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Hi ”Fans”! It’s been months ago I don’t made videos and I am sorry guys I’m in Canada, it’s kinda complicated to make videos here but I am come back today with a good video theme to be forgiven. You certainly saw the title it’s ”The Cheerleaders” for those who don’t watched my last video or just come on my channel Youtube now ”Hellooo” I am an exchange student in Canada during 1 year So, for beginning, the first month which I came in Canada I decided to registered myself to be cheerleader. It’s nice to wanted go to matches and competitions but we have tests before. To see if you are worthy to be in the team and most girls had gymnastics basics but I didn’t know it I am from Belgium, we don’t have cheerleader in Belgium We all watched american movies with the cheer team but they never talked about the tests or to be in the team.. they dance I was so embarrassed, I was in the middle of the girls doing the saltos.. and after me; So after the tests I thought I was not in the team and it’s weird but they kept I think I made them laugh at me during the tests so they kept me for that during I tried to do my cartwheel and others stuffs. It’s was horrible After all, the season for the footballers began so we will go to cheering them We don’t see that in movies but it’s nice to cheering, screaming ”come on Rebels” with your poms and dancing… no ’cause you need to study dances and songs Yeah, it’s not easy especially me with my english beginner (sorry for the bad images quality) ”I am actually lost” but ultimately all was good and nobody laughed at me and after 2-3 match I finally understood the game yeah, because it’s nice to cheering but if you don’t understand the game.. in movies they don’t say that too; it’s you risk your life! yes, the public is relax behind, on the stand with the barriers but you, you’re on the field, you do one step, you’re on grass so when the ball come at you, 10 ”boars” follow it.. you’re not comfortable there are enough injured in one only match, I don’t need to participate So after these matches, it’s the most important for a cheerleader team it’s the competitions. It was my best souvenirs, moments in Canada and before these competitions we have a dance to learn with the girls and the goals it’s to be sync, clean.. it’s not easy so we had two practices days on week. And we changed so much, I was lost during these practices we learned physical exercises, how to be flexible how carring the flyer and launching them and I was flyer but.. level ”stopgap solution” I wasn’t used to be flyer, it’s mean be carry and launch and I said level ”stopgap solution” because when we missed a girl for the practices or competitions.. it’s was me, the flyer.. Thanks, it’s kind.. during the practices I am fine in the back and after they come take me ”come on Fanny it’s your moment of glory”. So I tried to do my best ”hi, I am here” ”my real emotion inside.” I wanted to talk about the clothes too because I very like my competition clothes I feel I am a super heroine like that: but against.. my practice clothes Do we talk about these shoes which we were wearing kid at sport class? no thanks. and the final shot I wanted to show you I look like present which was forgot at Christmas under the tree guys.. and for the competitions we need to do something for the hair but with my babies hair who grow up, it’s look like nothing So it’s done for the clothes There is an ”image”.. like in movie; which is the cheerleaders are superficial It’s true we have this ”image” of the superficial blonde.. so me who was in a cheerleader team. I can say you ”no” or.. It’s me the superficial girl you just participated in my first product placement my friends something that happens to me quite often it’s when I say I am a cheerleader.. it’s the same reaction for everyone, query. ”you are in cheer team?” ”yes I am..” why would I lie? okay with my style and my piercings we can’t guess but voilà, place to the suprise! I am a big present anyway I hope you enjoyed the video, laughed.. ’cause I made me laughed this year.. a Belgian girl in a cheer team.. it’s not nothing! I wanted to talk about this theme, to showing all the work in a cheer team we cried, some injured but we had fun! now, the cheer’s year it’s ended and I gonna miss it when I’ll come back to Belgium I have a message to the students who wanted leave with a exchange program like me it’s ; if you have the occasion to do a club, chorale, music, sport.. do it! We learning a lot of new things and we making friends more fast! I let you with some videos of my cheer’s year ”Big kiss Fans” and see you soon for new videos this time I’ll come back PROMISED! MY CHANNEL IS HERE! / A ANOTHER VIDEOS MAYBE?

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