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Kristen Calls Out CeCe’s Bold-Faced Lies ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

Kristen Calls Out CeCe’s Bold-Faced Lies ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

– Hi!
– Hey.
– Hi. – Oh my God… sit down.
– You guys are drinking beer? – Come here.
– Sit down. You guys want a
drink? Come on, yes. Amsterdam is this goddamn big. We were having a conver, a great
conversation, and like I was
telling her, I, I feel like you guys are
family. You’re gonna be
family always. And whatever it is that’s
bothering you guys or that you have
personal between you, talk
about it. – I’m…
– The problem is
there’s so much going on – in the family right now, that
it’s hard…
– What are you crying for? You guys, that’s OK
because you’re family. – No, it’s bull[bleep]!
– What’s wrong now, CeCe? See,
tell me. I don’t know. Text message said that Byron
doesn’t want us at events
anymore. – That’s not what I said. That
is not what I said.
– What did you say then? We haven’t even had
a chance to talk about this. I don’t want to talk about it.
I’ve been protecting you this
whole time! It’s not like I’m, I’m telling
you, I was telling you something
that I wanted you to know. – But now you’re using
that against me.
– I’m not using it against you, it’s completely
[bleep]-ed up. I’m his
daughter in law. Do you understand how that
makes me feel, to have to hear
that my father-in-law… – Why don’t you talk to me more
about it?
– Because I distance myself like you said. You knew why I
wasn’t at those places. Because you sent me that
bull[bleep] and it pissed me off. CeCe, on that boat,
not only did you poke me but then you lied on me.
You sat there and you said, Kristen didn’t come to
Byron’s party or my party or whatever the hell
it was, because she was busy. That was a bold faced lie and
you know it. You didn’t invite me because
you didn’t want me there. And I just wish you would be
woman enough to say it. What you sent me was
[bleep]-ed up! I had to tell
that to my husband about his dad! That’s how his
dad feels. My husband looks at
Byron like he is God, as he should.
He loves his damn daddy. Well, of course he loves his
children. I’m not saying that
he doesn’t love his children. But [bleep] has changed. He should be able
to communicate with me. He doesn’t communicate with me.
He communicates with you. The text she read, I was feeling like,
take this information. I’m giving you information! You know? Take
the information and run with it. If the tables were turned,
I would’ve turned around and sat down with my husband
and said, hey, CeCe told me
this. – You know, what should we do?
– It feels like – you are putting us
against him.
– But you’re mad at me – because I told you something!
– I’m mad because you guys
don’t [bleep]-ing come see my kid!

51 thoughts on “Kristen Calls Out CeCe’s Bold-Faced Lies ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives”

  1. I can't stand Kristen. Cece seems like a nice mother in law. Kristen would be lucky to be half as beautiful as Cece is at her age.

  2. I dont like tis girl Kristen since start, she is fake, unloyal and she talks about everyone negative things, she is a bad energy and toxic

  3. So basically the father-in-law does not like the daughter-in-law Kristen take a hint you're toxic and nobody likes you because you're a snobby following two Faced backstabbing woman

  4. Kristen really didn't bring anything new or different to this cast she was just a regular chick with no real story line!!

  5. This is the only time I'm gonna have to agree with Kristen. Cece should've just been woman enough to say she didn't want her there. & Then she went and lied to everyone else saying she just didn't show up for no reason knowing damn well a text was sent to Kristen specifically saying not to come.

  6. Let CeCe go, she's too mature and loving for this show. Misery loves company and they are obviously draining this woman.

  7. I hear Kristan but I never wanna be somewhere I'm not wanted. So I would have taken the info & just sat down w my husband & decided what we were going to do…like CeCe said-And I would have wanted to no why he didn't want me to attend!

  8. Kristen is a backstabber especially when she picked two people over you CeCe that she just met Jan and Evelyn and tell them that you guys were never friends put Kristen in a box and ship her out some were she can get lose never to return get a backbone CC and stop crying

  9. Kristen was being such a fake ass friend and a bully. Now tables turned and CeCe got a thorough friend on her side. OG bout that life on this seasons BBW

  10. Kristin is so confused. That girl needs to stop talking, stop thinking, stop seeing, I almost want to say stop breathing. She's so annoying.

  11. Kristen is so pretty and disgusting…….she is a mess…..they dont come to see the next queen of where? Dam ass

  12. CeCe is messy as a women in a mans life she should be trying to bring him closer to his children, but instead she's causing division and guess what God don't bless no mess

  13. I can't stand CeCe she's so Smug fake crying as usual what a Pretentious woman! She's a nightmare sitting there like Cinderella step mother!

  14. CeCe is an old broad who is jealous of the life that Bryron had before her..u better get along wit his kids..cuz he might be siding wit u now..but in a few..He will hold it against you..

  15. If this girl keeps talking. To cece like this ima stop whatching this show and ima get everybody to stop whatching it

  16. Kristen….said she’s her….daughter in law….and then said Byron is her….father in law lmfaooooo Cece’s face when she said that

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