KNX17: The Karate Nerd Experience (Ep. 2/4) — Jesse Enkamp

ohayo gozaimasu that’s good morning in Japanese we are live and direct from the first day of the karate nerd experience you can see the roll up over there already and in two hours people will be arriving from India Italy France Germany Mexico Canada you name it lets get ready to rhumble house india compared to here right now it’s pretty much to say did you check it alright okay awesome luckily they have copyright here a campus so I’ll survive these coming days now as you might have seen registration is in full effect people are arriving having a good time getting their t-shirts and swag bags and all of that now it’s only an hour left and full training starts but the first guest instructor sensei Maria de métro who’s a World Games finalist and Premier League champion and pan-american champion and all of this her plane is delayed so I’m just praying that she makes it in time otherwise I’m gonna have to do the first session cuz she was supposed to start and then I’m gonna go after teaching some secret Okinawan ground fighting stuff okay we’re gonna go down to the gym together for our first session [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] great I didn’t really know what it was that coming in but just that little change the to my technique in my kata and the things I’m going to apply to it a couple of things to think about process with it was great somehow it was really really good I learned a lot of good things that’s some good advice from her especially so yeah KNX 2017 was a bit of lasso fun way to open up awesome I think it was awesome I love I mean I love doing key on the new ways giving getting new ideas how to means the simpliest thing but it’s exactly what I wanted he went to China whose young province to learn the D runs to backside you could switch to this side as well that’s why I hope best day ever it’s great stuffing we have fundamentals that that if anyone can learn from from beginner I’ll go to in advance and even though what the ground stuff is you know totally off the radar anew so it’s interesting and it’s it’s great we would look to come up for because I will inevitably forget everything but as long as I do it right away I’ll never have to look at this book again but it will be in my head cuz I have written it down it’s been a long day and I am super sweaty but it was totally worth it now we’re gonna have some dinner then we’re gonna have a theory session with sensei Patrick McCarthy who is arriving right now and yeah satisfied so far I’m filming [Music] and he said he found himself so he brought a book the name of the book is called Zen in the art of archery

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