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Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Basic Stance of Koden Kan Martial Arts

Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Basic Stance of Koden Kan Martial Arts

Hi! I’m Madison Warner, I’m a black belt
in Karate and I studied Koden Kan Martial Arts and my father Michael M. Foley is the
person who put the style together and I’m going to be showing you some of our techniques
today. If you’d like to see more about us and our style you can go to or
my website is Also I want to make sure that everybody knows that you need to
stretch before you do any kind of physical activity, I mean everyone should know that
but also if you have any kind of health problems see a doctor first before you know you get
started if anything. Okay today first of all I’m going to show you about stances, this
is the root of I mean this is your center okay this is going to root you is what I was
trying to say, the first stance is called kibadachi, you want to bend your knees a lot,
you want your feet to be straight forward and you want to just sink in to the stance
okay don’t worry about your hands for now just feel your muscles working, you want to
keep your back nice and straight, okay keep your back straight and like I said you want
to be nice and low with your knee so just focus on this for a little while, practice
that, just stand there in your living room watching TV, watch your favorite show while
you’re doing the stance, it’s going to really strengthen your legs. The next stance
is called zenkutsu okay this is just basically forward stance and you should feel like you’re
about to move forward, lean into your stance forward, again you want your knee right over
your toes and your back leg is straight pushing you forward okay, from the side like this…you’ll
feel that forward motion and your back foot isn’t completely straight forward it can
be turned out slightly but not very much and again just practice on this for a while before
you start the next thing. Alright so those are your two stances that we’re going to
be working with.

41 thoughts on “Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Basic Stance of Koden Kan Martial Arts”

  1. @anold130 Since when did you need to be rich? Maybe in an American McDojo which there seems to be an astounding amount of. But a good dojo will accept any person with the will to better themselves and learn. True martial artists cannot learn quickly. A good martial artist will learn exactly like learning the guitar with Kihon (basics) Repeating the same moves or melodies thousands of times to gain muscle memory, speed, strength, balance and control. You are no martial artist – dishonourable

  2. the horse stance (kiba-dachi) has many minor variations between individual schools, including the distance between the feet, and the height of the stance. One constant feature is that the feet must be parallel to each other. In combat it is mostly used asa transitional stance, from which a practitioner may quickly switch to other stances.

  3. zenkutsu-dachi (forward leaning stance) . Although the specifics of the stance vary by style, overall it is visually similar to a lunge, with the forward leg bent at the knee, and the rear leg straight, while the hips and shoulders remain squarely facing forward. The purpose of the stance is to teach musculo-skeletal alignment that adds as much mass to a strike as possible. The stance allows a lot of power generation forward, but very little in any other direction. It is not a fighting stance.

  4. I stopped learning Wushu 2 years ago but started at the age of 7. And those 2 stances are what we also did in Wushu

  5. First off you guys leaving comments are lame second go say that to her face and watch her judo chop you with samurai precision. Next if you can teach properly then make a [email protected]#$ing video of your own

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