Lee Dahae who once did dancing reveals her dancing skills [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.04.25]

Here they are. (Siyeon & Boom brought today’s client, Sohui) A beautiful girl! This way, please. You filmed enough already? Good job. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m Han Sohui, a freshman dance student at Hanyang University. (Nice to meet you) How’s her voice? It sounds like Yim Jaebeum. (I have a cold) I want to see you dance. The dance department of Hanyang University has traditions and a long history, right? They look beautiful in hanboks. Didn’t you dance too, Dahey? I think she did. – When I was young. / – She did. It’s been years since I’ve danced. The body dances… What is it? (Where are you going?) To change my outfit. You don’t have to go that far. I’ll be right back. She’s definitely doing Korean dance. When she left… People usually leave like this, but she… (Light steps) (Dance moves are embedded in her) I know because I danced, too. It’s possible to demonstrate in other clothes, but it’s so much better to do it in costumes. Your outfit is that of a dancer today. I’m a cheerleader today. She’s back. (Sohui has returned) She even has ribbons on. How beautiful. Is this a grudge dance? This is an exorcism dance. When did you learn how to dance? Since I was 6. Wow. She must be really good. Don’t you need a person sitting on stage? Can you exorcise ghosts from me? She entered this school as a top student! Really? (Sohui entered with an excellent score) Let’s take a look. (Can’t wait) If you come in at night after your performance, the guard will think you’re a ghost. (Do I still look like Sohui to you?) She’s starting now. Cut the music! (Exorcism dance: Dance to drive out bad spirits) (I’m entranced…) (We can see 14 years of experience in her moves) (Smack) (I will drive out bad spirits from you too, Boom) (Bounce bounce) The line is so beautiful. (She’s good) (Can’t help but be in a daze) (They can’t take their eyes off Sohui) (Standing ovation) We will allow you to enter our school. What did you think, Professor Boom? She’s the top student. We will dance as a thank you. We should show something to her, too. Why would I? Dahey also danced? (They want to see Dahey dance too) I… (Searching) Just show us a little bit. Can I borrow your shoes? Are all women’s feet the same size? Dahey, aren’t you a size 11? They do fit. (Dahey will do anything she’s asked to) It’s been over 10 years. That doesn’t matter. There’s a certain way to grab the fabric. You have some on your arms, too. (Clothes prepared for the dance?) Shouldn’t I be cheering? You’re good at everything. You look Mexican from the back. Cleopatra. (Ta-da!) (Mexican Cleopatra) I’ll start from the back! (She’s got the moves) She did learn dance. It goes like this. My teacher told us to chew men up and spit them out. Move forward and… (The gaze she learned from her teacher) You’ve got us hooked! (She’s about to mesmerize the camera, too) Good job. (Good job, Dahey) – Sohui, she’s pretty good, right? / – Yes. Does she have that line? – The way she threw the fabric. / – I see. Misook is thinking of doing it too. (Misook’s turn now) – I can’t. / – Music. (Music, please) (Her body automatically responds) What dance is that? (Bounce bounce) You have the moves. Did you see that? (Subtle sexy waves) (Dancing isn’t easy) I heard that you can also dance girl group dances. Really? I was part of a TV dance club in high school. Then we must see it. Girls’ hip hop. (Sohui prepares another outfit) Korean traditional dance has many things to prepare. She’s wearing an inner skirt, too. Soon she’ll be asked to perform at festivals. She’s untying her hair. It’s Hanyang University’s Suzy! It’s like Miss A. She doesn’t look like a traditional dancer anymore. She must be good at other dances, too. (Ready) Turn up the music, please. Volume up! Volume up! (Surprising sexiness) (Surprised) Oh my god! She’s so good. (She could major in TV dance, too) She’s good. (She is strong, soft and sexy) Are you alright? (She’s awesome) Look at her energy. (Strutting her energy of youth) (Dance god, Dance queen) (Mesmerized men) (Sohui’s confidence is attractive) (So many exclamations) You look different