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Loop Waterfall Braid | Cute Hairstyles

Loop Waterfall Braid | Cute Hairstyles

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy, from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. And today, I’m here with Kamri. -Hi. -And we are going
to show you how to do what we’re calling
the loop waterfall braid. This is really great. A girl named Bethany send
this picture in to me. So thank you,
Bethany, for the idea. We figured it out,
and here we go. Now, to begin this
hairstyle, I’ve parted her hair in the
middle, just in the front, and then tried to
comb so there’s no obvious part in the back. And we have just run a
straightener over her hair. She’s pretty straight anyway. Now, her hair is
really silky and fine, which can be difficult to
do this kind of hairstyle, because it can loosen
up and slip out. So what I have done is just
taken a little bit of my Redken Wax Blast spray wax
and just barely sprayed a tiny little bit on
the tops of her hair. This is going to help me
as I pull her hair through. So if you’re also
a fine haired girl, you might want to
try this trick. If you have a
curlier texture, it’s going to be very
natural to do this, because it will hold
and grip itself. So now, I’m going to go back. I’m going to leave a little
piece right in front, because I want this to just
fall by itself. I’m going to pick up a
section of hair right here. So I’m leaving probably an
inch, inch and a half of hair, just to frame her face. And I’m picking up a
pretty good piece of hair. And then, I’m also going to
take just a little bit of– this is– you guys are
always asking me what I’m using– Jonathan’s
Dirt Texturizing Paste, but you can use any pomade. Just run it through
the hair a little bit. Again, this is all just helping
us keep the hair together and not have too
many crazy flyaways as we’re manipulating
this hairstyle. Now, I’m going to
take this piece, I’m going to take my
two fingers, my pointer and my middle. I’m going to put them in here
and wrap the hair around them, and then just flip it. So you can see the shape
I’m forming by doing that. So the hair goes down,
and then creates a loop, and this bottom
piece is ultimately going to fall straight down. So I’ll show you
again, one more time. Two fingers, just wrap
it around, and then just twist your fingers and it
creates that looped shape, like this. Once you’ve done that, I’m going
to hold my fingers through it. So you can see, I’m holding
that bottom piece with my thumb. My two fingers are still
in between that loop. I’m going to go back
here behind her head and pick up another pretty
good sized piece of hair. And again, with my
left hand this time, I’m going to take a
little texturizing paste and run it down those strands. Or you can use your wax
here, too, either one. Now, I’m going to grab that
piece in between my fingers and I’m going to pull
it through that loop. You can see. So I’m pulling it
through the loop, and then I’m going to go
ahead and twist it and create another loop. And in the process,
I’ve, of course, dropped this last strand, right here. And just to hold this
hairstyle a little bit tighter while we’re manipulating
the first few pieces, I’m going to have Kam
hang on to that first one. So I’m going to go ahead
put my fingers back through that second loop. Hold that bottom piece
again with my thumb. Pick up another piece of hair. Make sure you’re getting from
the top wherever you want. Use a little texturizing
paste, pomade. Run it down. And again, pull that hair
through and give it a twist. Now, don’t worry if you’re
getting big loops like this, because you can come
back later and adjust it just by tugging on the end. But you can start
to see the shapes that we’re forming
as we’re doing this. So again, I’m going to
pick up a piece of hair. We have a little
texturizing paste. Just run it down. Grab that piece, pull it
through, and give it a twist. Again, I’m not going to worry if
it’s huge right now, because I can go back and adjust
them in a few minutes. And we’re going to
create more loops. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you’ve done your
last loop, what I do– you can see my
last loop right here. Since you don’t want
this funny loop just hanging out in the
middle of nowhere, I go ahead and pull that
strand all the way through. And then what I’m going to
do is let it fall through, and I’m going to take
a small bobby pin and I’m just going to pin it. And I’m going to hide
the pins as best I can. You might see them a little bit. I’m going to cross
the bobby pins so they form a nice, secure
little hold right there. And you can always pull this
hair up and over a little bit, or let that strand fall
through right there and hide them for you. So that anchors that last piece. And then you can go back
and adjust these loops to where you like them. I don’t want them
to be too tight, but I don’t want them to be so
loose they’re falling, either. So when you get them the
way you like them– for me, that’s about like that–
then I come back over to this first piece that
we originally started with. And again, you don’t want to
leave this funky piece just hanging out doing it’s thing. So I’m going to
take this bobby pin. I’m going to reach underneath
that first little loop, and I’m going to
secure that first piece with a couple bobby
pins, as well. And again, we’re just trying
to hide them as best we can. And we let that hair right
there just hide them for us. And then, the rest
of it falls down. And we’re finished. And let’s do the final spin. So this hairstyle
is not going to be one that’s great for athletics
or lots of physical activity. This is just a pretty
hairstyle, that’s so beautiful that you
get tons of attention over, because its gorgeous
in your hair, right, Kamri? -Yep. -Another way to do it,
just as another tip, would be to try doing it wet
if you have really fine hair. Style it wet, and then it
will dry looking like this, but the wetness of
the hair helps hole those twists and loops a
little bit better for you, too. Now, if you guys love
our hair tutorials, be sure to do us a favor
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newest videos, when we film and upload every single week. Be sure to give this
video a big thumbs up if you liked this video. And we will see you
guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. -Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] -And you turn it to
the side, and it’s this fun accent
braid just running through the ponytail
that really pops. But it adds a lot of dynamic
to the hairstyle, which I love. [INTERPOSING VOICES] -You got this. -Hat off, hat off. -Don’t mess anything up. [INAUDIBLE] -Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] -I’m going to do good. I got it. [INTERPOSING VOICES] -Get a towel ready! [LAUGHTER] [SHOUTING]

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  2. I always think this looks easy and that I'll be able to do this hairstyle
    but things dont always go as planned😭😭😭

  3. So do I have to straighten my hair because its naturally curly

    And would you recommend this for like a graduation thing?

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