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Los Angeles Rams’ Male Cheerleaders Make History At Super Bowl LIII | THR News

Los Angeles Rams’ Male Cheerleaders Make History At Super Bowl LIII | THR News

The NFL made strides on Sunday night by having male cheerleaders perform for the very first time in Super Bowl history. The two Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders, Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron, were the first male cheerleaders to perform during the big game in the NFL’s 99-year history. When the Rams advanced to 2019’s big game last week, Peron tweeted out a celebratory photo of him and Jinnies saying, “Aye Napoleon, you think Atlanta is ready for us?” The two cheerleaders, along with Jesse Hernandez of the New Orleans Saints, already made history at the beginning of the season when they became the first male cheerleaders in the NFL. Although other teams like the Colts and the Ravens have incorporated what they call “stunt men” before — with the Ravens’ stunt men even performing at Super Bowl XLVII — but according to USA Today, Hernandez, Jinnies and Peron are the first to dance alongside their female teammates throughout the season, and in the case of the latter two, the first to do so at the Super Bowl. The two men previously spoke to ‘CBS News’ with Jinnies saying, Peron added, “I was, like, if we’re going to be here we need to make a statement, not just stand in the shadows and get intimidated.” The men were among the 300 people who auditioned for the Rams cheerleading squad last March. For more on this story head to and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy.

14 thoughts on “Los Angeles Rams’ Male Cheerleaders Make History At Super Bowl LIII | THR News”

  1. Don’t watch football so can’t say much. Just seems to be another tantrum against successful cultural traditions and norms. Meh

  2. They want everything to be gay. When I look at cheerleaders I want to see women not dudes I mean what the heck I love to watch football and I love everything masculine about it. This is an attack on masculinity

  3. Supposedly, Super Bowl thought they could make history by adding a serving of Fruity Pebbles and yet not a single person has spoken about it. That shows that they failed since who in their right mind cares about some over exposed gay guys being cheerleaders!? Not me, that’s for sure. If anything, it’ll go down in history for screwing over Spongebob fans.

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