Last Minute Teacher Costumes

– Hey, what’s your favorite
all-time Halloween costume? – A good student, ’cause I wasn’t one. Woah, woah, what’s goin’ on? – Hey, woah. – You guys doin’ your
little pod show thing? – [Both] Yeah. – You wanna join us? – Ah, sure. – Here we go. (funky music) Hey there coolio teachers. We are joined today by the
coach for a special Halloween episode of the ghoul teacher podcast. – Oh brother.
– See what I did there see what I did there, yeah.
– yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyhow, a huge thanks to Daveed Mato for being a cool teacher. You will win a sweet notebook that Chris has written
everything he knows, oh my. – So you’re sayin’ it’s blank. Very, very nice. – Oh well.
– Also, special thanks to new cool teachers Angela Ales, Judy Blakeney, and John McGowan. We appreciate you, and all
the cool things you do. So, what are we talking
about today, coach? – No idea. – No idea, you know, there
may be a theme going on here. – Yeah, can you see out of those things? – Can you detect it? – I, no. – Who are you supposed to be? – Yeah, who are you? – Well, I’m your, just, random
evil scientist kind of guy. – Oh, Okay. – Oh. – Um, yeah. – Do you have a name? – Yeah, I’m Doctor Ickles, actually. – Oh, very nice. – Doctor Ickles? Is that like icky, like icky ickles? – Little bit.
– Sorta like that, yeah. (laughing) Okay, Doctor Ickles. – Okay, so we’re gonna
run through some great cool teacher costume ideas. We’re gonna give you the skinny
on what you need to know. I clearly am, we know what I am. Barbara, who are you? – I am Minerva McGonagall. – Of course. – And I just changed my outfit
from a tabby cat to this. – Yes she did. – I love tabby cats, by the way. – Do you?
– Yeah, I love them. – Does not surprise me, Minerva. – Alright, so let’s get to it. Do you agree, coach? – Yeah, although I think tabby cats are usually male, aren’t they? – No, those are calico cats. There ya go. – We’re gonna have to look that up. – We are, alright. So, first up, how about
being a super cool, and in touch, teacher,
by dressing as Pikachu. Right, it be super easy to wear
like a bright yellow hoodie and make your own Pikachu
ears, which you could be then a pokemon that everybody
would search for, right? – Right, yeah.
– Gotta catch ’em all. – Gotta catch ’em all. Hey, how about this idea teachers. Be an emoji. You know what that is, right, coach? – I do, yes, you guys have
informed me of the emoji. – Yeah well, you wear a
black shirt and pants, and then create a large emoji. Instead of responding to
student questions you could just put on the emoji and
say, hey, figure it out. – That be a really easy
one to do, all you need’s a black shirt, and some
paper, yeah, exactly. Does Harry Potter ever go out of style? – No, never. – Okay, well, draw a
scar on your forehead, tousle your hair, wear round glasses, throw on a robe, carry a wand around, you could even wave it
above your head and say, expelipoopus or what do they say? – Brother, yeah, I’ll say it,
Chris, yeah, expelogoosus. Okay, this is a strange
one, but how about– – This show really went low-brow. – It did, big time. – How about being a healthy food. I thought of this one. Yeah, how about dressing up as an avocado? – How do you do that?
– An avocado, well, get some green cardboard
and draw an avocado and then just put a brown pit in there and walk around like you’re an avocado. You could serve guacamole
and chips for the Halloween. Long live avocados. – Oh, dear goodness. Well, you know what, there’s
some cool teachers out there who probably like that
idea, but there aren’t many in this room. If you have dark curly
hair it would be easy, you could go as prince. Wear something purple, you
know, get that hair all kind of wet and you could, frilly
shirt, you could be prince. – Prince, that would be– – Or a tribute to prince. – Yeah, tribute to prince,
that would be a good one. Well, you’re gonna love
this one, Chris, okay. – Like I loved the last ones? – But, because you were once
a cheerleader, we’re going to tell the public right now,
you met your future wife, she fell into your
arms, she was doing like a triple flip, and you dropped her. – I did not drop her.
– I think that was it. – That’s not how it went. – But anyhow, you could wear,
well, maybe you couldn’t fit into it anymore, but you could wear your cheerleader outfit. – What have you inspired, coach? – Wear your old school outfit and you can perform for the class, do a back flip, or whatever the heck you used to do. – Yeah, I haven’t been able to do a back flip in a few years. – Have your wife come in–
– center of gravity is a little off, different
than it used to be. Alright, this is probably
one of my all time favorites. Dress as Mickey, or Mini,
you don’t even have to go to Disney Land, you’ve got
some ears layin’ around just be Mickey or Mini. – You have to have, don’t
even leave Disney Land without getting Mickey ears. – What else, coach? What other great ideas do you
have for things you could be? – Uh, I don’t have any. – No great ideas? What did your team come as? – Um, come as a ball player. – Alright.
– How would you do that? What would that be like? – You take a uniform. – Right, right, I’m with ya. – You put it on. – That’s cool.
– Did not see that comin’. – Oh, wow. Would it be clean, a clean uniform, or kind of stinky, or smelly? Do they get smelly?
– That’s a good question. That’s a fair question. – I lost my sense of
smell years ago, it’s from hangin’ out in the locker room. – Yeah, it is. Alright, well, in the description
below, we’ve collected a few additional links, especially the BuzzFeed, check those out. You’ll find lots, and lots, of those. – Is that the bell? – I think it was, Barbara. Yeah, what’s gonna happen now? – I don’t know, I’m gonna
turn into a tabby cat, bye. See you next Halloween. – Yeah, well that was cool. Give us your Halloween ideas. Put ’em in the comments below. Even send us some pictures, or videos, oh my gosh, we would love those. – Videos we be so cool.
– We would probably give you things if you sent us pictures or videos. – Yeah, we’ll send you
this book that Chris has written everything he knows about. – Is this joke ever gonna get old to you? – No, never. – Okay, thanks for joining us. Cool teachers Lisa Moore,
Maryanne Cru-ch-o-ville, Kelly Griffin, Deborah
Nishki-Shah, Renee Williams, Chloe Coughlin, Deb Waite,
Robin Small, and Joelle Henry. Thank you Kathleen Barlow. – It just goes on, and on. We have too many cool teachers out there. – We do, we do, so stick around. After school we’re gonna talk
about messing with Halloween. Send us your likes, your
subscribes, and your comments. We’d love to hear from ya. – There’s something wrong with you two. – Yeah, see ya coach, thanks. – Bye coach.

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