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LOL Surprise Dolls Series 2 Wave 2 FULL SET ULTRA RARE ! Toys and Dolls Fun Baby Doll Play

LOL Surprise Dolls Series 2 Wave 2 FULL SET ULTRA RARE ! Toys and Dolls Fun Baby Doll Play

Storieswithdolls: (humming) Oh, hi friends! Stories With Toys and Dolls here!! I’m getting this nice bath ready because
guess what? I have two boxes of the new LOL dolls, that’s series 2, wave 2! So they’re brand new, friends. Just recently released! And today we will be opening them all to see if we can get the Series 2 Full set. Friends, we have a lot of balls to open so
there’s no time to lose! I’m going to open them really quickly because
I can’t wait to see which ones I’ll get The bottle is red, and we have some red shoes. I don’t remember a doll that has red shoes,
so this one could be completely new. I definitely haven’t seen this dress before,
it’s a hawaiian type dress. Now let’s take a look at the doll. Ooh, a nice flowery headband. We put the flowers in her hair, and look how
pretty she is! Friends, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but
every time they come out with new dolls, they always look nicer and nicer. And here we have the first LOL doll from Part
2 series 2. Woo-hoo! The little catalog comes with all the pictures
of the dolls! Friends, remember in Wave 1, they had a lot
of doll silhouettes because nobody knew which ones were going to come out in Wave 2. But now, all of them are there! And let’s see what the first doll we got does,
so we can mark her off. I’m going to give her water with her bottle
first. Ooh, it’s sprinkling me *giggle I don’t think it was enough water to see what
she does. Okay, I’m going to put her in here with the
ice water. She doesn’t change colors. Let’s see if her outfit changes…nope, not
that either. Oh, she goes peepee. Her name is Coconut Q T. Let’s put here that
she pees. Friends, I’m starting to notice something. A lot of the series 2 wave 1 dolls aren’t
going to come out in this edition, because they are taking naps! I like that a lot because that means that
most of them are going to be new. Yay! Boys and girls, I really want to get this
one that we see on the ball, because it is so pretty! Ooh, we saw this hint already in wave 1. An ascot, and a hat for the cold. And she’s wearing warm tights. Oh, I forgot to put the ascot. Now let’s take her to the bathroom, so we
can see what she does. She doesn’t change color…she cries! Brrr B.B. cries. Another ball! I’m going to get one of the ones from the
top to see if we can get a rare one. Tea Party! Oh, it could be Alice in Wonderland. Yay, we already have these three and they’re
taking a nap, so it’s very probable that the one we’re getting is this one. But, we can never be sure until we open it Oh, I think it is! I think it is! And…confirmed, friends! It is the one to complete the storybook club. Or as I like to call it the Alice in Wonderland
Club. But, it’s actually called the Storybook Club. Confirmed! It’s her. Now let’s see what she does. When she’s dry—oops! I didn’t put her pants all the way up (laughs). Now it’s a lot better. Well, like I told you when she’s dry, her
arms look normal, but when we put her in the water…she gets this pattern like a cat. Oh, in her hair too! When she’s dry, her hair is only one color,
and then when we put her in the water…she gets a pattern like a cat. In her hair as well. Let’s see if she does something else other
than change colors. She spits! So now we will mark here that she spits. And her name is Trouble maker. We’ll put that she changes color as well. I’m still looking for the rare one. Let’s see if it’s this one. Friends, I like it when I get the rare ones
quickly because those are the hardest ones to get. Boys and girls, I think we found it! This is the sticker that comes with the ones
that are hard to find. So it’s very possible that this is one of
the rare ones. The good thing is that the two we already
have are taking a nap. So it should be one of these two. And I’m noticing that there’s one that is
the hardest to find, it’s this gold one. Wow, friends! I hope it’s this one! I hope it’s this one! I think this one is super hard to get. I think that the makers of LOL dolls just
want to make us sweat! Now they released that 24K Gold one and I’m
pretty sure it’s super hard to get. But, we will try. Pink shoes. Ooh, I know which one it is, it’s the one
that’s on the front of the box. She’s so glittery, how pretty! Friends, I think so far, this one is my favorite
