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Love Nikki Easy Outfits ft. Apple Federation

Love Nikki Easy Outfits ft. Apple Federation

in this video today it’s going to be the
start of another short series and now I’ve been doing a lot of these short
series but I really enjoy doing them because the thing I love the most about
like making videos is making videos with the theme so this videos or the series
of theme is the craftable outfits in every single say Apple Willis cloud page
in North wasteland ruin and festival troop stars happiness and etc not Wonder
Museum because you can’t craft that anymore it’s something you could have
gotten from a previous event but I didn’t bother doing it because it wasn’t
worth it for me so I’m gonna start with the Apple since
it’s the first one and I’m just gonna go through each suit with you that we can
craft and whether it’s easy in three different stances so I was planning on
making an entire video for just Apple but I think it might be too long because
it read either like 15 suits that we can make and that I think are easy and
another problem is that I couldn’t really say easy suits that you can
complete because everybody has a different sense of what easy is so for
me easy is something that it just drops and then I don’t need to craft anything
it’s like evolution suits those are easy for me but for someone else it could be
like a suit with four items and three of them are like hard to get but one of
them you just need to use diamonds divided and then for another person an
easy suit would be just anything you can use coins to get so they have a lot of
money and they just want to you know I’ll keep using the coins and then they
can get everything so I can’t really say it’s an easy suit because everybody has
a different opinion but I’m just gonna do my best and I’ll just tell you what
type of easy it is when I started so from the beginning here this one and
like I’m just gonna skip these ones because these ones are things that are
either impassive and select these two or you have to buy them from a suit so of
course these can be easy in a sense where oh you don’t need to do anything
except for use mind you but I’m not gonna go through that because it’s just
like anybody can figure it out themselves so
Easter let’s – this is what recharge also an event and these two are the
craftable so I would not say these are easy at all they are really nice they
come with a pose they come with a good prize and all their items are just
beautiful the thing about this nurse is that I love her needle I don’t know why
but something about her needle and her dress because her dress is kind of
translucent and it says huh can’t read what it says oh it says heart I’m pretty
sure it’s his heart yeah so the makeup in all this they’re
really cute but I won’t be this won’t be my priority mainly because you need a
lot of freakin diamonds to complete this even with my VIP it’s a little under a
thousand to complete both of them on top of everything else so if you have a lot
of diamonds and of course this could be something you’re looking forward to
before the general population I don’t think that these two are easy suits to
complete so next is to are relatively easy but there’s a problem with them
it’s that their payoff isn’t that good so let’s look at the this one so there’s
some 10 items in the outfit and you only get 25 diamonds that’s honestly not a
lot of diamonds and all of these require princess drops and princess drops really
suck because it just it’s hard to get and it would take a little over a week
to complete this so if we just look at this real quick let’s go to here and
then that’s right Tiger kin if you look here this is all the stuff you need from
princess tractors and this is everything you need from Maiden
so not only do you need a lot poins a lot of diamonds and stamina you also
need a lot of effort and you also need to spend a lot on these recipes and
these dyes so overall is this an easy outfit I don’t think so not really even
though a lunar spell isn’t particularly easy it’s not particularly hard and the
diamond payoff is pretty good it’s okay you neo spend quite a few
stamina on princess tries but you know like if you’re gonna do a suit you’re
you’re bound to do the salmon anyways and the best part of this outfit is that
it comes with a freaking cat I love cats so much and then I didn’t know there was
a black three color love it and I just think it’s the cutest
thing ever so this is something you can look into
so simplicity wise it’s like a medium and payoff it’s okay
and overall suit in general print like it’s a +10 you here’s a little cat right
yeah and then as for the cheerleader this is also another thing and
skateboard girl so skateboard girl is pretty cool you
actually do need a complete parts of this outfit for a chapter but I can’t
remember which chapter it is but you do need to finish a little bit of the
outfit and the problem with this outfit is that is that there’s a lot of
princess drops and I already completed three of them then you have a few maiden
