Laying on an NBA Basketball Court!

(upbeat hip-hop music) – What’s up guys, today we are going to a BYU basketball game. (cheers) This is our first one of the year, we haven’t even watched
any, but if you remember from our Utah State, BYU
game that we went to, we went with our friend, Elijah Bray, he’s a BYU basketball player. – [Boy] He’s really good. – He’s really good, supposedly. I’ve not watched him this year. So he invited us as his
special family guest. Thanks for the free tickets. We get to sit with his wife, Janelle, who’s the J of the EB&J. So we thought we’d bring you guys along and show you what does it look like with exclusive access, I guess
it’s not really exclusive, but what does it look
like as family of the NCAA basketball player to an event. This isn’t even at BYU, this is at the Utah Jazz basketball
arena, in Salt Lake City, Energy Solutions Arena,
or Vivint Home Arena. I don’t know what it’s
called, what is it called? – Vivint, no, yeah. Yeah Vivint SmartHome Arena. – I still call it the
Delta Center, because that’s what it was when I was a kid. The next shot will be the sign out front that’ll tell you what the
name of the stadium is, because I really don’t know. (upbeat electronic music) How do you like Utah
weather in the winter? – It’s horrible. (upbeat electronic music) – We got our tickets,
we got ’em, for free. – For free. – I think there must be
another game going on, because it’s loud in there. Alright, lets go see who’s playing. (upbeat electronic music) What, is this a break? Why is Utah in there? Look at all this red. So there is another game before, it looks like it’s University
of Utah, versus Utah State. I think I just threw up
in my mouth a little bit. – I think I’m gonna be sick. – I don’t know what this is. Hopefully BYU is playing tonight. – How is it Utah State and the Utes? And then BYU and Weber State are playing. It’s all teams in Utah. – At least they kept the two best teams for the second hour of it. I guess we’ll just go watch these other small, no name teams first. And then we’ll watch our game afterward, like the actual nightcap, the premiere, the top game of the night. – That’s funny how it’s
Utah and then BYU, after. – I guess our ticket
is good for both games. They remodeled this arena. It looks like, I totally
forgot they remodeled this! It looks better. It’s the Red Zone. That’s a big red zone right there. Go Miami! – I totally just teased one of the U fans, and they were super cool
about it and laughed. To tell you what happened is, there’s this logo that the Utes do, that looks like a U. They never did it ’til about
seven or eight years ago, and it is the same thing
that University of Miami has done for years and years and years. (upbeat music) Alright, we’re just about to get started. – It’s starting! – The boys are coming out. We’ll see if we can get a shot of Elijah. (announcer introducing players) (cheers) – Twenty minutes later – Here is the deal. It is the second half, it’s 41 to 40. Okay hold on, it’s too loud. 41 to 40, Weber State just took the lead. How’s it going, Lincoln? – Good? – We got Janelle. How is Elijah doing so far? – He’s doing pretty good! – How many points does he have? – I think he has about eight or ten. – How many points he’ll
have at the end of the game? – Ooh, I don’t even know, I
think we’re gonna get over 80. I think we’re gonna, we’re gonna win. – Alright, you heard it
first here, we’re gonna win. – Yeah, we’re gonna win. – Three people out of three
say that BYU will win. It’s gonna happen. – [Man] There it is! (crowd cheers) – Woo! – [Man] There it is! (crowd cheers) – Two more H. – It’s turning into a
three point competition, and we are winning the competition. Let’s keep it going. (upbeat music) Alright, the game’s
still going on right now. Now it’s the second
charge that they’ve called on Elijah, two charges in one game. – [Announcer] Shaq taking a charge? Have you ever seen that? – Neither of them were really
charges, so I feel bad. So he’s back on the bench again, and BYU is only up by two
points with four minutes left. If they don’t have Elijah in there, they’re not very good odds
that they’re gonna win this. I went to go find ice
cream, and apparently they close down all the
places where you can get food a few minutes before the game, so. Time out, alright, I’m going to my seat. (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) We’re in this, up by five,
they put Elijah back in. I’m a little surprised. One minute left, two point game. – Yeah, it is, (chattering) it is crazy! – Nail biter! (upbeat music) – If he doesn’t make the free throws, you gotta give him a hard time about it. (heavy heartbeats) (crowd cheers) (heartbeats) (cheers) – Not even close! They got the W. – Yeah! – Alright buddy, what’s happening now? The game is over. – Yep, we’re waiting
for Elijah to come out. The whole place is
mainly empty, it’s cool. – Here’s the band! They’re going strong,
the band never gives up. Kinda empty, empty, empty. Utah Jazz floor, Lincoln’s feet. Don’t touch the court Lincoln! Not the court! They’re already taking up the sticker. The beehive classic. Alright, we’re just waiting for Elijah, gonna say hi to ’em, tell
him thanks for the tickets. We’ll see what he says about the game, but I think he played great
even though he had five, Five fouls? Four fouls? – Hello, nice job! – Thank you so much! – There he is, how’s it going? Alright, thoughts, how’d it go? – It was a hard win, we
didn’t play our best, shout out to Weber State, but, we got the win, we grinded it out. – Okay, were they charges? That’s the question. Both of them? – I don’t think both of them, maybe one, but I think that was their game plan, to flop a little bit, and it worked. I mean the reps gave them the
charge, so what can I say. Next week, Utah. – Utah, I think we’re
gonna go to that game. – It’s a big game, obviously. We’re gonna win. – Yeah, we’re gonna win. – We’re gonna win. – [Announcer] BYU Cougars
renew a rivalry time! – [Announcer 2] From the
Atlanta, Georgia area, one of the few players on
this BYU team is married. He’s married to Janelle. They’ve got their own
Youtube channel called EB&J. – [Announcer 3] Wow, it
has been a performance. – Alright, did you hear that? Do you believe it? – We’re gonna win, and we’re gonna play much better than we played in
Weber State, that’s for sure. – Okay, we’re totally going to this game. They have a whole week
to prepare for Utah. These are the actual shoes he wears. They are not white, they’re
like yellowish brown. Does Nike not provide BYU with like, – No, Nike’s great, Nike’s great, the thing is that, once you
play with certain shoes, you wanna keep on playing with them. – Okay, superstitious, or
just, they’re comfortable, – It’s not superstitious,
it’s just they’re comfortable. Alright, you want to
play with the same shoe. – They’re broken in. – They’re broken in. We don’t call these the
white Paul George’s anymore, they’re either the s’more Paul George’s, or the burnt Paul George’s. – They’re good shoes, they work. We’re not knocking on Nike. Maybe you should’ve got black. – Eventually… – It’s been a little while,
and we’re still here. Lincoln is determined to be
the last one in the stadium. Lincoln, Steph Curry shot a
shot there and beat the Jazz. (winter music) Lincoln, get out of there. Alright, we’re heading out. We’re the last ones in this place. – What happened? – They’re cleaning, they’re
cleaning this place. (upbeat music) We did it. Goodbye NBA basketball arena. I hope you guys enjoyed that. We need to head home, it’s late. And I’m heading to New York
City tomorrow, it’ll be fun. – And I will be sleeping in tomorrow. – Did you hurt your knee? – Yeah. – Great. – We decided to stop and watch one of our neighbor’s fireworks, not fireworks show, it
feels like a fireworks show. Turn the radio station to 92.1 FM, the lights from these Christmas
lights go to the music. (Christmas music)

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