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LOL Surprise Babies Turn Into Characters From Cinderella Story ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids | SWTAD

LOL Surprise Babies Turn Into Characters From Cinderella Story ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids | SWTAD

Cinderella: Oh, Drizella’s room turned out so nicely! Everything is all clean and in order! Drizella: Cinderella!! Did you clean my room?? Cinderella: Yes, and look how nice turned
out! Driz: Nice?? It’s horrible!!! Look at how terribly you made the bed! And my perfume?? How many times do I have to tell you I don’t organize my perfume this way!! I’m going to tell mother!!! Ana: Cinderella, my breakfast!!! Cinderella: I’m coming, I’m coming Storieswithdolls: Later On… Mother: Cinderella Cinderella: Yes, stepmother? Mother: Start preparing lunch. And tell us when it’s ready. We’ll be in the living room Cinderella: Yes, stepmother Driz: A party at the prince’s castle??? Mother: Yes! And all the young ladies in the kingdom are
invited! Ana: And it’s really for him to pick a
wife??? Cinderella: Excuse me, the food is ready. Mother: Oh Cinderella, when are you going
to stop being such an inconvenience? We’re talking about something very important! The prince has invited all the girls in the
kingdom to a ball at his castle, and he’ll be choosing a bride there. I’m having a very important conversation
with your sisters and all you can think about is food! Cinderella: A ball at the palace?? And he’s invited all the girls in the kingdom? Can I go?? Driz: Hahahaha!! It’s for all the PRETTY girls. Not ugly and dirty like you! Ana: Hahaha yeah!! You think the prince is going to marry a servant like you?? Cinderella: Well, what I really want is to
see the palace, and go to the ball, I don’t want to marry the prince, you guys can have him. Mother: Okay Cinderella. You can go, but if you finish all of your
work on time. Storieswithdolls: The Day of the Party… Mother: Cinderella! Are you ready? We’re leaving! Cinderella: Ah, no! I still have a few dishes left to wash, but if you give me ten minutes to finish and get ready really fast… Ana: Get ready?? How if you only have rags?? (both girls laughing) Cinderella: Okay, it’s fine, you guys go,
I’ll stay here and wash the dishes… Ana: Oh how exciting!! This ball is going to be amazing!!! Cinderella: Wait!! I’m, ready… Oh no, they left. *crying* They never considered me a part of the family, *crying* I never get to go to any of the parties *crying* Fairy Godmother (Miss Baby): Why are you crying pretty girl? Cinderella: Huh? Who are you? MB: I’m your fairy godmother! I’m here to help you! Why are you crying? Cinderella: I wanted to go to the ball at
the palace, and my family didn’t take me. *crying* MB: Oh! The ball! No problem! I’ll help you go! First, you need a beautiful dress! Cinderella: This is the most beautiful dress
I’ve ever had in my life! MB: And now you need a carriage! Hmmmm, that pumpkin over there is going to come in handy! (magic sounds) Cinderella: What a beautiful carriage! Thank you, fairy godmother!!! MB: But first there’s something really important you need to know, all my magic disappears at midnight, so you need to be back before midnight. Cinderella: Oh, that’s more than enough
time! Thank you! Thank you! Prince: Ugh, what a boring ball, I haven’t
met any girl that I like. Cinderella: What a beautiful castle! Prince: Huh? Who’s that girl who’s getting out of the carriage? I’ll go say hi to her. Storieswithdolls: The prince danced with Cinderella the entire ball, but at midnight… (clock striking 12) Cinderella: Oh no!! I have to go! Prince: But, why? Cinderella: Oh, I’m sorry! Oh no, I’m so late!! *gasp*my slipper!! *small sigh* I don’t have time! Prince: Wait! Wait!! Huh? She left her shoe. Storieswithdolls: The next day, the prince declared that he would marry the girl who could fit into the shoe. When he got to Cinderella’s house… Cinderella: Stepmother, should I serve the
tea? Mother: Oh!! What an inconvenient girl! Can’t you see the prince is here?? Prince: It’s okay miss, I’d like for her
to try on the slipper too. Storieswithdolls: Cinderella tried on the shoe and it fit her perfectly. The same day, preparations for the wedding began. Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone!! I noticed that you guys really like it when
I customize the LOL dolls, so today I thought I would do another one! If you haven’t seen my other customization
videos, I’ll leave the link here so you can go see them. And now, how about I show you how I made the
prince. First, let’s cut off the doll’s curls. To make the prince’s outfit, I painted this
part blue. Second coat. And here I’m going to line the edge of his
jacket. And here I’m going to make, like the kind of rope the prince has. And here on the top we’re going to paint some gold buttons. And we’re also going to paint the doll’s
legs blue for pants. And now I’m going to paint the shoes black for the boots, and now with nail polish remover, I’m going to remove the pink from the lips. And now with play doh I’m going to make
the prince’s hair. And here I’m going to make a line for the
hair. And with another piece of play doh I’m going to make lines to look like hair, I’m going to stick it here. Oh! And I’m going to remove the eyelashes too. Now I put on his outfit. Black boots, and the prince is done! To make the clothes Cinderella wears when
her stepmother and stepsisters make her work, I’m going to use this dress, and I’m going
to paint the top part grey. And for the doll, since Cinderella doesn’t
have freckles, I’m going to remove the freckles with nail polish remover. And I’m going to paint the bottom part of
her skirt brown. And let’s give it a second coat. And now very carefully we’re going to paint
on the apron with white paint. Whoops, it looks like there’s still a bit
of white here. And with a tiny brush, I’m going to paint
her eyes blue. And now it’s time to dress her! I’m going to put on black shoes, and now
that the dress is dry, I’m going to very carefully put it on her. And here we have Cinderella with her work
clothes on! To make Cinderella’s blue ball gown, I used
this dress, And I painted this part on top blue, and this part on the bottom. And then I’m going to give it a second coat of glue mixed with paint. And the reason I used glue is because I’m
going to add glitter! And on the back too. (music) And this other part here I’m going to paint
light blue. And let’s give it a second coat. To make her glass slippers, I’m going to
put glue all around the shoe, and I’m going to add white glitter. And the same thing with the other one. Another coat. And I’m also going to put glue here so I
can add glitter. Now I put on her glass slippers. And it’s time for some final details! Her gloves, a choker, and a headband. And here we have Cinderella on the day of
the ball.

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  1. Hi guys! Customizing lol dolls is fun! I hope you like how Cinderella turned out. For more LOL Surprise videos, check out Also! Subscribe here!! Love you all!!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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  8. hi so i'm wondering how the play-dough hair works over time? does it dry out and crumble off or is it surprisingly permeant? i'm looking at making a few similar mods and am trying to figure out the best materials. thank you so much your customs are crazy cute!!!

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