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Kudo Daido Juku Karate Russia Eng/Sub

Kudo Daido Juku Karate Russia Eng/Sub

Today we’ll tell you about Kudo Kudo came to Russia in 1991 and began developing in Vladivostok because, as you know, Russian Far East is close to Japan Azuma Takashi came there and gave permission to open the first dojo in Russia Then Kudo appeared in other Russian cities in 1994 the first gym was opened in Moscow its founders were Anashkin Roman Mikhailovich and Zorin Vladimir Ilyich these two heads of federation are still developing Kudo making it the best in the world kudo development in Russia was not very hard because Russian fighters have strong martial spirit so this type of martial arts worked fine for them You know that Russian guys are probably the strongest in the world maybe it’s not very humble, but we think it’s true so this type of violent karate Daido-Juku Kudo as it was called before was a martial art that they liked a lot currently we’re the strongest in the world in Kudo on the recent world championship in November this year we became absolute champions we won 6 medals of 7 unfortunately, Kolya Edgar because of serious injuries couldn’t fight for the first place he got a silver medal the perspectives of the development of Kudo in Russia are very good because it’s probably the only sport that is tough enough that it helps to train all the groups of muscles all the combat skills and to still stay healthy It’s not a secret that MMA is the toughest sport As I can say from the experience of people I know 1 fight=1 brain concussion, and the fighter is out for several months in Kudo we have a helmet to protect the head and face of course it won’t save you from a strong hit but in the morning you’ll wake up safe and sound you’ll go to work and nobody will guess that the day before you fought like a bear on the ring No one will see your injuries So I think that we have great perspectives Now I’d like to show you our equipment which is the most important thing in Kudo first, it’s helmet Super safeguard some people think that helmet perfectly protects from any hit so some experimentalists, let’s call them so try to hit themselves on the face with a baseball bat wearing a helmet they end up with a knockout sometimes they break their noses never do that the helmet consists of soft fabric and glass glass made of very strong plastic shock-proof this plastic carries lots of load but sometimes fighters break their helmet because of very strong hits Helmet has several holes for breathing but not enough and it’s probably the biggest disadvantage in Kudo Inexperienced fighters during their first trainings and sparrings feel hypoxia you know, lack of oxygen people who suffer the most from it are mountain clumbers when you climb a mountain there is not enough oxygen you feel dizzy and weak Kudo fighter wearing helmet feels the same Of course when we’ve trained for several years we build endurance and can train wearing helmet up to 10 minutes some fighters even longer with maximum effectivity anyway you have to understand that it’s hard the helmet has several ties upper ones on the top of the head and lower ones that hold the helmet below so that the helmet stays in its place during the fight when the fighter is hit in the head the next element typical for Kudo is gloves the gloves are very thin and made of felt here are holes for fingers and here is even some blood so you can see that they are in use as all our equipment these gloves are very good for training because fingers move freely before we used other type of gloves that was less effective the next necessary element is mouthguard when you’re hit on the head the helmet is not enough to protect your teeth I’ve seen myself how fighters broke their teeth because they recklessly fought without mouthguarg the last element is jockstrap All men understand why it’s necessary As for clothes, we have two types of kimono white and blue Adzumo Takashi began using blue kimono 5 or 6 years ago Now it’s much easier to judge on a tournament that’s all our equipment So you can see Kudo is violent karate As I told you from my experience, 1 fight equals 1 brain concussion in MMA a fighter from our club, Alexander Filimonov took part in a tournament in “Oplot” club it was his first professional fight he fought using right techniques in a sparring fight did the triangle submission and choked his opponent Kudo fighters can fight everywhere for example, in ММА though most instructors from Moscow and other regions don’t like MMA because people lose their health it’s our opinion. I’ve never seen a fighter who would get a very strong hit on his face with almost a bare fist, as I said, the gloves are very thin and would stay absolutely healthy but life is life, many people fight in MMA and Kudo fighters are one of the best in this sport When Kudo just appeared, its founder Azuma Takashi one of the best students of Masutatsu Oyama the founder of Kyokushinkai everyone knows that kyokushin is very tough people fight violently without protective equpment there was a rule punches to head were banned only kickes were allowed Azuma Takashi added punches and takedowns some details of Judo and thai boxing At that moment in 1981 and during 1980s it was the toughest sport only life was tougher than this and it became a principle of Kudo to be a violent karate on one side but on another side Kudo is a way of open doors it is a deep philosophic principle You develop not only physically doing punches not only doing kicks and fighting well you develop as a person you develop physically and mentally you are searching for a way of development and when you find it all the doors are open for you along with that, Kudo teaches to respect older people to respect your instructor and other fighters we always do rei a bow As Roman Mikhailovich said, first you do it because you’re told to then you get used to it and after a 1000 times rei becomes a sign of respect for you you say thanks to everyone who trained with you and helped you to become a better person because Kudo is the development of personality and development of your body ok, let’s start to do hand hold it’s necessary that the opponent gives you his hands then you put your legs as close to his head as possible take his arm so his hand is in your hands then you strike his foot keep his foot close to your elbow so that he can’t escape you put your arm on this side the muscles are weak here so it goes quickly and easily The triangle when your opponent is upon you we can grab him and try to escape put your leg to his hip as close as possible here is the arm put your leg up grab his head it happens very often that you’re in the mount position and your opponent is in the guard position and you don’t know what to do there are several things you can do several possible elements put your arm as close to his head as possible close to his neck you can do the lock submission on the left or right side you can also do rolling submission when we roll and choke If you’re unable to do this for some reason when it’s impossible and the opponent is stronger than you you grab his collar push with your knuckles move them to his neck area his arms lose power he feels pain you push his neck with knuckles it makes even more pain one more detail when he holds arms close to his head when we do attack combinations make him put down one arm like this and then you can choose any technique you want if nothing works out you can grab his belt grab his gi roll and choke I can say that I’m a Kudo fighter from head to toe I’ve never practiced any other style I began training in Alexey Alexandrovich Vorobiev’s class in Kostroma this is how my way in Kudo started the reason why I began training is very simple I studied a lot and was a total grind I was physically weak and felt that I needed to become stronger to develop physically I began training and got my first traumas first hit on my head I didn’t give up and kept going on built my courage it was my main motivation I wanted to become a better and stronger person it’s important for young people because computer games and all other entertainment waste a lot of money so boys have no time to become men they need more challenges because everything has become too easy and sweet and fun and young guys don’t feel that pain and tiredness that would help them to become stronger so they begin practicing Kudo In Kudo we have a helmet super safeguard that protects the face and allows you to train with maximum effort and strength but basically in any sport people have only two arms, two legs and one head to use there’s nothing else to invent so we use our bodies our arms and legs do takedowns and submissions speaking about kyokushinkai there are very tough kicks so kyokushinkai fighters are very strong they don’t fight like on the street 95% of the punches are straight punches or hooks and it’s all Grapplers step to the opponent and roll as we say, “I got him” and it’s all the fight is over kudo teaches you to fight with both kickboxers and grapplers it teaches you to search for the best technique but as I’ve already said after a tough training and fight you stay healthy your nose and teeth are safe and sound it’s the best thing in Kudo during the practice you spend much time on both grappling and boxing technique Azuma Takashi did so so that sparrings looked impressive so there are 2 tries, 30 seconds each, in grappling technique in sparring the fight lasts 3 minutes we are focusing on effective combinations of boxing and grappling and effective takedowns we give no points for simple takedowns of course if you do a really cool and effective takedown and you don’t fall you will get your points other types of takedowns will not get any points because they are not effective enough they don’t hurt your opponent especially if you fall down on him he can grab you roll you and get to the mount position so during fighting more attention is paid on kicking and then takedowns

