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LOL Dolls Find Invisible Unicorn ! Toys for Kids Fun Playing with LOL Surprise in DIY Bathing Suits

LOL Dolls Find Invisible Unicorn ! Toys for Kids Fun Playing with LOL Surprise in DIY Bathing Suits

Girls: Woohoo! Woohoo! Fanime: The water is a perfect temperature
today! Kicks: Yes, it’s super fresh! Perfect for this heat today. Oh, Genie! Come get in the pool! Fanime: Yeah come on and join us! Genie: Ah no, I prefer to stay here sunbathing
and eating these delicious ice creams. Fanime: All right, it’s your loss. Kicks: Let’s play with that floatie
that’s over there.Black Hair: I’ll get it first! (laughs) Unicorn: Owie! Owie! Genie: Huh? Who are you? Unicorn: Ay, I hurt my foot, can you help
me? Genie: Yes, of course, what happened to you? Unicorn: My foot broke, and I’m so hungry! Genie: Alright stay right here, I’ll bring
you something to eat. Girls! I’ll be right back, I’m going to get something
to eat for this unicorn, and I’ll cure his foot. Kicks: Unicorn? What are you talking about? Genie: Well, this unicorn that’s right here. I’ll be right back. Kicks: Unicorn? I don’t see anything. Fanime: Hmm, I don’t see anything either. But, you know how Genie is, she has a great imagination. Let’s keep playing. Unicorn: Oh, I forgot that only that girl
can see me because she’s a genie. These others? Ehh, they could see me if I wanted them to. But, I’ll play around for a little bit. Genie: Hmm, I’ll take a little of the soup
that we made for lunch. Mmm, I think he’ll like it. I brought you some food, and some gauze to
wrap up your leg. Hmm, where did the girls go? Unicorn: Oh, they said they were going to
go and eat, they were getting hungry. Genie: Hey, why couldn’t they see you? Unicorn: Well, what happened is I’m a unicorn,
and you can see me because you’re a genie. But those girls can’t see me, unless I decide
to let them see me. Genie: Oh, okay well, let me wrap up your
leg. Unicorn: nomnomnomnomnomnom Mmm, this soup
is delicious! Genie: You can stay here until you feel better. I’ll bring you more soup tomorrow. Bye! Storieswithdolls: The next day… Genie: Ooh, I’m going to take more soup to
the unicorn that I saw yesterday. I’ll be back. Fanime: She’s still talking about that
unicorn. Kicks: Yes, how weird. I’m starting to get worried, you think that
Genie is a little bit crazy? Genie: Crazy? (gasp) My friends think I’m crazy? Oh, it’s that unicorn’s fault, he doesn’t
want to show himself to them, but we’re going to see. Here’s your food, eat it and then get out
of here. Unicorn: Huh? But why? Genie: Because it’s your fault. My friends think I’m crazy. Unicorn: Fine, fine. If it’s that important to you that your friends
see me, then I’ll let them see me, bring them. Genie: Alright, I’ll be right back. See, girls? This is the unicorn that I’ve been talking
about. Kicks: Ooh, how pretty it is! Genie: I could only see it because I’m a genie,
but now he’s letting you see him too. Unicorn: Yes, it’s just that Genie got mad
at me because you were thinking that she was crazy. Kicks: Oh Genie, how embarassing, you
heard us say that? Genie: Uh, yes. It made me a little sad. Fanime: Forgive us, Genie. Now we know you’re not crazy, just that you’re a very special girl! Kicks: Oh, yes we’re so proud to have a special friend like you, Genie. Storieswithdolls: Hi friends! I painted some LOL dolls in a way that they
now have their bathing suits. A little later in the video, I’m going to
show you how I did it. But before that, I wanted to show you this
set, which we were playing with earlier in the video, and I thought it was really nice
so I thought I’d open it here with you all. To show you everything it comes with. This set is for dolls that are the size of
Chelsea and her friends to play with. Here we can see that it’s the perfect size
for Chelsea and her friends to cook, or to sit here at the table. And let’s take a look at the accessories. We have three spoons, two plates. Two bowls for soup or cereal, a Teapot, two
spatulas, this square that I think is to decorate crazy. And these two boxes, which, friends you’re
going to have to help me out in the comments, because I’m not sure if they’re for food–or
