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Lifeboat Animatic

Lifeboat Animatic

I float in a boat… … In a raging black ocean… … Low in the water… … And nowhere to go. The tiniest lifeboat… … With people I know. Cold, clammy and crowded – The people smell desperate- We’ll sink any minute- So someone must go… The tiniest lifeboat… … With people I know. EVERYONE’S PUSHING! EVERYONE’S FIGHTING! STORMS ARE APPROACHING- THERE’S NOWHERE TO HIDE! IF I SAY THE WRONG THING- -OR I WEAR THE WRONG OUTFIT- THEY’LL THROW ME RIGHT OVER THE SIDE! I’m… hugging my knees… … And the captain is pointing. Well, who made HER captain?! … Still… the weakest must go. The tiniest lifeboat… … Full of people I know… … the tiniest lifeboat… … Full of people I… know…

100 thoughts on “Lifeboat Animatic”

  1. Binging your Heathers animatics and this hit me so hard. Even a few years later, your work is amazing and doing amazing in others. Thanks for this. Thanks for your choices

  2. When heather M was holding the pills didn’t anyone notice the teacher was smiling maybe cause she was sharing but damn kinda sad


  4. Heather needs a hug.

    I'm still miffed at her for the date rape with Veronica, but who would dare speak up against the 'Captain'?

  5. I haven't seen heathers so just disclaimer this might seem a incredibly dumb question
    The person who McNamara says "the captain is pointing" and the heather in the animatic who being mean to
    McNamara is that heather Duke or Heather Chandler because chandler died

  6. I like how in most of you animatics the white is Veronica’s light on JD but for this one it’s the “evil” and hate on the boat
    I can’t get over how beautiful you art is

  7. heather m reminds me a lot of gretchen from mean girls- popular girls who are second to a head bitch, both hate that she's in charge and feel like if they do one wrong thing they'll be done for. also i absolutely love your interpretation of her with short hair and as a chubby girl. its nice seeing people change it up a lil

  8. I really like chubby Heather M. It just gives her more reasoning in this scene. This shows that she really had to work for her spot in the Heathers, she had to make people see that she could be beautiful despite being a little overweight.

  9. I used to sing this with my ex when I would be having a panic attack or just generally sad/anxious/emotional and it really grounded me and made me realize I was safe and that I wasn't alone in how I was feeling but then now here I am listening to this alone in my room just thinking about my ex and being anxious

  10. First off it’s great but she isn’t really talking about heather C in this she is talking about Heather D also why is she depicted as Chubby in the original movie she was the tallest Heather and was very skinny

  11. I love your heather videos, the huge symbolism in them is so interesting, and they show up and repeat in all of them, they really feel connected! It makes them interesting, and almost beautiful in a strange, horrific way

  12. Heather Mac's literally on the verge of suicide and Ms.Fleming does nothing, if JD wasn't able to bomb the school I will.

  13. This is such a deep, beautiful song. I was listening along and I thought, “You know, I’m not exactly popular, so I really can’t relate to some of her problems” and then I realize. “She’s surviving on an old, crowded boat built by others long ago. The others built their own boats and survived much better.”

    So now I say,

    Don’t let yourself sink in someone else’s boat, build your own boat

    Edit: after reading this I realize how idiotic I sound, so let me clear some things up. When I say “on and old, crowded boat built by others long ago,” I meant that popularity is way overrated and that not everyone stays popular, some people “sink.” When I also said “build your own boat” I meant to create your own group of friends, those are much stronger.

  14. 0:17
    *narrator voice* and that's when an anonymous decision was made to beat the crap out of the adults

  15. Am I the only one that thinks that the shadow creature looks kinda like Sayori because of the little bow looking thing?

  16. This is the first animatic I've seen so far that miss Flemming actually didn't really care cuz in all the others I saw she was just chilling then veronica freaked out.