drops and then you knee up by if you think so it’s a whole bunch of stuff
plus the dye the dye is the most important part because out of all those
I think I’ve chosen they decide to go with rainbow and rainbow is one of the
more expensive dyes or it is the most expensive day it’s 12 so 12 dies right
there and then we need how many 15 so that’s over like 144 starry coins so I
mean it’s the star coins yes star coins so you think about it and
yeah so difficulty level it’s okay worth it level not really but I like this heat
board so you can just past it and it’s part of like an outfit so you would have
to have had to complete like these three already
and yeah let’s move on to trefoil affair so trefoil affair is so see this is like
another one that i’m not sure i can classify as easy because if you really
like the suit then go for it but the thing is is that you need to go to the
stylist concept contest story and it costs us what are these crystal roses to
finish and it really adds up because even the dress itself that’s like 200
and then what else does she have she has a sock so that’s 1550 then the leaves up
hope so 300 and everything here it’s mainly the accessories that are
expensive so one two three four five six so six times fifty that would be three
hundred so that’s it that’s more than what I have right now and I’ve been
hoarding pretty hard for these Christel roses so yeah I wouldn’t even
be able to finish this right now because that was already like 300 so around 600
something crystal roses to complete this so is it easy in a sense where you don’t
need stamina you don’t need coins you don’t need
anything else like diamonds to complete yeah in that sense but no in a sense
where it’s really hard to get crystal roses so it’s probably gonna take you I
don’t know three four to three months even depending on what you rank normally
to get this entire outfit and for how many diamonds just thirty so payoff is
not that good so these two we recharged suits and some are lemon is a same deal
with trefoil affair but this one is like I don’t even know if I can see you first
no I think it’s a little better it’s better because it’s in the room of
mystery and all you need to do for this one is get crystal shoes and to get a
bunch of crystals to shoes is that if you’re rich you can just roll it like a
hundred at a time and you get like four crystals shoes I think in total so for
shoes for every hundred rules but you need all of this so it’s not a cheap
suit either because that’s like eighty six already so that’s really a few
million yeah yeah that’s really a few million so again so again if you have a
lot of coins and that’s the main part of your currency like out of everything
else then sure you can just spend it on this just keep rolling you get a whole
lot of stuff from the pad one anyway so it might be worth it in the long shot
but a lot of people might want to hold off on doing this set just because a few
of the how suits so for example spending beauty and grace they require you to buy
stuff from the room of mystery so you might want to save your crystal crystal
crystal shoes and by the way since we’re there anyways
remember that you can compound stuff so see I have 165 crystal shoe shards and I
can just compound them and I got three more okay so let’s go to picking
strawberry so out of these evolution ones this would be considered hard
mainly because it’s epic epic means that you have to
do three sets of evolution so we’re to kind of so first you have the normal one
then you make that too rare then you need to have a bunch of rares to make an
ethic so I think you need for I rares for this one and yeah that’s actually a
lot of stuff so the payoff is pretty good
mainly because anything above 30 diamonds is no 35 diamonds is good and
overall I think you can use this basket for crap what is it called for grace
yeah and here we go let’s just do this as you can see oh alright I already have
a bunch because I already started on grace so you would need a lot more than
this to complete the suit so I actually might end up finishing this anyway since
I need to evil stuff from grace but just a quick reminder from these evolution
suit suits you should just if you have time just evolve whenever you can
because if you just sit there evolving like for rares then like one ethic for
each of them it probably going to take like 20 minutes for you to finish
because of the animation time the speed and you might not also realize that you
don’t have enough quantity because evolving is extremely expensive
it’s like 4000 per Evo and then once you get to the ethics it’s like 6,000 to
7,000 and you have to do that like what 20 times so you have to have a few
million on hand so difficulty level it’s easy for me because I don’t need to do
anything else I don’t need about it recipe I don’t need craft but
technically it’s pretty difficult just to just sit there every day and just
keep trying to get all the things ready for the set so um I would complete this
one just because it’s easy for me but it would be difficult for others if they