I don’t know books? Toys? I’m not sure what they are or what they’re
doing in the kitchen. Maybe they’re for cookies for babies, and
this one for cereal? I don’t know to be honest. So, in the comments, please help me friends. And now let’s look at the kitchen in more
detail. I love this decoration in the window. I think this is the microwave, let’s see if
it opens for real. Ooh, it does open! And here we have another cabinet, and it opens
too! We have food here and drinks. This is the stove, let’s see if the controls
move. Ooh, they do move! So, we can pretend to turn them on and off. It’s on. And now it’s off. We have a sink to wash dishes. Here we have more doors, but I don’t think
this one opens. Let’s see this one. Oh, this one does. So, I’m pretty sure this one should open as
well. It’s a little–oh! It opened! And these in the middle, I think they do open,
too. Oh down here is enough space to put the accessories
that came with it. I love when the toys have a place to hold
the accessories. Now, let’s look at the table, the chairs are
super cute. I’ll show it to you up close so you can see
the details better. Here we have the table. It has a bunch of stuff as well. Ooh, it has more spoons. Two more bowls. Two cups. And this pot that has a lid that comes off. So, we could play like the girls are making
a delicious soup. And finally, here is the table. Red Hair: Mmm, Chelsea! This soup we made came out delicious. Can I get more? Chelsea: Of course, you can get as much as
you want. Storieswithdolls: And now, I’m going to show
you how I painted the bathing suits on the dolls. First, I use the doll as a model of what I’m
going to paint for her bathing suit. And this doll has a black and light blue colored
outfit, so those are the colors that I’m going to use for her bathing suit. I’m going to be painting a duplicate that
I got of this doll. I’m going to give her a one-piece bathing
suit. (music) And then I painted a black belt around it. Now, with a permanent marker, I’ll write her
player number. And that’s the bathing suit for Kicks Let’s
compare her to her original doll. Hmm, the number didn’t come out too well,
but I think they look alike (laughs). Now I’ll show you how I did the bathing suit
for Fanime Her dress is blue, white and red, so those
are the colors I’ be using. We’ll also put a one-piece bathing suit on
her. I start with a white base. (music) Now with a lot of care, I’ll put some blue And here on her back, I’ll put a little bow
that looks like the one she has on her dress. And with the red paint, I’m going to paint
a ruffle And it’ll connect with a little detail here
in the back. And there’s the bathing suit for Fanime. Let’s compare them. For Genie’s bathing suit, I used two shades
of pink, and one gold . So, since Genie has this dress that is two
pieces, I made her a two-piece bathing suit. (music) Now, I’ll put a golden stripe. Now, with the bright pink I’ll put a little
tulle ruffle And that’s it for Genie’s bathing suit! Let’s compare the two. Ooh, I think it came out very similar to the
other style. Friends, so we can put them in the water,
and that the suits don’t wash off, I put a layer of nail polish. Friends, I’m also going to show you this Playmobil
pool set, which I showed you in another video, but for those who haven’t seen it, here it
is. Here’s the pool, it comes with these plants,
this table to put some drinks and snacks on. It comes with this pool chair to have a drink
or eat a snack. And it comes with this other chair for some
sunbathing, or a nap. Oh, and it comes with a towel too. It comes with some sunscreen, and a lilypad
to decorate the pool. It comes with a little boy, and his floatie. It comes with the mom who I really like, because
she comes with her sunglasses and her sandals! Haha look how fun! They fit her so well. And now for my favorite part, filling the
pool! Boy: I will jump in like a fish! water splash! Hahahahaha Storieswithdolls: Wow, Boys and Girls, look at this
pool with super clear water. Friends, it’s time to decide if you liked
the video or not. If you liked it, don’t forget to give it a
like. And if you haven’t subscribed, please do it
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