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Love Love! SIF EN – Cheerleader Umi Scout

Love Love! SIF EN – Cheerleader Umi Scout

hey guys and welcome back in this channel in AwilChannel here and we back again in this game school idol festival the
EN server um this is unexpected I’m scouting because
I there is a cheerleader set of Muse card is so out
so up and it’s lily white scouting and there we go there is a legendary SR
Umi card and I guess I’m gonna use it all of them to take the Umi SR
I hoping getting one is there a better than that nothing because feeding
SR for leveling SR is much cheaper and easier than UR and to full School Idol Slot Skill is not is easy (for UR) this is kinda hard because a next
month the angel Riko and the new Maki UR also gonna come out I think I’m
going to sacrifice that for this or perhaps and then in the next month I’m
just going to use the green tickets that’s it and iam not sure if that green tickets
can give me such a good UR card UR Riko or Maki Soo alright lets to the main event we gonna get it I mean the find out the Umi SR okay because the there is a rate up thought I could change I mean oh I mean
a tee managers victory prayer that’s it so here we go guys the first one all
right oops sorry we get one all right we got
we got Nozomi too I think we we already get the goals here but I want more if I have a multiple of
this Umi it sounds not bad we get this on Nozomi I think already
sold her in previous video all right great three SR it’s not
that um I hope I get together SR of Umi especially that cheerleader Umi
please come home again alright one SSR and alright nice I
got another SR of Umi I never I get excited to get this SR so easily
alright and we got bonus we got three two another Umi and you can see them
and we get this um Rin and this initial Rin I think that’s could be as
Seal great we get three SR (of Umi) I think it’s more than enough that let’s try
again another Umi onegai I certainly more right , 2 SR whos we get its Nozomi and another Nozomi
okay so in the end and then I’m already get a SR in the present box yeah my goal
already achived yes um this I mean this is not OP
I mean this is good it’s really good because it’s not basic by notes but
it’s basic the score up basic by score because the score is can be a million or
100 so she can have many chance to a different score that’s it so alright
guys that is for scouting today perhaps in the next moment I cant scout
for the new UR Maki or angel ur Riko perhaps just using using a
green tickets this is a pain of free to play player seriously and it’s sacrifice
one scout for yeah that’s it so I think the next month will be green
tickets scouting for an hour only Maki or angel Riko
you can you can stay tuned for months I guess
and don’t forget the next month of the birthday of Nico-chan so stay tuned for
that scouting and alright guys that’s as far as scouting today and if you enjoy to
watch this video you can give a thumbs up in this video and if you wanna get
the news for the next video you can give a subscribe on this channel hit that hit
subscribe button and see you guys in the next video

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