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Kyrie Irving NBA Vs 9-Year-old Max in Basketball Shooting Contest

Kyrie Irving NBA Vs 9-Year-old Max in Basketball Shooting Contest

There’s one on the rack. We’re gonna go to
Kyrie, we know he’s gonna make it. There’s two on the rack. Tyler, if you shoot
and miss, you have two. Alright, soon as you have five you’re out
of the game. OK. Now let’s root for your division. Whichever
division, whichever division wins they’re getting their photo first and to lunch first.
Alright, so clap it up for these guys. In three, I’ll just put this, no pressure
on Kyrie but in three years at this camp he’s never lost. He’s never lost.
Everybody needs a ball. Kyrie have a basketball? Wow. These guys shooting, that’s kind of a
heavy ball. So are you good with that? Alright, Victoria, start us off. Alright,
free shot to Kyrie. (?), you got stats. Free shot to Tyler.
Alright, Max, you’re up. Here we go. Here we go.
Victoria, hey, it takes a while to get warmed up. One on the rack to Kyrie. Two on the rack
to Tyler. Three on the rack to Max.
Oh, Max you got three. Alright, Victoria, start us off.
One on the rack to Kyrie. Put the pressure on him.
Two on the rack to Tyler. Tyler, you got two.
Here we go, Max. (clapping)
One on the rack. Alright, Victoria, you got one.
Kyrie’s gonna start us, free shot. He is not missing today.
Tyler’s got three. Let’s go, Max. Represent me to the Celtics
Division. Good job, Max.
Wow, Victoria, good shot. Two on the rack.
Three on the rack. Oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa,
It’s do or die, when it’s do or die we need a drum roll and put a little pressure on him.
If it’s do or die see if you can shoot under some pressure.
(drum roll) (crowd groans)
What do we got, three on the rack? Is this do or die? Do or die shot? Give him
a drum roll. (drum roll)
(crowd cheers) Now does she have any?
Is this do or die? There’s four on the rack. (crowd cheers)
He’s never lost at this camp. Will it happen today?
He likes pressure. Pressure shot. Do or die.
In or out. Looking for a racks champion. (crowd moans)
Oh, clap it up for Tyler. Tyler. Here we go, Max.
(crowd cheers) Alright, Max.
Oh, put a little pressure on. Good shooters in this camp.
Wow, three on the rack to Max. Four on the rack.
Five on the rack! It’s do or die, He wants a drum roll.
Let’s make some noise. Let’s here it!
(crowd noise, crowd cheers) (crowd cheers)
That’s why he’s the best point guard in the NBA.
Here we go, it’s five on the rack. It’s all do or die.
(crowd cheers) We got good shooters here.
Oh, clap it up for Victoria. Great job, Victoria. Alright. How many does he got?
Three. He has three. Kyrie? You have any? You have zero.
If you think Max is gonna win, stand up. Alright, sit down. sit down.
(laughing) Now have a seat. If Max loses, if you just
stood up. Kyrie: Can I have a little support here?
(crowd cheers) Alright, if you think Kyrie’s gonna win, stand
up. (crowd cheers)
There we go. Have a seat. We are on the honor system. If you voted for
Max and he loses, you got three pushups. Three pushups.
Hey, let’s get them clapping a little bit, let’s get them fired up.
(clapping) Max, you’re representing all the Celtics Division,
are you ready to go? Well, let’s go. Here we go. None on the rack, free shot.
(crowd screams) One on the rack to Kyrie.
Two on the rack to Max. Three on the rack to Kyrie.
Four on the rack. Do or die. Let’s get a little drum roll. Here we go.
Let’s here some noise. (drum roll)
For all the marbles. Max, it’s to you now. Do or die
(6 on the rack). Wow, he has ice in his veins here. Is (?) still
here with the Cavs? We better sign him up. (7 on the rack)
Boom! Never. I don’t think.
Boom! (8 on the rack)
Let’s here it. There’s so many on the rack, whoever misses next loses. Let’s give them
a drum roll. (drum roll)
(9 on the rack) Bam. Come on, Max.
(Crowd moans) Oh, give me a Nike Bag for Max.
Last camper standing. Get your picture with Kyrie.
Round of applause for Max. Max, that’s one of the best shooting.
Here’s the guys honoring the pushups. I know more people said Max was gonna win,
I want pushups. We’re on the honor system at the Kyrie camp.
Be honest. Hey, if you want to be camper of the day,
we’re on the honor system. Three pushups.
Three pushups. Don’t ever vote against the pro, he’s never
lost at this camp. Hey, give me two claps.
(clap clap)

98 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving NBA Vs 9-Year-old Max in Basketball Shooting Contest”

  1. the kid is like 7ft-9ft away from the hoop, wtf I'm sure he can shoot further than that since he's making em all

  2. max has a better shooting mechanic than that tall white kid…why is he fading back like that every shot?

  3. Bro Kyrie so good that if i went up against him and he shot from the 3 point line and I went up for lay ups he'd probably win

  4. as small as this seems, many NBA players dont do this like they should. even in the offseason. i respect kyrie, dont have to put it on a commercial to get him to do something like this.

  5. Makes me so nauseous…please use a tripod next year or at least make the shot a wide angle one so we can see all the players (referring to the newest one).

  6. I'm on my way to you all and see what that's like saying that you can start horse doctor hey do you have a trick on my dad why does my deal

  7. When I was 9 I was perfecting behind the back passes and three pointers I would literally dominate this so bad if I was 9

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