Lizzy Greene Is Boxing 🥊 a Kangaroo?! | Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Nick

It’s go time. [laughing] Yes!
My Debra! Debra, hi. G’day mate! How’s your day going so far? So far so g’day! Did you get my package? Oh, I did! They’re gorgeous. I’m glad you like them. Because, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Debra, would you… [laughing] Is that a kangaroo? Carrying deli mustard? [laughing] Well, it is a kangaroo crossing.
Am I right, mate? So, do you want to ask me something? Yes I did. I… I think there’s something wrong
with that kangaroo. [laughing] Uh, nope.
That’s normal for him. He’s just been depressed
because I won’t box him right now. [laughing] Well, that makes me sad. Go box him.
Cheer him up. [laughing] OK. [laughing] I guess I’ll just go box him then. [nervous laughing] Don’t do this, Dawn. Come on.
We have to make this look real. So, just go down. I’m not going down. You go down. No, you go down. No. You go down. [boxing] [laughing] [boxing] [groaning] [laughing] Would you excuse me for one second? [laughing] Pst, Dawn. Don’t punch him in the pouch. I’ve still got my
egg salad sandwich in there. [laughing] [struggling] [breathing heavily] – What’d I miss?
– It was amazing! First punch, right to the pouch! [laughing] Will you excuse me one more second? [laughing] It’s my Debra! [knocking] It’s open! Brit? Wait. It’s also my Debra. What’s going on? That’s what I came here to ask you. And why are you watching a boy eating
egg salad out of a kangaroo’s pouch? [music playing] It was an honest mistake. There was a portrait
and a mystery girl. And come on, it’s… It’s the same face. [laughing] Sorry, mate.
I didn’t see it. Even I see it. You know what I don’t see? Someone unzipping me. Come on, guys.
I’m dying in here. Hey, I’d do it myself but… [laughing] But you look so cute and… Unzipping. [laughing] Anyway, we’re sorry. We only acted selfishly because we don’t want you to get
sent back to Australia. We love having you here. Yeah!
And not just for the free stuff. But also because we enjoy having you
as a part of our family. Apology accepted. I like you guys too. Even though you know nothing
about Australia. What? I thought we did
a pretty good job. A boxing kangaroo walking around
with Deli mustard, and a New Jersey accent? [laughing] The only reason I bought it
was because I thought it was Debra trying to make me break a laugh. I can’t believe you flew
all the way over here. I already bought a ticket. I had a feeling he was going to ask me
to be his girl. So I wanted to surprise him. I’m glad you did. [muttering to themselves] [laughing] Do you see a kangaroo and two Dawns? – Yup.
– And smell egg salad? Yup. [laughing] Wanna go back to the mall? Yup. [laughing] [music playing]

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