from when you do traditional dance. I think you’re better at this. Let’s say Leeteuk suggests you join a girl group. Let’s say he called you up one day. What would you say? I still prefer Korean traditional dance. I’m intimidated, as a woman. Now that we’ve seen your talent, we must ask what you want to eat. Right. We’re supposed to cook for you, right? What did your mom cook for you? Seasoned raw crab and seasoned pickled radish and japchae. Seasoned pickled radish is my favorite. Really? Me too. What do you want us to cook? It’s not raw crab, is it? Seasoned raw crab. That’s… Isn’t that hard to make? That’s the toughest. That’s a lot of work. Aren’t you supposed to buy it? Sugeun. We should call her mother up and ask. Let’s call your mother. If she says it can’t be made within a day, we’ll cook something else like fried eggs. We can order food. Your birthday is July 1, right? – Yes. / – Me too. Really? That’s background music? Hello? – Mom, it’s me, Sohui. / – Hi. – Hello? / – Yes? Hello. I’m Lee Misook. Oh, hello. She’s responding differently. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. I can’t meet you in person, but this is still nice. (Misook is popular among moms) I’m comedian Lee Jinho. Do you know who I am? No. I’m from Sokcho. I don’t watch comedy programs. I’m sorry. Mom, it’s the program we watch the most. Which one? “Quit talking such crap.” To her mom? It’s his catchphrase. Don’t be upset. I don’t watch comedy programs. I’m sorry. I’ll explain it to her later. Sohui asked us to make seasoned raw crab. Could you please share your recipe for seasoned crab you make for her? I buy frozen crabs and marinate it in boiled soy sauce. Soy sauce? We don’t like extremely salty food, so I mix in water and add onions and other ingredients and cool it. Then I marinate the crabs for about an hour. Oh, the crabs? Yes. Saltiness must get absorbed into the meat. – She just said she doesn’t like salty food. / – Ma’am. You said you add onions. – For an hour. / – When I boil soy sauce. Then leave it in the freezer to make it cold and season it separately. I have red pepper paste that my mom made. – Your mother made it? / – Yes. So since we don’t have that, it will taste different. Since you don’t have that add lots of garlic to ordinary pepper paste. Garlic? Whole garlic? Minced garlic? Minced garlic. Add 3-4 spoons of garlic pepper paste and add a spoon of soy sauce. Then add seasoning, starch, sugar and pepper powder. Then mix in the crabs and you’re done. Alright. We will do our best to recreate the taste. I am confident this time. I really love seasoned crab. Our production staff members went to Cheonan today and met Sohui’s grandmother and brought the sauce. That looks good. Why don’t you have a taste? How does it taste? It’s complete already. Does every team get it? No. Just one team. The other teams must mix garlic and pepper paste. We must get that. We can say the team that gets this has already won. We must get it! We won’t be playing a game. We’ll do a sorrow talk. What’s that? Let’s see who has the most sorrow in their stories. This is how sorrowful I am. Something like that. Today’s judge is Sohui. She may be young, but she knows what sorrow is. That team will get this special pepper paste. I’ll start off lightly. I went to the army in 2012. I served my duty. But I still get comments like “Just go serve in the army.” “Just go serve in the army.” No one could tell you were gone for 2 years. I still get angry thinking about it. If we start talking about mean comments… Boom plus… Yes, I know. They say my name differently. They call me “Boombage,” from “Boom” and “garbage.” I really don’t know. I know you were involved in something, but I don’t know what it is. I’ll text you about it later. Is it related to driving? No. It’s about games… A similar thing? I thought you went to jail for drunk driving. Me too. That’s strange. They think you drank and drove. This is my sorrow. It’s a misunderstanding. You too, right? (Even Sohui) Is there someone else? When I was 19 years old, I wanted to become a comedian, so I got a part-time job and came to Seoul with $10. That’s how I became who I am today. I ate 50-cent rice cakes every day and worked at a theater. One