don’t enjoy this process and I think the payoff is pretty good so right now I’m
working on an oil painter and then it’s ish not really no I would say it’s
medium difficult because if we do this you need to buy it quite a few things
and this one is not that bad but the recipe is pretty killer plus
your pearls so in total this is a pretty hard set to complete ish it’s like a
medium like it’s still not easy it’s still medium cuz some sets are actually
a really easy like the ones from Four Seasons but we already made a video of
that yesterday so you can just take a peek at that
yeah shameless promotion so 30 diamonds as a payoff is whatever it’s it’s
whatever really and magic star so for this one you have to evil this and it’s
hard because here you have to recipe craft it then you have to evil it then
like just recipe crafting and get the gathering all the items imagine just
doing it like five times you think that you’re finished but you have to do it
five more times it’s pretty not cool and hey Huff is just an earring so is it
difficult yes he’s a good payoff no is it a good suit sure why not but no this
is not an easy city so the vintage lady vintage lady is another one it’s just a
crafting one and it’s actually one of the easier ones if you like crafting
because I don’t think any of these require diamonds let’s take a quick peek
at all of them yeah so none of these require diamonds and I think mainly is
just princess drops and coins if you have it
let me see princess children though better or not yeah so it’s pretty
expensive because it does add up but overall I think it’s easy it’s an easy
to medium and the payoff is okay for this like for only six things so vintage
lady would be another one you could look at and let’s go to sheer dance so sheer
dance was an unavailable event and dynamic beaten don’t be tricked by these
ideas some outfits look really easy to finish but they end off being hard
because you need to spend diamonds on one of the outfits so for example
dynamic meet and cool coins I could have just bought it right there and then holy
crap the swimsuits 148 diamonds and they don’t even have VIP discount on it and
the shoes are good so if you bought everything like one boy the put shoes
and here nearly oh I just need to finish the the bikini but it’s so hard because
you need like 300 diamonds to and that would be like a 270 diamonds deficit if
you end up trying to get finish outfits for this pretty if you end up trying to
finish outfits for diamonds so dear elf dear else is easy hard no it’s ok
because there’s some rare and some epic but overall it’s hard because it costs
so much to complete it you need so many coins like probably a few million maybe
3 4 million I might be overshooting around a new model and the payoff is
only 25 diamonds however I did like doing the set only because I love the
Roman hair I don’t really like it that much anymore because there’s just so
many other and I think it just feel like I just grew out of it but this was one
of my favorite hair is to use I think it’s because of the flowers in her hair
but payoff not good difficulty level medium to hard so more about is another
one that’s like a different it’s it’s like the trefoil line in the lemon one
but this one it’s with construction so you can actually do the room of mystery
and this one so it would be the lemon and this one together
that’s because if you’re gonna rule for mysteries you’re gonna get a bunch of
crap clothings and when you what you can do with the clothing is can go to the
construction so tada right here to decompose and then just select all of
them and you can decompose this and then once he decomposed it you can get your
rings you can get your everything and then you can glue trees construction
over here and then you can just complete it so you know two birds with one stone
so together it could be kind of easy because you’re doing two things and
profiting off like one whole thing and then you get coins diamonds and stamina
and die off that so you can think about doing these two together the payoff is
in fact good but it’s only rare so it’s not that bad and there’s one epic but
let me check the wool socks okay because I was a little suspect that costs
diamonds so I’m doing ink wash painting and it’s okay like
it’s easy because it’s not that hard to get the items you need but it’s really
expensive because the clothing recipes are expensive and the items are really
expensive so if I do this you can see that if I just press this that’s already
two hundred thousand coins and then if I do this that’s one hundred twenty
thousand and if I do that this is cheap I think yeah and then if I do this is a
cheap two ish so you can see how it’s expensive in the dyes are so expensive
and the dress itself I remember was expensive let’s take a peek it’s okay
but it’s still kind of expensive given that we don’t get many started coins so
let’s go back to okay so time I owe and the payoff is whatever for coins it’s
okay and then for time idle its recipe crafting but just make sure that these
items don’t require any diamonds because the last thing you want is to complete
