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Lights, Camera, Cameo Day! 📸 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Lights, Camera, Cameo Day! 📸 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(upbeat music) – [Together] It’s Cameo Day! – [Photographer] It’s
a lot of movement here. – Woo, sassy Daphne! – [Photographer] Very nice. – Today’s Cameo photo shoot day. We are taking all the
publicity shots for the season for all of our social
and publishing platforms. – Little side chin flirt. Yep. – Whether it’s a social platform
like Twitter or Instagram. – Miranda’s bra’s out again. – It’s not the perfect bra. – [Blonde Woman] Under your wire, yep. – Any time they do press,
these are the photos that go with them for media. Oh, you don’t need us, Ashley
will pose herself to death. – [Blonde Woman] It’s pretty. – [Kelli] To make it to
Cameo Day is a huge deal. – There’s lots of cameras, lots of lights, a hair and makeup team in our locker room. ♪ It feels good, yeah ♪ ♪ It feels good ♪ – Today is the first day
that the new candidates are actually trying on the
uniform that we made for them. – Looking good in the
uniform is so important. If you want to be a DCC, you
need to have the DCC look. – Okay, here is your uniform.
– Okay. – Thank you so much! – [Seamstress] You’re welcome! – It’s so crazy! – If a girl doesn’t look
good in our uniform, that’s reason to make a decision that our uniform and her frame aren’t a match. – I can’t believe this, it’s great. – How are you feeling? – Oh my gosh, I feel so amazing. I look like you. (girls laugh) – Okay, let’s go take pictures. (excited laughter) Yay! – We have been in eight
weeks of dancing evaluations, And now they’re having their
publicity pictures made today. If someone’s not photogenic,
they could still get cut from the roster. – [Blonde Woman] She’s very stiff. – She has huge potential,
there’s no question she’s photogenic. She just doesn’t seem
as comfortable as some. Show us some authentic magician poses. (bell chimes) Question for you. – [Seamstress] Yup. – On Meredith, because she
seems to have a short torso, is there any shorter lined vest? – Well, I can just make another
vest and cut it shorter. – I think we can help that out. – Sure. – If I bring her back in
to try on a different vest, I’ll be curious to see if that extra time helps her relax. – Having the uniform back
on, you just feel so close to accomplishing the dream. You’re up there and you have a fan on you and they’re clicking away. – Her smile didn’t change. – No. Lily come here, we wanna show you. – [Lily] Okay, which of those? – [Kelli] Somewhere in between these. – Mine kinda look a little
longer to get the exact shot. – [Kelli] It is what it is. Same look. – It’s definitely a
heart wrenching process, but days like today make you
realize how close you are to your dreams and to
keep fighting and pushing.

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  1. Who EIse is a true fan Of CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? 😍 I’m gifting 10 subs at my next Tech Giveaway. LIVE on YouTube!🌹 SUB NOW!😍

  2. It's such a shame that women feel so insecure that they feel the need to get breast augmentation. It's so sad that we live in a society that places such value on these things.

  3. this is my favorite part of dcc training camp . Just because they take these pics doesnt give them a spot. They need to work hard to keep their uniforms

  4. Meredith should not make the team. They keep making excuses for her but we’ve all heard more negative things than positive. Let her come back stronger next season and give her spot to someone who’s more experienced and ready.

  5. All I want to know is who is Meredith having pull favors for her? I mean yall are working hard to keep her when clearly she wasnt ready for this. She mess up the dance, the pic and picking up on choreography. She still need to work.

  6. I could be wrong but I wonder if Meredith’s daddy paid/bribed someone behind DCC to make sure his daughter makes the team…either that or some favoritism is going on because she has connections with someone. No clue but it’s pretty obvious her talents aren’t getting her this far. She can’t even take a photo for fucks sake!!

  7. Wow, if their body type and physical features don’t fit the outfit perfectly they’ll consider cutting her. It’s sad that physical appearance is so important is my point especially if it’s a dream for someone

  8. This is my least favorite part of the ddc. They will cut u if u dont look good in the uniform. They did it to my favorite dancer in one season even though she was one of the best dancers on the whole team. Its disgusting.

  9. I love watching the photo shoot because there are some girls that can rock the DCC uniform, and strike a pose with it on. Ashley, Rachel, Lexi, & Cianna know how to rock the DCC look, however, Meredith and Lily looked really uncomfortable when taking those pictures. I wish they can just loosen up and have fun.

  10. Did they photoshop lily photos because there is 3 pic on screen were the first shows crows feet on eyes and eye bag and the other two don’t smh there’s nothing wrong in looking mature or aged smh

  11. I'm just wondering why Meredith is the only one to have her name on the screen when we see with the photographer at 1:45 … Favoritism?

  12. Skinny bitches only lol It’s sad that the 2 directors think skin and bones are what men want lol Good going old asses

  13. Not everyone is a professional model & may feel comfortable in front of the camera . I’ve been modeling professionally since ‘03 . That’s not a reason to cut someone

  14. Man I need the favor that Meredith has! Messes up choreography, messes up interviews, messes up cameo day and still makes the team? Howwwwwww?!!

  15. Lily has a weird mouth? to much jaw bone. i am surprised she made it. the way she looks on the field with those facial expressions, ugh, and this pic, yikes!

  16. i hope Victoria wears her hair straight for her pic. omg that was so beaufful. so soft and sexy and long. amazing hair!

  17. Is this for real? Meredith can’t pose, yet they’re coaching her and making a new uniform?! They can’t be serious. I don’t understand why she wasn’t cut weeks ago

  18. I get that they were keeping Meredith around for her looks but she’s not even nailing the photos so what’s the point of keeping her

  19. We’ll cut you if you don’t look perfect in the uniform. Oh, not you though Merideth, of course we’ll modify the outfit for you! How is she still on the team when it seems every single clip she does something wrong?

  20. Lily will always have that frozen face. Facials are imperative for dancing and she just doesn’t have it. Thank you next without a second thought. Idk why ppl are trying to get rid of Meredith when Lily is such an easy cut. Meredith has the face and technique. She just needed more time learning the choreo no big deal. Every dancer always has the choreo down by performance day/game day. It’s the dancers that don’t have the technique, musicality, and facials that ppl should be worried about like Lily. So many non-dancers commenting not knowing what they’re talking about because they don’t understand dance

  21. Wait wait wait wait. So she keeps messing up the dancing (she was literally in the office in WEEK ONE!), she messed up the media day, and now Meredith can't even do the photoshoot right and she STILL makes the team?! This is such a joke!

  22. I really like this show but the dancers being paid pennies for a full time job is LUDICROUS in comparison to the football players and management’s salaries.

  23. Merrideth constantly has issues with dances

    Viewers: maybe they are just keeping her for her looks

    Kelly: “Meredith looks stiff”

    Viewers: throws their hands up because we don’t know anyone

    (Even though the only non-dance issue they have with her is that she was looking stiff during photos they probably still keeping her for her looks but I was just trying to make a point lol)

  24. I just hate how the coaches say how weak Meredith is and how she isn't picking up routine but yet they kept her on the team smh she will never be considered a DDC to me

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