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Lawyer Reviews Laws Broken In Classic Love Scenes

Lawyer Reviews Laws Broken In Classic Love Scenes

my name is Diana Iseman with iseman law firm in Los Angeles California I’m a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor today we’re going to be watching clips of various classic movies and looking into whether or not the characters that we know and love were actually committing various forms of sexual assault I’d like to think you’re not in all of this caper skip it I’m not interested let’s go what would it take for you to see things my way a lot more than you’ve got how do you know I don’t want to know isn’t it customary to grant a condemned man his last request you’ve asked for this [Music] [Music] [Applause] oh my god so many crimes let’s start with the first one shall we battery throws her across the room into a pile of hay she tries several times to move her face so that he can’t kiss her and he does anyway so that’s sexual battery in addition to the battery charge he could be looking at potential lifetime sex offender registration because sexual battery even though it is a misdemeanor is still a registerable offense now we’re going to watch a scene from Revenge of the Nerds hi Betty a nerd I’m not kissing a nerd you have to I paid my money kiss this nerd I wanted to it all this kissing’s made me horny Betty you’re like a goat [Music] next [Music] and changed your mind take off your mask it was wonderful he did things we’ve never done before you’re that nerd yeah thanks okay so that was awful and disturbing to watch because this young lady was raped the law protects victims from having sex with someone who is pretending to be someone else in other words if she thought she was having sex with her boyfriend and this guy comes in wearing a mask she even asks him she says changed your mind he says yes they’re now going to have this consensual sex except it isn’t consensual sex it’s clearly rape as good as you yes I think the thing that really kind of irritates me is that immediately afterwards when he reveals his identity she’s so okay with it it’s totally fine that she was conned into having sex with this complete stranger under false pretenses under most circumstances a victim like this would go and report it as a rape they forgot my birthday the next clip we’re gonna watch is from sixteen Candles a classic John Hughes coming-of-age story I loved loved loved John Hughes movies they were the voice of a generation it’s really stupid he doesn’t really exist he asked me about you did not I go for it in the best thing is I made a bet with my friends I bet them that I do with you but this is before I knew as a person I can get proof without actually getting physical how can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes I think it’s time to blow this thing off and go to your house [Music] you guys I’m serious come on dude piece of ass any time I want xiaolin the bedroom right now passed out cold violate her ten different ways don’t want to that’s disgusting and it’s rape if you did actually go in and do that make a deal with you let me keep these unless you take Carol at home but you got to make sure she gets home you can’t leave in some parking lot somewhere Jake I’m only freshmen so she’s so Blitz you will know the difference who’s he that’s me what happened I’ll tell you where you are just tell me who you are did we yeah I’m pretty sure I did I enjoy it did you you know I have this weird feeling I did I’m really sorry about getting you mixed up with that guy oh it’s okay I’m really sorry about last night the party oh come on make no qualms about it she was a rape victim and it was all orchestrated by someone that she trusted her boyfriend more than 60% of sexual assault cases go unreported so I don’t know what she would do but hopefully she would go to the police and she would make a report and that investigation would probably uncover the fact that this rapist took her in a car while he was drinking so there’s plenty of underage drunk driving happening here too she was also violated by many witnesses that’s something that would play out really unfavorably for the rapist in the courtroom today so the next one we’re gonna watch his wedding crashers which is a movie that I actually laughed out loud almost from beginning to end when I saw it in the theater is going on baby I started thinking about what you said before and I think the problem is I am NOT being adventurous enough for you I’m pretty sure that is not what I’ve been saying to you baby I’m gonna make oh yeah but this is not men can be victims of sexual assault too and in this circumstance I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened they don’t make it clear what happens next it cuts to the next scene pretty quickly but you’re supposed to understand that they go on to have some sort of sexual adventure against his will seemingly so that is a crime depending on whether or not there was intercourse but that would determine what kind of crime it was but at the very least it is false imprisonment sexual assaults definitely I just had my tits done you liked him those seem like lovely tits what him doesn’t give a bit about my tits well darn him but mrs. Cleary this is pretty sudden you’ve been playing cat and mouse with me ever since you came here mrs. Cleary I don’t come again okay cat call me okay okay kitty cat this feels borderline inappropriate Fiona what I said feel them her mrs. Cleary I’m sorry kitty cat are you out your mind I’m not letting you out of this room I tell you feel so I think the thing that’s really important to note here is that there is a power dynamic she is in a position of power it is her home he wants to make a good impression and she’s put him in a position where if he gets up and walks out he could be insulting her and he might make him feel like the easier thing to do would just be to acquiesce and do what she’s asking him to do as opposed to make a big scene and leave her hanging it’s probably not gonna change the legality of it I still don’t see a prosecutor filing charges based on this conduct I could potentially see a civil case coming out of this because it is some form of harassment but it’s unlikely that this would bring criminal charges it’s already difficult to prove allegations of sexual assault when there is a woman victim and in circumstances when the victim is a male it makes it even more challenging especially where the perpetrator is a female the next clip is from Twilight forks is growing on me could a guy have anything to do with that yeah tell me everything what is indie talk to you later come on we gotta talk boys are you being safe did you get in here no window do you do that a lot oh just a past couple of months I like watching you sleep it’s um it’s kind of fascinating to me um I just want to try one thing you stay very still oh my god don’t move in cases that I’ve come across where a guy thinks he’s being romantic but the girl doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing we call that stalking and there’s nothing romantic about it you can’t just go into a girl’s house and sneak into her room to watch her sleep over the last couple of months no that’s illegal just the fact that she was present in the house when he trespassed it’s it’s an aggravated misdemeanor it’s called an aggravated trespass unless he had the intent to do some sort of felonious act inside the house commit a felony inside the house then it would be a residential burglary and the penalty would be state prison and a strike what’s important to note in these films is that there are no consequences for the perpetrators actions in fact they don’t even really see it as something that is wrong or illegal this is just a subplot of the film and that’s changing that’s something that I’m hopeful going forward in films filmmakers are more careful about what kind of messages they’re sending to young girls and young boys about what is appropriate behavior the biggest thing about the me to movement is that it’s bringing forth a lot of consequences for actions that previously probably would not have even been reported and really what we want is for the media in films to reflect that to not glorify these actions that unfortunately victimized a lot of women and men across the country [Music]