  17. I believe the captain should be duke instead of chandler since she wasnt mean to mcnamara and after she died duke was the worst to her "friend"
    And she pusher her to suicide just like how the crew pushes her in the water

  18. Well, while I personally see Heather M differently I think the way you draw her is really nice! Do people actually complain about that?
    Love your animatics in general, but this one was particulary good

    (Sorry if my English is a bit weird btw, it's not my first language)

  19. I kinda like a lot that heather duke in the boat scene has a cross over her mouth meaning she also has the problem of always being kept quiet by heather chandler, great detail.

  20. I relate to this song so much. It's not that I have depression. I don't know if I have. But I actually have anxiety…

  21. Tbh, the animatic is great I just have one pet peeve.. Instead of Chandler, I think you should put Duke because Duke was the one pushing her to suicide, Chandler cared about McNamara. But the animation is great!

  22. So i read the description and i have thyroide issues and HOLY SHIT I NEVER KNEW THAT MIGHT BE PART OF MY WEIGHT THERES HOPE BITCH IM RESEARCHING NOW

  23. The thing about this is… it’s so freaking relevant even now. Girls like Heather M have no one/no where to go. They get pushed and pushed until something has to give, whether they snap or give up. People can only take so much crap. Duke was a heartless person who lost her sense of morality a LONG time ago. JD May have been nuts and his ideals were twisted, but I believe he still had good inside. And it’s sad that some grown ass people can’t see when someone is hurting, like they forgot what being a teen can be like. They forget that sometimes people are absolutely cruel. They want to sweep it under the rug, or worse, make a show of it. This whole musical puts all these issues in the light.

    PS: this is the best animatic to this song

  24. Honestly,I completely get what this song is about,I relate to Heather’s worries,and secondary/highschool is like that,people are cruel,especially in school years. Love this meme btw!

  25. JD is like Stain from My Hero Academia.
    The things they say are tight in a way, but the way they go about doing it is wrong.
    They both want to rid the world of fakes, horrible people who think they're good.
    They think the only way to do that is to kill them.

  26. The thing that sickens me the most in this song is how the teacher (I forgot her name) is kind of entertained? By the whole situation. She doesn't try to be one on one or pull Heather into a more secluded space. And she doesn't allow anyone else to step in. She simply watches like it's a game. Makes me wanna gag. Great job on details it's very nice.

  27. This is so sad cause it shows the effect on the bystanders of the suicides and the power Veronica and JD truly have that they don’t deserve. And its so sad she just accepts her death and she is a wreck because of two people with the ability to manipulate her emotions without trying or meaning

  28. These drawings show the struggles from Heather McNamara that I never knew about. This was very moving and even brought me to tears.

  29. I read about why you make Heather M. chubby and honestly it makes sense. But I'd like to note that technically Heather M. was a little chubby/thick in the original Heathers movie so it's not too far off. In the musical they used a skinnier girl than the movie. (I'm not a huge fan of the movie but it's notable)

    100% support on Chubby Heather M.

  30. so the lyrics "if i say the wrong thing or wear the wrong outfit they'll throw me right over the side" is how I used to and sometimes still do feel like in school

  31. Is it just me or does the black ghost thing at the end look like Sayori from doki doki literature club?

  32. 0:18 You see the teachers face, and she looks like she’s smiling!? Like, you don’t smile, when one of your students is talking about killing themselves, or talking about their depression

  33. Ok but McNamara is thinking about killing herself, we can infer that the ocean is anxiety, depression, or death. Then, the female shape that rises from the water near the end looks suspiciously like Heather Chandler. This could mean that she sees Heather Chandler as a more comforting thought, since Chandler wasn’t as abusive to her as Duke is. She’s accepting her fate of death, and is ready to join Heather Chandler.

  34. The last scene was a reference to the expression "Push someone to commit suicide" ? Because your animation is very great !

  35. I appreciate that Heather MacNamara isn’t supermodel skinny because some people could be at a healthy weight and have a healthy lifestyle and not be thin as a toothpick. Also great animatic!

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