day, my father came (Dad’s surprise visit) to see me at the theater. He’s a farmer. He wasn’t dressed nicely. The company CEO was there. I introduced my father to him, but he just looked at my father from head to toe. – Not greeting him? / – Yeah. I was upset. (The executive was rude to his father) My mom called me at night. “I’m sorry, Jinho. If I had known your dad was going to see you I would’ve made him dress nicely.” This is very sad. (They can feel how bad his parents felt) Your father must’ve been heartbroken. I think this is… Was telling this story a mistake? No, this is a sorrowful story. Of course. You shouldn’t judge people by their looks. When I was young, I never ate my lunch at school. I would meet up with my brother and eat by the field. – Why? / – Because I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed by the lunch my dad packed us. (The moments we look back on and regret…) Tell us, Siyeon. Do you have any stories? When I debuted, I was told they wouldn’t hire me unless I changed my name. – Even though you liked your name? / – Yes. So I changed it to Park Siyeon. That’s not sorrowful. That’s cool. I debuted as “Shakiroo Boom.” What’s wrong with your life? Since the incident, people take off “roo.” So it’s “Shaki,” which sounds like “jerk” in Korean. Some people add “this” in front, too. I’d like to clarify that my name has “roo.” Some call me “Boom Shaki.” If we’re going to go with name stories… (Just give it to him) Can anyone beat that story? That’s a sad life. Tell your story if it can beat that. My story is 100% real. Here comes Dahey. It’s 100% real. (I miss you, “roo”) It happened just yesterday. We’re talking about sorrow here. I was scammed for the first time in my life. I’m serious. Just yesterday. It was something I couldn’t buy in Korea. It’s a coffee brand. I like mug sets and plates. What? Plates? Shaki? (Oh… Shaki…) I was about to order, but they told me I couldn’t use my credit card since they were overseas. So I became suspicious. Then they sent me their business registration papers and told me they’re the official store. So I wired the money. We’re talking about fraud stories now? I have many. Here comes fraud! Here comes fraud! I’m the icon of being deceived. (Let’s not go as far as icons) Please share with us. When you turn on the faucet, it should’ve come out here but water was spraying from the handle. – Like at a lake? / – Like a fountain. Then my eyeshadow stain wouldn’t come off the dresser. That’s not fraud. That is fraud. You asked for a good product, but… We call it fraud but they wouldn’t. They said it’s their fault and took back the product and then I couldn’t get in contact with them. That’s really fraud. Mine just happened yesterday. I even got a call from the police. Voice phishing? I fell for voice phishing twice. Twice. She fell for it twice. She’s just too naive. That’s just being foolish. (Please don’t scam Siyeon) Did you hear all the stories? (Time to decide who had the most sorrowful story) After hearing their stories. (Trying to look pitiful) Go ahead and hand it to them. If this goes to Siyeon and Boom, they can win today. Siyeon’s charm is (Finally my first victory?) she makes the taste that’s not needed. (A liability to her team when cooking) – She’s that bad? / – She placed last 2 weeks in a row. It’s not just your grandmother. Even if your ancestors come… I can do a good job. Who would you like to give it to, Sohui? You can hand it to them. (Time for Sohui’s decision) I’m sorry, Jinho. “If I had known your dad was going to see you, I would’ve made him dress nicely.” This is a sad story. I was scammed for the first time in my life. “Just go serve in the army.” No one could tell you were gone for 2 years. I fell for voice phishing twice. Twice. So it’s “Shaki,” which sounds like “jerk” in Korean. Some people add “this” in front, too. (Who’s the winner of this sorrow talk battle?) Them. (Siyeon & Boom’s team wins the garlic pepper paste) – Thanks, Sohui. / – Cheer up, Boom. Thank you. I hope it comforts you. It’s a problem if we don’t win first place with this. That’s the pressure. That sauce will be doing all the work. (100% winning item)

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