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Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Roundhouse Kick in Koden Kan Martial Arts

Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Roundhouse Kick in Koden Kan Martial Arts

Hello! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been
instructing over 10 years under Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate and if you’d
like to see more about us on our website please go to or One thing
that you need to remember if you’re going to learn any type of martial arts is the responsibility
that comes along with it, what we’re teaching you can be deadly potentially and you need
to make sure that you’re only using for self defense. Alright this kick is roundhouse
kick and it can be very powerful if he’s properly, you’re going to step back with
your right foot just for practicing purposes, you can actually step back with your left
if you want, okay get into your zenkutsu stance, knee bent, hands up in the set position. What
you’re going to do is lift your knee in front of your body, point your toes because
we’re going to hit with the in step of the foot and then you’re going to pivot with
your bottom foot, bring your heel towards your target on the floor, you’re going to
bring your knee towards your target, okay point your knee towards your target and here
you want your hip to be in between your head and your knee, bring your foot back as far
as it can go and then you’re going to kick, unpivot and then bring it down. Okay so hands
up, bring it up, pivot your foot on the bottom and point your knee forward toward your target
and get your hips in the middle so you’re in a line, here I point towards you and kick,
okay unpivot and down. One more time, don’t get discourage this one is really hard to
learn, up, pivot and you’re going to kick and if you’re wondering what it looks like
altogether, how can I do damage with that to a bad guy, okay bring your knee up and
it’s going to snap so it’s going to be a fast out and back kick, also your hips turn
into it as your leg comes out so that adds power, bring it up and kick, alright that
is the roundhouse kick.

100 thoughts on “Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Roundhouse Kick in Koden Kan Martial Arts”

  1. @jimtube109 #1, indeed #2. Because she's from expert village and 99% of their shit is terrible. #3. Indeed #4. Read #2 and indeed.

  2. @jimtube109 hahahahahahahahahahahahha
    it's funny because you mix serious and insightful remarks with mindless and pervish ones.

  3. @Torsdinator : Hey, I will thow you my $0.02 cents.. I had a horrible reverse round house kick, in fact I would constantly fall down when making then spin. To correct the kick, form and balance I went extremely BASIC. I practiced the kick slow and with proper form in front of the mirror and delivered the kick at knee level until perfect. Then a week later I cranked it up until perfect and so on and so forth. So moral of the story, get it perfect at a doable height then increase speed and level

  4. im gonna start Karate – Kihon,Kumite,Kata.. its like, the basics..
    and thes isnt anything you learn in the start, so if you wanna do "cool" kicks and punches.. sign up for the sport.. dont learn it on youtube..

    (you can mess up your knee/legs if you do that trick wrong..(goes for all tricks)

  5. This is Mawashi Geri Jodan Haisoku? A joke maybe, karate for models maybe, where is the power, the speed and reaction, at you can see something at

  6. @jimtube109 2 – it's a classic kihon zenkutsu daci stance, lower for the muscle building purposes. same thing with the guard, although it is not a karate guard, more a muai thay kickbox tipe of thing.

  7. to some of those who crit about her kick is stupid. truth: everybody has they're own ways of kicking, the only correct thing needed to complete the kick is knowing that the target will atleast get a taste of a kick, sometimes it depends on your size. some people may look weak, but in reality they know what they are doing.

  8. @Ricewin Watch the end result, and imagine getting twatted in the face by somones shot like that, it would seriously hurt, and if you don't back off she could easily snap her foot right at your face again, watch the video and think about a real life situation before dissing.

    Another reason it is good is because your average person if they're fast enough may go to grab her leg thinking she is kicking you directly, instead her kick comes from the side and leaves them wide open…

  9. that lil slap kick after the pivot makes me wanna shit on all those sports who teach you to kick like a bitch..but then again she is one..

  10. if you ever tried that against me i could easily shift your balance with two fingers and you would fall over….i hope nobody trys to learn from this

  11. This kick has knocked so many people out. The Kick is very fast and even if you see it you'll get confused and think the person going to knee you and, either try to step away or guard. in the end you'll end up with a broken nose or knocked the hell out.

  12. woooooooooooowy zawy heyy listen up i learned this move i dont know what its called but the hitting of people with a sharp hand that way of hitting boards hehehe hey tnx 4 uploading it what wud we do whithout u uploading it man 😉

  13. @danthemaniac true true…its an art. just because someone does kung fu, doesn't mean much. but weather one would get smoked in a fight is just a matter of how good you are at what you do. i mean just because, according to you, boxing would pwn kung fu in a fight, doesnt mean the kung fu guy won't own your ass if he has more experience. but yeah, you are right…kung fu on its own is an art, and pretty much useless in a fight, one needs experience as well…

  14. Nice sensei, but the kick is worthless like this. Th kick has to start from the back of your body; the bended knee must be halfway on the side of your body. The snap comes when you hit the target at a 120 degrees, so your foot hits the bachside of the head with a snap.
    But yet, maybe the basic she learned is not the karate way, but another martial art.

  15. The thing I like about this version of roundhouse is that the forward chamber can be anything until you turn your foot/hips. It doesn't telegraph as much as more powerful versions like the Thai style.

  16. @lightsodda I would have to agree, this seems like a point karate kick. As of right now I only use this kind of kick as a feint or if I am using it as a "Brazilian kick". I don't this it would do much in full contact. Unless it hits the head, and you have amazing leg power.

  17. good for sport, how ever you have to take this into consideration, this is a light to no contact version of the kick, there is no follow through,in a combative situation you would be using the toes or the shin for the point of impact

  18. @disturbed706 More I think about it the better alternate it seems martial-arts-wise. It guards the groin unlike the popular muay thai round house/ kyoukushin roundhouse and if given the right hip movement could generate a powerful snap. I brought this topic up with my father and he showed me this kick, by knocking a 100kg sandbag almost to the ceiling.

  19. @MrKyokushinGuy she is my instructor. and yes she is hot, however she can kick your ass before you know it. also she doesn't like being called sensei, its instructor warner.

  20. @SanosukeSagara09 : Really now? I could kick both of your asses to oblivion if I want to, but I don't want to but I won't do it to her, I'd rather make love to her than war, as the saying goes "make love not war". But for you Sanosuke, someone who's pretending to know karate, why don't you just resume your 'dancing' point karate shit and stop wasting my time!?

  21. @MrKyokushinGuy dancing point karate huh? and what exactly is that suppose to be? as for wasting your time, you waste your own time by trying to prove you have a big e-peen.

  22. No offense… but she said it was really hard to learn… it is how ever… hard to perfect. I learned the basic principle as a white belt in 5 minutes… the hardest part in my opinion is probably getting your hips to shift just right, and it no doubt changes form to form. Here I see the chamber bought forward before the pivot, which I like, and I had learned it as bring the pivot from behind and swinging forward, releasing when you get it front. Good instructions.

  23. @celjan2006 you say that through a computer but once you meet her and say that she will probably kick your ass

  24. Hmm… The roundhouse kick is executed very differently in kickboxing and Muay Thai. You get much more force out of it when you execute it in kickboxing/muay thai style.

  25. The taekwondo scorpion kick is so hard to learn. Not very effective. But hard. I'd say the taekwondo tornado kick is the most effective kick 🙂
    This isnt hard.

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