they didn’t think that they were
gonna want to withdraw the t-shirt I showed them the female version it’s
amazing how fast people that eat donuts all day move I was going further and further into
getting things withdrawn it was becoming a real obsession by this point some
people thought I was mad some people thought this is brilliant you’re going
to do what you want to do you want to do

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