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Learn How to Get Better Cheer Jumps | How to Get a Higher Toe Touch

Learn How to Get Better Cheer Jumps  |  How to Get a Higher Toe Touch

Speaker 1: When we jump, we’re going to squat
down here, just a little bit, and then we’re going to explode straight up. We’re just going
to use the legs. Your jumping comes from the legs. Arms are
just along for the ride. Let’s jump up a couple times, just like this. Boom.
You see, when you come to here, you should feel that right in your quadriceps, just a
little bit, and you should feel that a little bit in the glute.
Now a lot of people will say to work those calves, and I do believe that, but strong
calves is not going to make you explode up if you’re not strong in the butt, and the
hamstrings, and quads, and the hips. Let’s go straight up just like that. There
you go. Now what I want you to try, is this to get
explosion. One of the things is you need to get the knees up. If you’re going to do a
toe touch, you’re going to have to bring those legs out.
What I prefer that you do is let’s work on jumping straight up, and then when you can
explode and you’re exploding up then you bring the legs out. We’ll need to work on the hip
strength to do that to be able to get them back and get down to land properly.
This time, just to learn to explode and to help you go higher, I want you to come here
and bring those knees up like that. We’ve got to get those legs, those hamstrings firing,
those quadriceps firing. Let’s jump up and bring the knees up. There
you go. Is that a little bit harder? What we’re looking for is going to be a little
bit harder. When you can get way up there like that, then we know that you’re going
to be able to get up here like this. What we’re going to do right now is we’re
going to work core strength, quads, hams, glutes, hips. We’re going to put on our kinetic
bands and every movement that we make is going to help build core strength. This is going
to build strength in your quick twitch muscles. It’s going to be strength and power, but it’s
not going to be like lifting weights. It’s going to be like more for explosion.
We’re going to work on getting her quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips, butt, all that stronger.
Let’s go back through that and let’s just work on jumping up. A couple of jumps and
explode. Remember, we’re not using the arms. We’ll
bring the arms in later. If you have good upper body strength that is going to help
you, but the arms are just getting the balance and the momentum.
We don’t want to go forward and throw those arms up. Strong arms are not… Basketball
players, big men, or basketball women, volleyball players, they may jump like this. Their arms
are already up, so the arms aren’t really helping them.
Let’s do a couple of those. It’s like this, just like that. Let’s drive it up.
What’s happening is the kinetic bands are restricting her, but it’s helping her build
strength in all these core muscles from the abs to the knees.
Now what I want you to do is, I want you to jump up and bring those knees up like that.
Explode. There you go. You feel the difference? That’s a little bit harder, plus you’re being
restricted. Go ahead and try it again. A little bit harder.
Remember, not to bring that head forward, not to bring that torso forward, and you’re
looking straight ahead. Don’t look up because that’s going to put stress on your neck. When
you have stress on your neck and your shoulders, that’s going to transfer down to your legs
and you’re going to tend to not have as much force.
Just looking straight ahead, just like you’re looking out into the audience. Let’s try that
again. Explode, just like that. It’s a little bit harder. You can see that when she’s doing
that, bringing that up, so what we need to do is we need to get her stronger in her quadriceps
and all these muscles. Let’s have you unbuckle and let’s do some
toe touches. What we’re going to do is we’re going to demonstrate first. We’re going to
have her do a toe touch. She’s going to work on explosion. We’re not worrying about the
arms as much, we’re worried on those legs. We’re worried on her being able to jump high.
First, what she’s doing is she’s getting her legs stretched out. She’s getting her hips
stretched out. What we would come back and do is we would do those same things with the
bands on and that’s going to work all those core muscles to help her get stronger.
For right now, we’re just doing a demonstration. Any time that she’s doing those in the bands
you’re getting double the work. Let’s go ahead and do a toe touch. Series of them.
You see she did come up on her toes, but when she wanted to jump and explode she went back
to being basically flat footed, although you’re going to actually jump from right here on
the ball of your foot. Let’s try a couple more of those, and explode. One more.
Now let’s buckle up the bands. When you jump up, you’ve got to have the flexibility, but
you have to have the hip strength to bring the legs out, bring them up, and then be able
to control them and get back down. What we’re going to do now is we’re going
to have her do some jumps in it. Basically, what we would recommend is maybe doing four
to eight toe touches without the bands, then do about four to eight toe touches with it,
and then we’ll come back and do some without it. Then, we would have you do all kinds of
exercises, squats, and lunges, and knee-ups, and things to help build strength, to help
build flexibility. Let’s go ahead and have her do some jumps.
Right now we’re doing toe touches. Let’s do some. As you can see, there will be a little
bit of just a little bit of pulling forward, so try to keep that body straight up and down
and don’t worry if you have the bands on about the fact that you’re not going to go as wide.
We’re just working on that strength. Let’s do about three or four more. Two more.
Good. Now let’s unbuckle and let’s see the difference. Again, we’re doing this quickly,
but what you want to do is work these muscles. Work the muscles, work on these hips, side
leg raises, front leg raises, back. Let’s go ahead and let’s see what it looks
like after just a few without, then a few with, and the a few without.
As you can see, obviously, she went up a little bit higher. Part of that is muscle memory
and what we’re looking to do is build muscle strength so that it’s the actually strength
that’s taking her up high. Let’s try that again. Good, good, one more,
one more. Ok, good. What we suggest doing is doing some of your
jumps, doing any of the tumbling that you’re going to do without the bands, then put the
bands on, then take them off. ?? ?? ?? ??

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