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  2. Yeah it’s just a movie but no time wasted
    Edit: They kinda wasted their time but it taught me what types of charges they are.
    Edit two: areas the comment for careful before you say something cough cough

  3. The fact that she’s a prosecutor is scary. She probably prosecutes men for shaking women’s hands…

  4. I am so enraged that at the scenes where boys were raped she just smiled and didn’t consider it any sexual charge so mad right now

  5. Diana is seems like a role model to me because when I grow up (I’m 11) I wanna be a criminal defense attorney.

  6. It’s buzzfeed so of course every time a girl commits a crime it’s way better for her than the man

  7. You know…Twilight just that scene always made me all JSHSJDHSJHS but now watching it when she states the problems with it….


  8. When she says it’s even more difficult to prove that women can be rapists it shows how bias the law is towards woman.

  9. Says, “ disgusting if he did it” and in a different clip says ,” we wouldn’t be able to prove it” ((in case of a man) paraphrasing)

  10. 10:25 he’s a vampire so he never slept and he finds it fascinating to see it and since he is In love she is the perfect one to watch in his eyes.

  11. I think that woman deserved more than she gave him, for making him touch her boobs. But besides that, great video

  12. I’m sorry but if a guy wipped his dick out and said “I’m not letting you leave until you touch it” they would be sent to death row

  13. They are just movies plus I don’t like how they try and blame men. Plus I guess it is a vampire can’t really blame fuckers. Good video tho

  14. She assualted him to at the start You feminists really hate movie scenes that involve women getting sexually assaulted but if it were reverse youd laugh

  15. When it was a female getting raped
    -Crap, he did this and that, that must be 300 charges

    When it was a male getting raped
    -Ahhh, I guess you could try and file a report but the evidence isn’t good

  16. She thinks there's no reason to file charges in the Wedding Crashers scene with Owen Wilson and Jane Seymour?? Really? I guarantee she would have had a very different reaction if it was Owen Wilson's character telling Jane Seymour's character to touch his dick or else she can't leave the room.

  17. What about the fact that in Nerds the "victim" basically gave her consent by continuing the act even though the Nerd refused to remove his mask?

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