12 thoughts on “Kudo Daido Juku Karate Russia Eng/Sub”

  1. Отлично рассказывает. В чем отличие и схожесть Кудо и АРБ (по сравнению друг с другом) ? Что выбрать ?

  2. Hey guys, I wanted to start a martial art (with absolutly no experience in this sort of sport) in september and I see that I have a kudo club just near my appartement (there are only 3 clubs in France!). So I watch some videos on youtube and your "documentary" (don't know a good word for that in english) totally convinced me, I'll start in one month!
    greetings from france!

  3. Kudo is legit. Its almost like MMA but with a Gi. That changes things a bit because of grips and grip fighting. Collar chokes and various guards come into play. All of you BJJ guys out there know what I'm talking about. 🙂

  4. Thank you hooked! Are there any home study courses that can be ordered. Want to start studying and create a school here in washington state. Love mma but love What Diado Juku represents: BUDO. Any info on dvd courses and or home study course info would be very much appreciated. Thank you and OSS! : )

  5. I want to like this martial art so badly, but it just seems like it's a "jack of all trades master of none".

    Because the tachi/newaza portion of it is severely lacking.

    That triangle and collar chokes for example, the way he sets it up is white belt level at best. I'd never tap to that.

    I'm a 2nd degree orange belt in Kyokushin, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu btw.

  6. If you like in russua you have kudo for easy training and spar for your combat sambo matches and you have street for real fighting

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