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LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

70 thoughts on “LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY”

  1. So called freedom. A man got bully just because of his fair comments.US shows us the ugly of democracy: Selfish, sensitive and arrogant.

  2. I just seen what the GM tweeted. It is less threatening then what I assumed. So why is Lebron reacting how he did/is? It's only motivated by how the Chinese government reacted. Which is not legit enough to act like he was chastising Daryl Morey. That was way over the top, especially when it is in the spirit of any other "I stand with" post. Lebron if sincere would've not said anything, but because led by capitalism, he end up saying what he said.

  3. Hong Kong protesters fight for freedom? Is that a joke? At least LBJ knows if u want to leave a comment, do ur homework first, good job Lebron on this one!

  4. So, just to clarify…when Morey was thinking of the entirety of Hong Kong, he was really just thinking about himself????

  5. Last time I checked wasn't he only a high school graduate when did he go to college and become a political science major or did he really even take any classes in high school because he was a basketball player yeah just what I thought keep your mouth shut LeBron

  6. Oh I see.. only get involved in social justice and politics if it makes you more money for the popularity. Not just on values alone. Hypocritical Kobe knockoff.
    If people need to be educated before commenting on China's human rights violations what was he missing? He's bought and paid for.. profits over values

  7. as foreigner perspective what LeBron james said is the neutral one, if you work on sports industries then why you must to intervene other subjects that we don't know like international politics? LeBron only commenting about what he know, but the american push him to cover the politics issue….it already have people who manage this kind of issue

  8. LeBron is a socialist/liberal/communist..why wouldn't he side with China. Liberals are the scum of the Earth.

  9. "Stand with HongKong!"- American: "Yes, freedom of speech!"
    "Stand with China!"- American: "Shut up you xxxx"
    Chinese "but you said freedom of speech"
    American: "We have anti-China freedom of sppech, no vise versa"
    Facebook: "Ok, I am allready deleting those accounts supporting China."
    Youtube: "Same"

  10. For those who thinks he is more educated than Lebron, stop being brainwashed by biased western media and give HK a visit. The protestors are destroying their city and hurting civilian people, in other countries this is called terrorism. Freedom doesn't mean you can hurt other people freely, and when you do, you pay a price for your freedom over boundaries.

  11. Well, we now know what rules LeBrons world. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Nothing else matters to him. Nothing

  12. Dear American friends, if you don’t know the real situation then you don’t have the rights to judge other nations’ business. Just like now even Gun shootings happening a lot in America but we Chinese never judge your gun freedom policy. Cuz we don’t know the real situation in US, we respect your country, we don’t wanna judge anything. So plz respect us also.

  13. Keep selling out your country for money LBJ. Your a great player with no Patriotisms or true love for your country. Obviously it's all about how much money you can make . The old saying :EVERYONE HAS THERE PRICE" is obviously a immoral value that you believe in. Plus you won't even see this response nor have the balls to debate this with me because I'm just a middle class white man that loves the NBA and the game of basketball. You are an embarrassment to our country!!!

  14. James didn’t even finish high school ……lame as James …..HIS NO POLITICIAN!! Also didn’t even go to college …….. f*** JAMES!!!

  15. Lebron James complains that people don't understand each other and yet he intends not to understand that people in Hong Kong's lives are in danger, only concern for his peofits.

    I lost all respect for Lebron James.

  16. You know nothing about the situation in Hong Kong, continue to believe in the Western media, and now the media is credible? Instead, I would like to ask why Hong Kong’s "peaceful demonstrators" must wear masks. Why is the so-called peaceful demonstration destroying the city? Destroy traffic roads? Beating innocent passers-by? Gathered at the airport? Attack the police and expose their privacy information to threaten their families. As long as your ideas are different from them, they will be isolated and threaten you. Just a while ago, Hong Kong airport lost hundreds of billions of dollars a day. This is the so-called peaceful demonstration? Don't be a puppet in the Western media. If you really want to know what happened, please go to Hong Kong and ask the local people.

  17. Yes, freedom of speech is the right of everyone, but some people, as stars or public figures, should not make their remarks in the wrong place and at the wrong time. This is what you like to say: respect the situation in every country. In addition, you are not Chinese or Hong Kong. Why do you make irresponsible remarks? You don't know anything.

  18. Just another hypocrite who acts woke to gain clout and then flips the switch when doing what is right will hurt their wallet. Lebron wants to talk about how black people are still in bondage and then turn around and refuse to recognize the evils being committed by the Chinese government that is actually keeping their citizens in bondage? Yeah Lebron, you can miss me with that nonsense. I wish only the worst for you now.

  19. there is not real freedom of speech in America, people don't respect what lebron said, they only want to hear what they want to hear, if not they will attack the person by some reason, what a hypocrite.

  20. Labron James only cares for himself. He doesn't care about slave labor wages or free speech, marketing and enterprise in other countries. What matters to him the most is the millions of dollars he get from Nike who endorsed him and uses cheap labor wages on the Chinese to make their over price shoes. And also he's arrogant. He proclaimed himself the GOAT. He's a joke and a dumbbell.

  21. It's all your fault for watching stupid game NBA. You watch NBA you support oppression in Hong kong. I will watch NBA again as soon as they apologize and support freedom for Hong Kong

  22. To speak openly against a president was not risky, he only gained more notoriety and money for it. He has no honest or brave words when it counts. The underlying theme of LeBron James is he has no spine, no soul, and will do and say whatever he can to enrich himself.


  24. i like how the main point is ignored EVERYWHERE. what is the reason for of the ant-government protest???? besides to find out what was said about china you get results for apologies to china… RIGGED

  25. I understand what everyone is trying to say but don’t send people’s family members over to another country just to talk trash about them. Your free-speech doesn’t mean anything in someone else’s country.

  26. even Donald Trump keep quite about the Hong Kong, now the NBA does some things they all so scare to speak out about China, we all can see the power of money can change people.

  27. Lebron.. so the President of the United States got to be careful of what he did and said .. as he was not educated enough for bashing china .. hypocritical leftist

  28. So Lebron your shoes you make millions on is paid by people who work for pennies on the dollar and work for 60 hours minimum which is essentially slave labor….. hypocrite and all of your supporters in this are no better.

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