one from wave 2 series 2. She’s so pretty, look how she shines. And it indeed is the same doll that is on
the front of the box. Let’s see if she changes colors, but when
they have glitter like that, I don’t like to put them in the water. (make a sound like it pains you to put her
in the water) Ohh, she pees. Friends, look at this beautiful doll, she
has her skirt full of glitter. This one is definitely my favorite one so
far. I love her! Such a beautiful doll. (music) Her name is Sugar Queen and she goes peepee. Next ball! Ohh I really want that 24K Gold one to come
out. Oh no, I ripped the sticker! (laughs) Well it’s this one. It’s just I got so excited thinking that we
could get that gold one. But, I’m pretty sure this one isn’t that one. I have a feeling that the gold one will have
a sticker that is very different from the ones we’ve been getting. The bottle and the shoes. Ooh, we don’t have this one! She’s like a mix of being into music and sports. Because she has her sporty socks, she has
this mark on her face like american football. But at the same time she looks a little bit
like a rocker, because she has her headphones, her silver hair, her silver lips, and let’s
see what she does. It looks like she doesn’t change color. Let’s check if the headphones do. Nope, not them either. She spits! She’s a part of the Hip-Hop Club. Here she is, her name is Beats. Next ball! Oh no…..w-what’s going on?? Oh no, friends! All the balls exploded! I feel like they all got super impatient for
me to open them *giggle. Well, friends, all of these came out before
I could open them, but it’s okay because now I can mark the ones we have and what they
do. And we’ll start with this one which is one
of the ones that I wanted to get. Here’s the sticker. Let’s see if she changes colors. She doesn’t change color. So, let’s see what she does. She cries! Let’s put here that Miss Punk cries. Next one! She’s from the club that are cool as ice. And she is so cute. I hadn’t noticed her in the catalog, but
she is super cute. Let’s see what she does. She doesn’t change colors. And…she cries Friends, with this one we completed the Chill
Out Club! Her name is Posh. We have this one, she’s so pretty, she looks
very emo and looks like she’s from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland *giggle. But, I love the combination of her purple
hair and this black flowers hairpiece. Let’s see if she changes colors. No, she doesn’t change. So, what does she do? Oh, I already have a suspicion. (laughs) She goes peepee. Friends, we finished another club! The Cosplay Club! And for those that haven’t seen my other video
where I got all these other dolls, I’ll leave you the link so you can all go watch it. Next doll! Here’s her grandma sticker. It’s says she’s old school. But, in my opinion I think she’s very hip
because look what she has here. A tattoo! (laughs) But the hint says she’s
old school Let’s see if she changes colors. Mmm…no. Her hair doesn’t either. Let’s see what she does. She cries! She’s Pink Baby and she cries. Next doll! Here’s her sticker. Ooh and she looks super elegant. She reminds me a little of Cruella de Ville
with her black and white hair. And with this dress that looks like Dalmatian
skin. But, fortunately it’s fake, friends. All right, let’s see what she does. She doesn’t change colors. Let’s see what she does. (laughs) Peepee! Her name is Dollface and she pees. Friends! I have good news! We got the Glitterati that we were missing! So now we have the four that are really hard
to find, and look at how beautiful she is! She’s like a super hero but she’s entirely
covered in glitter! How beautiful! I don’t think she changes colors but we’ll
still try it. Her cape doesn’t change colors and of course
where she has glitter doesn’t change color either. Well, she didn’t change colors but we’ll see
what she does. She spits! (make a flying away sound) With this doll we complete the Glitterati
club which are the hardest to get. And her name is The Queen. We already got these two last time, and now
we got these two. But now, friends, there’s one that is the
hardest to get, and she is the one that I really want us to get. But we haven’t gotten her yet, so we have
to see which ones we did get. We got a new one here. Yay! Let’s see what she does. She’s very pretty as well and I have a feeling
