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Lifetime Portable Basketball System (Model 90229)

Lifetime Portable Basketball System (Model 90229)

Lifetime Products is the world’s leading
manufacturer of residential basketball hoops, offering systems that fit everyone’s game.
We make hoops that let you play basketball the way it was meant to be played… for fun,
with family and friends… right at home. Featuring a 54” Steel-Framed Acrylic Backboard,
this high-quality portable basketball system from Lifetime Products gives you ultimate
rebounding performance with a clean, professional look. The durable, Acrylic playing surface
combines great performance with the look of a pro-glass hoop. The steel frame provides
added durability and rigidity to the backboard and the graphics are UV-protected to resist
fading and peeling. The Slam-It Pro Rim is built for aggressive
play with an arena-style wrap-around brace. It features double-compression springs, providing
increased spring-back action, and the high-performance solid steel construction lets your slam it
like a pro! With this rim, you can show off your dunking skills and enjoy great competition
with friends and family! We also include an all-weather, heavy-duty nylon net that gives
the perfect “swoosh” to your shot. The Power Forward height adjustment mechanism
takes only seconds to adjust the height of your backboard from 8 to 10 feet high. It
adjusts in infinite height increments to customize your game. This instant and effortless height
adjustment allows players of any age or skill to enjoy the game at their level. The combination of the unique height adjustment
and extension arms provides a generous 20” offset from the pole to the backboard to give
players plenty of elbow room beneath the basket. Our 2 piece, 3.5” round steel pole has a
durable, powder-coated finish that prevents rusting, chipping, or peeling. This long-lasting
finish ensures that the system will last for years to come. The system also comes with
a heavy-duty 35-gallon portable base that can easily be filled with sand or water and
rolled to a desired location. With a 6-year limited warranty, this system
from Lifetime Products is sure to provide years of family fun. So enjoy exciting basketball competition at
your own convenience, in your own yard, with a top-quality portable hoop from Lifetime

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  1. Good quality for the price. My three year old son LOVES it! He spends time shooting hoops every day, rain or shine

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to16KaCHo

  2. How Much Is The Blue And White One With The Red Rim Lifetime Products ??? I Will Check My Reply Tommorow

  3. You care for Brazil? How would the Brazilian currency along with the freight. My city is Campina Grande – PB

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