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Lincoln Loud Tries EVERYTHING to Get a SMOOCH Concert Ticket! 🎸 The Loud House | Nick

Lincoln Loud Tries EVERYTHING to Get a SMOOCH Concert Ticket! 🎸 The Loud House | Nick

Mother, if I can have your
attention for just a moment? Smooch. They’ve been called one of the seminal
rock bands of our time. No, Lincoln. Hi, dad. Thought you might be
interested in this graph, which shows a direct correlation
between rock concerts attended – and a tween sense of well-being.
– No, Lincoln. You may be wondering:
what’s in it for us if we buy Lincoln that Smooch ticket?
Well, I’ll tell you! A coupon for five Lily
diaper changes. – Max two poopies.
– No! I can’t believe I’m not going
to the concert! – Me! The master of convincing!
– What’s up, bro? Ugh. I had a chance
to meet Smooch tonight. But I can’t convince mom
and dad to buy me a ticket! How is that possible? As you have amply demonstrated,
you are the master of convincing. Did you remember to play
to my strengths? No, Leni. You play to your strengths. – He plays to his.
– Okay! I’m just saying. It worked for me.
My skirts look so happy! Wait a minute!
You might be onto something! Everything I told you guys
to do worked. Luna, can I borrow your guitar? Are you kidding me, dude?
No way! Argh! I can’t convince
anyone of anything! I’m just messing with you, bro. And that’s why I need
a ticket to Smooch! I say Smooch! You say ticket! – Smooch!
– No! – Smooch!
– Lincoln– Wait. I’m not done yet. What kind of flowers do you
bring to a Smooch concert? – Tulips, get it?
– No, Lincoln. You know. Tulips.
Like, two lips. We get the joke,
but you still can’t go. Not done! If I make this shot,
I get to go. – Son–
– Behold! A simulation of a future in which you bought me
a Smooch VIP ticket. – I don’t see anything.
– Please tell me this isn’t the bucket we clean
the bathroom with. Moving on! Today, we remember Lincoln Loud,
who lived to be 150, but never got over the dashed
childhood dream of hanging out with Smooch. – Lincoln, please, we–
– Not done! If you get me that ticket, I’ll be the happiest wittle-boy
in the world! You’re not listening, honey! – We–
– Not done! But I really want to go.
It’s an amazing opportunity. And I know I saw them before,
but this is different because the seats would be better, and I’d
also get to go backstage and– – Lincoln!
– Hold that thought! [crying out loud] Lincoln! It doesn’t matter
how you ask us. The answer is no. We’d love to get you the ticket,
but we’re out of money. We gave it all to your sisters. Maybe if you’d asked us
earlier in the day. Well, that’s it. I have officially
missed the entire VIP concert. [knocking] V.I.B. Very important
brother? Huh? [music playing] Hey, bro!
One, two, three, four! ♪ Lincoln Loud, Lincoln Loud ♪ ♪ The best dang brother
Anywhere around ♪ ♪ Lincoln Loud, Lincoln Loud ♪ ♪ The best dang brother
Anywhere around ♪ ♪ He helped me get
This tee that’s sweaty ♪ ♪ He helped me get
Red carpet-ready ♪ ♪ He helped us buy
That closet thing ♪ I told you guys
I don’t want to sing… Wow, can you believe this?
My sisters are pretty cool. Even if I can’t see Smooch, this is definitely
the next best thing. Ladies and gentlemen… – Smooch!
– What? – How did you get Smooch?
– We’ve learned to be pretty convincing thanks
to some advice from the master. ♪ Lincoln Loud, Lincoln Loud ♪ ♪ The best dang brother
Anywhere around ♪ Wow! You guys are never
going to believe this! We wouldn’t.
Except we’re right here. ♪ Your sisters told us
That you went so far ♪ ♪ To help them march
You’re the real rock star ♪ ♪ Everyone has had their fun ♪ ♪ The song is over so
We’ve got to run ♪ ♪ Ru-ru-ru-ru-run ♪

100 thoughts on “Lincoln Loud Tries EVERYTHING to Get a SMOOCH Concert Ticket! 🎸 The Loud House | Nick”

  1. Tbh my family is like the Loud House.
    Me: Gamer
    My young sister: Fashionista
    My younger sister: The friendlyone
    My oldest cousin: The Boss
    My older cousin: Sports player
    My younger cousin: The playful one
    My baby cousin: She's like Lily
    My other baby cousin: He got taken away 😭😭😭
    My other male cousin: Gangstahh
    My female cousin: She's the IDC one
    My young male cousin: He's like
    My other female cousin: Tomboyish
    My younger female cousin: Catlover
    My youngest female cousin: She's like Lola

  2. 2:51 well Lincoln that's it we missed the whole smooch concert thanks to your sisters, if it weren't for them we wouldn't be feeling this way

  3. 2:56 huh who could that be at this time of night, then we open the door finding nothing just pitch black darkness

  4. Lincoln always works hard to accomplish something yet sacrifices it in favor of his sisters (both young and old). This is actually why I think he's a sad character despite his optimistic behavior. He's way more realistic than most of the other characters because he faces failure in almost every episode. And that's why this show is so unique to me.

  5. Lincoln: I Say SMOOCH, You Say TICKET! SMOOCH!…

    Me: uhm….. No?


    Lucy: I Told You Guys….. , I don't Wanna Sing……

    Me: OH C'MON! Ok Ok Relax……………….. OH C'MON!!!!!

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  7. When Lincoln looked out the window I imagined that he would go back to sleep and it doesn’t work so they just buy him tickets

  8. The ending (especially the hug) is my favorite moment in the episode and in the series too.

    The spider might have been unnecessary, but that didn't ruin it for me.

  9. Hey Don't rejected Lincoln he's the best right now he's my favorite character I need money too please mom and dad I need money please I wish my mom and dad are the best

  10. H bueno verdad funda Jajaj como hago tiempo al tiempo Yo conmigo matty visto o matty llevarlo verdad bueno ami no Pero mañana voy guardar para salvadoreños

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