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LOL Surprise Babies Go Camping ! Toys and Dolls Fun in Playmobil Camper | SWTAD

LOL Surprise Babies Go Camping ! Toys and Dolls Fun in Playmobil Camper | SWTAD

(car sounds, honking) Surfer: We’re here at our campsite!! MB: What a beautiful place! Surfer: Don’t forget that we still have
to take the things out! QB: Oh come on, let’s at least relax in
the fresh air for a bit. In the car we were all cramped inside and it was so hot! Ugh! Now I’m all sweaty! LOL: And that’s why I’m going straight
to the pool!! Into the pool, ducks!! (splash) The water is so nice! Come in girls! Dancer: Here I come hahaha!! Oh whoops! That dive was a total fail! Hahaha MS: Oh, what a beautiful place. I’m going to be able to take a lot of pictures
here!! Surfer: Girls, come help me! We still have a few things to take out. QB: Ahhh this is the life. Surfer: This is the last chair I have to set out, and then I’m going to go have fun, too! Girls, you’re going to have to get the rest
of the things. Storieswithdolls: At night… QB: Let’s tell scary stories! (rustling sounds) Speaking of scary stories, what was that? There were some weird sounds. *gasps* We should go investigate. I don’t want to sleep here if there’s something weird going on! Surfer: Aww there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll just leave a light turned on, and the animals won’t come close to us. 50s: Well I think I’m going to go investigate. Who wants to go with me? No one??? QB: Oh okay, I’ll go. MB: Me too!! Maybe I can get some interesting photos. Surfer: Okay, fine, I’ll go too. Dancer: Wait for me!! Don’t leave me here all alone!! MB: The sound came from over there! (rustling sounds) *gasps* Look! It’s more girls like us!! Storieswithdolls: Hi friends!!! Today we were playing with this Playmobil
Summer Fun Camper! Here on the back of the box it shows us everything it comes with, but as you guys know, I like to see them in person in all their glory. So let’s open it!! And we’re going to build it really quick. Starting with the stickers. And the table goes here, the toilet lid, in case of a fire. It has room for four beds, ladder, here we
have the trunk where the family can put all their things, antenna for the technology! And it comes with a lot of things! It comes with chairs, it comes with four plates, it comes with four cups, silverware. It also comes with two glasses. Canned food. Drinks. Frying pan, and it even comes with some eggs that are being fried. And even a jar of strawberry jam. Oh, and it also comes with an extra pot. It also comes with a lot of things for fun,
like a camera, a surfboard, and a scooter! It comes with this tank, and I think it’s supposed to be gas to cook with. And it comes here with the family, the dad, the mom, the daughter, and the son. And the mom and the daughter come with sandals that you can take off and put on. This playset is super fun and creative. Just like all the Playmobil playsets. And now let’s look at the camper. This part here opens. This door also opens. And, on this side, nothing opens. The tires really move. And the only thing I don’t really like is that in order for the dolls to go inside, we have to take off the roof. I would’ve liked it better if it opened here in the middle. But it doesn’t open like that, so if we want to play inside it, we have to play from here on top. (music) And now, how about we open the new LOL balls!! Friends, in another video I did a review of
the Playmobil swimming pool. If you wanna watch it, I’ll leave the link here and in the description so you can go watch it. And this time I’ve come prepared! I’ve filled the swimming pool with ice,
so the same thing doesn’t happen as last time, when I didn’t know that I needed ice water to see if the LOL dolls changed colors. So this time, I’ve come prepared! And I bought five more LOL dolls, let’s
see if I can get the same ones that I used to make Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Antibug, and of course, if you haven’t seen that video, I’ll leave the link here, too, and in the description of the video. Let’s start opening this one. I’m also hoping I get the rocker this time, because last time I wanted the rocker really badly. Last time, when we got a gold ball it was
because we got one that was really hard to find, so let’s see if the same thing happens
this time. Accessory. Boys and girls, last time we opened 37 of
these LOL balls, if you haven’t seen that video yet, I’ll leave the link here. We got almost all of them, but we’re still missing a few. Let’s see… Ahh, I have this one! I think this is the one I used to make Antibug. Oh wait, no! It’s not this one. It just looks like her because she has the same hairstyle, a ponytail. But, the one I used to make Antibug has brown hair. This one is supposed to be hard to find, but I’m kind of doubting that because this is my second time getting her. So… I don’t really think that she’s that hard to get. Okay, well this one doesn’t change colors,
and since she has glitter all over her, I don’t want to get her wet. So I’m just going to put her in her little house, with her bottle. And there she goes rolling away!! Okay, let’s see if I have better luck with this one. I’m thinking the rocker is actually a hard
one to find. Once I open all of these, I’m going to have
opened 42 balls!! And if I don’t get her here, then I think
that’s she’s actually one that’s hard to find. And I’m actually not going to open the accessories, because once I open the accessories, then I know which one I’m going to get. And I want it to be a surprise. So I think it’s better if I open the doll
first. Ohhh I have this one too haha. So I’m just going to put her back in her home with her accessories all unopened for another time. Now I only have three more chances! I hope I at least get a new one. And with this new ball, let’s look at the
doll first again. Ooh yay!! I got the doll that I had used to make Cat Noir!! Yay!! I got the original one back haha! It’s just that, to make Cat Noir, I had to make some drastic changes to the original doll. I had to cut off her little curls here, so
even if I washed all the paint off, the doll isn’t going to look the same. And, I don’t even want to wash the paint
off, because I want to leave them looking like the characters from Miraculous. But problem solved! I now have the original doll again! Oops, I forgot to open one surprise, her pacifier! And since I know that she doesn’t change colors, I’m just going to put her back in her house, with her bottle, and I’m going to add her
to my collection. And now I only have two left! What do you guys think? Do you think the rocker is in this one? Or even the one with glasses, because I also want her! Is this one the one with glasses, and is this
one the rocker? Or is this the rocker and this is the one
with glasses? Well, I would have to have really good luck
for that to happen haha! Haha but I got lucky devil!! So hopefully that’s good luck. Anything can happen!! And this time I’m going to open the accessories first, let’s see if that gives me a bit more luck. Let’s see… Ooh I see black!! Ohhh I think I have this one already. Yeah, It’s this one! If we compare the outfit here, it’s exactly
the same, the outfit for the rocker says ABCD haha, which is like a parody of the rock band AC/DC. So since I already know it’s not gonna be the rocker, I just better not open it. Friends, this is my last chance. Ooh, let’s see, let’s see!! Aww, I have her already! Ha! Well, let’s add her to the collection.

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