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“Kristabelle” – A Barbie Doll Stop Motion Movie

“Kristabelle” – A Barbie Doll Stop Motion Movie

So are you guys ready to watch the movie ham yeah? Best movie ever Are you crying already? No, it’s just um the air quality isn’t that great in here you’re crying no I’m not you’re crying. Can we just start the movie? Geez Stacey don’t yell Come on now let’s just have a relaxing Christmas and watch the movie exactly skipper Hey kids don’t know what to put on your Christmas list is here. Why yes TV man Wilden let me introduce you to the newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Wendy, doll I Have to have it Christabel have you finished your Christmas list yet. Yes mommy check it out. Oh You only put one thing on here yeah, it’s the newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition gwendy doll uh Wow Santa’s sure gonna have fun with that one I Know, but if he doesn’t get me my newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Wendy. Doll. I’m gonna be angry So I better get it Well Christabel. What did we say about being grateful? I? Will be grateful when I get it This is all you really want for christmas Yep, what about your Aunt Sally? I’m sure. She’d like to know at least a few things. You’d like for Christmas. Oh yeah, Sally has ever given me a socks lame I Want my newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Wendy doll and that’s it Christabel? I’m gonna go play with my lame toys now Lola Huh Yo, honey, I’m home Oh Wife what’s wrong? I’m just a little concerned wait what why Christabel’s christmas lists Newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Gwen Beadle. Yeah, I don’t know about this oh My goodness Santa Shh, I don’t want the child to hear Right oh, god hold back my inner fan boy. What are you doing here? I? saw little christabel’s Christmas list Oh already how She messages it to me. Oh those smart kids these days. Uh yeah Anyways, I’m here to tell you some bad news Bad news from Santa. This is so awesome Well not that it’s bad news, but still Santa awesome boy if you don’t shut your flapper oh Sorry, is there a problem with her Christmas list Well, yes you see they weren’t lying when they said this doll was limited edition. Oh no oh yes I’m afraid I won’t be able to get her one so what are we supposed to do? Well, I’m afraid. I’m gonna have to put you two on the job. Huh if you can’t even get her the doll How are we supposed to yeah? I mean if Santa can’t get it. Whoo kid You’ll find a way. Oh ho ho Goodbye, now That was so magical not really okay a little Huh Did someone say Santa’s here? No like I was saying Hohoho. This is my Christmas song singing is fun to do doo dee dee doo dee doo freestyle Christmas cheer I want some root beer gave me some cheese, please Oh Daddy you really tricked me Well that was close Uh-oh know what that doll is sold out everywhere everywhere everywhere Yeah, and Christabel said she’s gonna. Be angry if she doesn’t get one And do you remember the last time she got angry of course? It’s been like this forever Come on you can’t find this doll anywhere online Oh Glamazon has her for five thousand two hundred and ninety eight dollars Five thousand two hundred and ninety-eight dollars. We can’t afford to spend that kind of money What are we supposed to do I? Guess we’re going to have to doll hunt Thanks for watching Christabel, we’ll be back soon Sounds good come on Christabel. Let’s go play. Uh why do I need a babysitter? It’s sold out everywhere, and I don’t think this place is going to have one either we have to stay positive This place is our last chance Welcome to magic box toy shop can I help you fine yes? boy We’re looking for the newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Wendy, doll yeah Everyone has been asking for that today odd. I think we may have one left it should be over there Thank you Ha there it is Lucky me it’s the last one Excuse me you can’t just do that I was just about to buy this oh Well, that’s too bad. I got to it first Yeah, bye budging in front of me my hands got to it first My eyes got to it first. Well. That’s simply not good enough Oops Got it Oh, no you follow Lola didn’t Let’s just pretend they were sold out I Just hope she handles it okay, we did our best time to open presents No No no no Where is my newest coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Gwen Dido? It’s not here Well, you know what’s cooler than the coolest most fabulous super special limited edition Wendy doll nothing a bike teddy bears Nachos yeah, those are pretty great. This is all junk junk junk junk I wanted my Glenn D. Doll I’m sorry Christabel. We couldn’t get it we tried really hard, but you guys stink Oh Worst parents ever Huh Coolest most fabulous super special limited-edition gwendy is that you? Yes, it is Christabel You talk that’s kind of weird Talking dolls, what’s new yeah, I guess. That’s true Anyway, I may be the coolest I may be the most fabulous. He may be super special and even limited-edition But so is your parents love for you Really, can they stink they couldn’t even give me you, but they tried Wow You see Christabel, I’m just a thing like your many other things. We don’t have what your parents have You can throw us in the corner, and we won’t care about you. Yeah, yeah, yeah They love you Christabel. So maybe this year you should give them a gift that they give you all the time Maybe we are the worst appearance ever, I just wish we could make her happy What have I done Dear Mom and Dad I’m sorry for saying you stink and hitting you with pillows You’re not the worst parents ever and I didn’t mean it. I love you, and I hope you can forgive me Christabel Mom dad. I don’t care that you couldn’t get me gwendy. I’m really sorry for how I acted What? Yeah, what can you please forgive me of course love always leaves the door open? Well hello family Merry Christmas Oh Sally Well well that must be the biggest hug you’ve ever given me Yeah, it seems like she’s had a change of heart all of a sudden. Hey lookie here. I got something for you Whatever it is. I love it because it’s from you Wow normally. She says it’ll probably be junk No way it’s the coolest most fabulous super special limited edition gwendy doll now I bet you weren’t expecting that where he has not at all, but how she sold out everywhere Well little do you know aunt sally is an internet ninja? Yeah, I pre-ordered that thing months ago. Thanks Aunt Sally oh Well look at that you guys don’t have a tree topper Perfect I brought one last thing and I think you’ll like it

100 thoughts on ““Kristabelle” – A Barbie Doll Stop Motion Movie”

  1. The way Santa dabs away at the beginning when he sad there were no more dolls for there little girl

  2. If Chris Bella gets Limited addition Wendy doll I will be happy🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. “Wife what’s wrong?”

    What husband says what’s wrong wife anyways it really funny and good and ur so good at stop motion and I cannot even do it

  4. Kristabelle is soooooo spoiled she should have been grateful!!!!!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  5. OK that was AWSOME just to be made with dolls and a person that is great EVERYTHINGDOLLS i really loved this one

  6. How do you get all of these Barbie stuff ?I always watch your videos and I think your awesome I want to be just like you

  7. I heart your videos they are amazing and I don't get bored watching them you really expire me to play Barbies when I'm done watching your videos and they are just a big exporation for me thank you for making this for all the kids I bet they will be very happy when they see a new video come out I will be happy too and I am also one of your biggest number one fans in the world you are an amazing YouTuber

  8. Ya this is sad 😔 but a little happy 😊 now she mows it’s not the toy 🧸 it is about 💕 now kirstbell nows

  9. Everything’s dolls no offense but Santa Claus is not real I asked her mom well I asked Santa everything on my Christmas list and then I saw it when I open the closet all the things I wanted was in my mom’s closet

  10. What doll head did you use for the mum and what made to move body Can someone please tell me? Btw amazing vid I've watched this about 10000 times and again this year 😂❤

  11. Stop motion was great and I loved the characters , but Krista belle was a little brat 😂😂😂

  12. Care your family don't leave or be angry at them, They love you and you should love then too, Even when they don't care about you love them, care them and huge then.They love you the most.👪❤️❤️❤️❤️➡️🆗🆗👎💔👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. I love your channel it is the best good moral story always be thankful 👍👍👍😻😻

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