the entire set to find out one of the last items you need like five hundred
diamonds to complete so the payoff is okay I’m not entirely sure about this
outfit because I haven’t seen this much but it seems like it’s not that bad yeah
it’s kind of expensive but it’s not that bad there’s only six items so this might
be even more worth it than ink wash painting so detective girl is another
thing you can get from the crystal roller shop it’s gonna be in the same
category as trefoil affair as and it’s easy in a way but hard in another way
and it’s gonna take a long time but you won’t have any like need to spend
diamonds or whatever so yeah you can get this from the stylish shop as for strike
gentlemen this is also an easy one but it’s just like crafting if you just like
simple crafting this would be a simple crafting outfit and you get a boy you
can put on your boy makeup maybe the boy here too and yeah this one is okay in
general this is like this is this would be an easy one tbh so interim you
anything that doesn’t give you diamonds it’s pretty bad for me and these too so
winter miracle and CCO this is the hardest thing ever because
you’re just waiting for drops like you’re waiting at the Pavillon of
mystery drop and I didn’t want to complete this one at all because even
though it’s like an evolution / rare so if it’s a rare versus epic whereas
obviously the easier one and the cheaper one and a lot of these items are rare or
actually all of them but like you only get a bra or whatever that is from this
so I don’t like it I’m not gonna go with it started and easy I like anything and
difficulty wise it’s easy but payoff is really bad same with this one this is
epic so it would be a level higher than this one oops sorry this one but you get
a dress and then the dresses whatever – it’s a cute outfit like it’s really cute
and like I know a lot of these items are top-scoring I don’t anyway so by all
means it’s gonna take some time anyways and but the payoff for these two are not
good see him with more reindeer oh my god this is what happened to me I went
in order Bambi Mauri Mauri girl and reindeer warm robe fresh socks
by the way fresh socks it’s a top screen item you should go get it if you can and
all of these I was like so ready I’m like yes I can complete it so number one
I didn’t realize that the prize wasn’t diamond so I was like super bummed
number two I realized that the multicolored scarf cost diamonds I know
it’s 25 diamonds but still a lot of diamonds because that means it’s like
where am i right so that’s a note for me because I’m
literally spending twenty five diamonds to complete this suit for like a
cardigan no thanks and seeing with beautiful agent dude
beautiful agent I can complete it right in her TV I could like mmm I’ll show it
for you guys I’ll just bring this in does this cost diamonds by the way
pretty sure yeah in this Cup why did I buy it I think I bought it by accident
well I’m sad but yeah so this is it and then oh I think I needed it to complete
a level but I live we just got shoes Wow cool so worth it by the way I have 11
salmon out of 111 make-a-wish guys where am I here pastry same with this oh my
god this one this one is the one that cost diamonds C 118 I don’t know if
anything else cost diamonds but yeah so you can just like end up completing the
entire thing to find out you have to spend the hunger diamonds to finish this
set for a pastry cook pink whatever right by the way this apron is a top
scoring item you should go for it and I think that this is pretty decent to
finish let me just check real quick to make sure there’s no diamonds required
if not I can just like oh by the way you need recipes like like you you need to
buy the recipe in order to finish this I don’t even think I can finish it today
mom I could I mean like should I like I might as well right but then my diamonds
uh-huh let me see where am I anyone why but I guess 50 diamonds came in as well
alright oh let me see how expensive this is first so I’ll do that after real
quick see my secret doctor like I could just finish it right now let me just
check real quick recipe craft mmm how much is this 20 Shh oh no but I’m not
gonna do it because I don’t want to waste star coins on another recipe just
to get freaking shoes I don’t even care about my shoes because most of my dress
covers them up and say my bunny girl that’s all hair ends up costing 65 gold
like no thank you not for me it’s not worth it at all it’s
easy it’s not worth it icebox was I remember cuz I did that a
while ago but I’m gonna stop here for now and I hope that was helpful for you
guys to figure out what is considered easy what you might need to look out for
what type of strapped you might fall for but it costs more diamonds to complete
the suit and it’s not worth it at all but yeah so you can just think about
these two or what these 1015 and this is just from Apple so I’ll be doing a bunch
from with cloud pigeon north wasteland and ruin so hopefully you guys will look
forward to that right

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