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“Let’s do it like a school cone!” – Götze, Reus & Co. wrap a backpack | BVB Boxing Days #3

“Let’s do it like a school cone!” – Götze, Reus & Co. wrap a backpack | BVB Boxing Days #3

Shall we get started?
-Alright. This has to face up, of course! Shall I cut here or not? No, it’s too large, way too large. Is it the practice today? Cut here, right here. There you go! Black would be good. And then we’ll wrap it around like this.
So that only this sticks out. I told you it was too short! That’ll do, don’t worry! Look. Fold it down, fold it down. No, you put the tape here first. A big or a small piece? I’ve already seen my wife
do it. Tape it up. And they rolled it up like this, right? Now look, we’re going to cut
off a little bit because… Fold it down now.
-But it’s too large, it’s too large. Hang on, wait. I’ve never wrapped
anything like this I think. Wait, wait, wait.
-No! – Yes, fix it here first. What if you place it in first? So that it looks out at the top? Yes, exactly! And then we’ll cut through
the middle here. Then we’ll wrap it round. And then
we can cut it down there. I’ve done a four year
apprenticeship in this. Where? At Karstadt or where? Over the Christmas period? Yes, at the Christmas market. I’m surprised by our work. And to say you believe in
what you’re saying. Sublime! Let’s see what this looks like. It has to stick out at the top. Not so good, is it? Don’t do that, give it to me. Yes, go ahead, Dan. Come on,
Dan. Dan, Dan! This is where it gets interesting. No it’s not that hard. I’ve got this. I’ve had a look at this: you do it like
so and this is the result. But the bow has to be on top. I’ve got no clue how to do this. Do the same, just do exactly
the same. Look. How did they even do that? I reckon I’ve made a mistake. It has to run round like
this, yeah exactly! That makes more sense. Well? What?
-Look. Move away. Like this, I’m still making a mistake
– help me please! Well, I don’t know what
you’re thinking. I don’t even know anymore. Oh what do I know. You do it the way you think it works.
-I’ve got not clue how to do it. Easy.
-You’re just so smart! 10-year diploma. Right. We don’t have to do it exactly
that way, right? Is this the right way
or is it still wrong? It looks like what you get on the
first day of school – great idea! Yes exactly, let’s do that! You can’t even tie laces, Raphael. That’s not how I tie my shoes. I’m so bad at doing bows, can
you do it? You do it! That was quick. Awesome, let’s stick it together
now. Yeah? No? Yeah, keep going! Shut up. Perfect. Perfect!
-Super! Looks lovely, doesn’t it? Fantastic! No, that’s the way up. Then
you can see the ears up here. Come on, give it to me. I did this! It’s me. It’s my thing. Thank you all!

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  1. Ich dachte das kann nicht mehr getoppt werden und dann kommt Emma ??. Einfach mal den ganzen Arm drauf gelegt 4:10 ??. Herrlich ??

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