her bow changes colors, let’s see. She gets some polka dots on her bow. Her head is kinda heavy. Let’s see what else she does. She spits. And we’ll put here that Pranksta spits. Oh and we’ll also put that she changes colors. I also got this one here. It’s very strange because she is Sugar’s
Lil Sis. But she came in one of the big balls. This is the sticker she came with. Sweet or sour. And we got this bag that half of it is like
a devil and the other side is like an angel. She also has her shoes in here. Like half and half. The red I imagine is for the devil and the
blue is for the angel. And she also has two pairs of glasses, one
for the devil and one for the angel. It’s pretty weird because it doesn’t say that
this baby is in these balls, but we’ll look at the paper. Here on the back where it has the lil sissies,
I’ll see if Sugar is here. Oh here she is, Lil Sugar. Ohhhh!!!!!! it says that they are hiding! So what I think happened is she hid in one
of the big sister’s balls. All right, let’s see if she changes color. It doesn’t seem like she changes color. Her diaper does though, one half is blue and
the other is white. You see it just a little bit, you can barely
see it, though. So I’m going to put here that Lil Sugar changes
color. Speaking of Lil Sugar, we got another Sugar! A duplicate, this is the third one I get and
I couldn’t find her before, and now we have three. But I love getting duplicates in case I get
an idea for a story and I need duplicates. Speaking of duplicates, we also got the Hawaiian
again. And the Cat from the Storybook Club. And the doll that looks like Alice in Wonderland. Oh, we have another duplicate. We already had her, it’s Honeybun! And here is one that we don’t have yet. And she says that she is old school But I see her as very hip with her leopard
outfit, and let’s see what she does. Kaploom! She doesn’t change color, and she spits. Her name is Cherry. Oh we have another duplicate Good news! No duplicate this time! Another one that is old school. She’s very beautiful I love her. Let’s see if she changes colors. I already have a feeling about what she does. She spits. And she goes with the rest of them Yay, we completed another club! The Retro Club! With B.B. Bop we complete another club. Here’s another one that we haven’t–oh we
did get it today! Duplicate! This one we haven’t gotten yet! I love her because she’s dressed as a tennis
player and I love tennis too. Let’s see if she changes colors. She doesn’t change colors but we’ll see what
else she does. We have her here, her name is Court Champ. Friends!……..with Court Champ we complete
all of the dolls!!!! Well, with the exception of this one that’s
super hard to find. But we have every other one! Yay! All the ones that are sleeping, we already
have. The devil and the angel, we have. We already have all of the dolls from series
2. With the exception of this 24K Gold one which
I think is going to be super hard to find. But I have good news! Remember that we were opening these balls
when the other box exploded? Well, maybe we’ll have the gold one in here. And I hope that this one doesn’t explode on
us, but just in case, I’ll show you guys the box. We have here the cat, and Alice. We have some back here. Ooh, 3 of my favorites. Here we have one of my favorites as well. So that is what the box looks like for this
wave 2 series 2 balls. And to speed things up and see once and for
all if we get the ultra rare one or not, I have my sister here with me. We’re going to do a little competition to
see who has the better luck and gets the gold one. On your marks, get set, go! (music) (gasps) Friends! I think my sister is the one who has good
luck this time! Wow! (fighting over it) (laughing) I want to open
it! I want to open it! (laughing) She’s so pretty, make-up full of glitter! In the competition I had with my sister, she
definitely won because she got the rarest one of them all! I don’t want to put her in the water because
I don’t want the glitter on her eyes to come off. But, we need to see if she changes colors. And, she doesn’t change. Now, we’ll see what she does. She spits! Friends, we still have seven more balls which
we will open next time. Because…I have…2 boxes of Lil Sisters! So we can see if we can also complete the
collection of Lil Sisters. And since the devil and the angel hide in
their big sister’s balls, we still have to look for the little devil there. But, we will do that in the next video. boys and girls, we’ve never completed a series
in one video, before, so I think this video deserves a like! (music)

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