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Love Nikki – Ranking ALL of APPLE FEDERATION’S SUITS! [Favorite Suits Revealed!]

Love Nikki – Ranking ALL of APPLE FEDERATION’S SUITS! [Favorite Suits Revealed!]

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and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so so welcome back and today we
are going to do a feed apple Federation cheer list and we are looking at all
these suits here so I painstakingly 1/2 and googled every single image that I
have or every single suit in order to make this list and here we are going to
rank them on a scale of s being the best and E as in the worst I put a because I
needed more tears because there’s like 108 or something of these suits so let’s
look at number one this is exclusive and I personally think that exclusive is
pretty it’s okay it looks like there is a very sad soft serve on her head that
kind of deflated so I’m not really digging her hair but it is different
from everything we’ve used before and before we start to rank these suits I
think I’m gonna rank them based on how I like them and whether they have some
incredible pops burn items that I remember overall aesthetics of it and
the method of obtaining these suits so I think that it’s fair and my Rachel’s
might not necessarily be same as yours absolutely fine we could at the end of
the video I like this fearless may care for you in the description box below so
that you guys can make your own and we can tag me on instagram when you finish
making your own tier list okay so back into exclusive the only redeeming
feature of this entire outfit is actually the dog with the snapback
because not only does it not fit his head you can see that there is an ID
card with the dog’s face on it and I think that it’s absolutely adorable I’ll
put it at D for dog next is frost roads and honestly she is stunning the red is
amazing that the tree is pretty good but the hair is also very pretty and her
makeup is stunning because we rarely have any yellow eyed me except saying
she really look seductive so the yellow in her eyes plus the red in her dress is
amazing this is a suit that I don’t want to roast but the only reason why I’m
keeping her off the s list is because I remember that this suit was pretty
expensive to get let me just call it real quick it was a recharge for 2,400
VIP that’s hella expensive and I think that it’s not worth that amount given
that the suit doesn’t have a lot of versatile parts beside the tree and the
makeup so this is why the stays at an earring so for this one this wasn’t
actually a free suit it’s something where you had to get from the zodiac
lucky packs it’s a back flip court where it’s like a gotcha
you buy upset and hopefully that set contains full at her site so I didn’t
end up getting it because I felt that it was super plain in the Gacha aspect of
it was so dumb so I put it at an e because it’s very plain again the
compared to everything here it’s playing the method of obtaining it is stupid and
overall it’s a mess suit next we have miss Hester and I honestly don’t like
this suit this suit was from the Rings fantasy event the reason why I didn’t
get the suit was because we had like seven pink outfits in a row and I’m like
dude like I had enough like I don’t even like it at this point and I honestly
think that it’s kind of tacky so I’m just gonna have to keep it at eight so I
personally think that the makeup of this suit is very lit I absolutely love the
hair that she has any stage lights apparently are kind of good I like the
added pose where she has her leg up on the stage light so that is a really cute
thing another white outfit is honestly really clean so I wasn’t a fan of the
event that I am kind of a fan of this outfit meaning because of the hair
unique up and be tattoos so I think I’m gonna put it at a fee for now okay so
this one was hella expensive it was so expensive but I think there was a reason
for this because number one the makeup is gorgeous
the hair was also very nice but funnily enough obsessed Sydney the blood was
super cool I wish I had that but I don’t understand why that was blood and the
helicopter itself was also very cool I love the black and red theme going on
and she really looks super cool I honestly didn’t notice that she had a
gun until I went to her unopposed version and I’m like oh my god she looks
so cool and I love the Cape I love everything about her she looks like
Black Widow but like for CRO no well she doesn’t look like Black Widow because
she has like the black and red thing going on so this recharge was incredibly
expensive because it was three thousand and nine hundred VIP points so the fact
that it’s so unattainable because it’s not a reasonable amount of money to
spend on this game I think I’m just gonna put it at a beat now so this is a
very scandalous outfit because if you guys don’t know I made a video on this
already but the I do coat was a super super super rare item and then suddenly
because a lot of people were unhappy with these stats love Nikki decided to
nerf the heck out of this suit like it’s crazy the nerf list so that it was no
longer a top scoring item a lot of people bought this outfit just for the
tops going I think they should have just balanced the outfit before putting it
out but then because of the backlash now the outfit is kind of useless and the
pose I really like I just invited because I was kind of gotcha based as
well I don’t know this this suit was overall very sketchy it’s very bulky so
for now I think I’m gonna leave this at a fee no I think I’m gonna put it at an
e because that was kind of sketchy of them okay so next panda brawler so I did
like this suit this is the censored version of it you don’t want to see the
red parts I think it blue now and then they don’t have chains around them Lee I
love pandas pandas are like China’s national treasure / animal and I think
that this outfit is super cool and I love it when love Nicki just brings
animals into these suits so you’ll see that I’m biased towards any suits that
contain animals so for this one I think I’m
leave it out of beep or yeah I’m gonna leave it on Abby because you had to buy
it from those lots of pack so that was kind of annoying and it’s it’s it’s nice
but it isn’t that nice so funnily enough actually didn’t like
peacock bobbing because of happiness of being I don’t know the life of it was so
weird like she looks like a tree stone it looks like a big nail on her foot I
don’t know it just looks really weird the peacock is really nice itself but
the overall concept of this dress it could have been executed way nicer and
if it was actually a peacock I don’t see why they used a white peacock and not
the traditional green one with the turquoise and the blue and the black
because I think that one would be make this suit much more prettier and much
more eye-catching so because this was such a failed idea you go so I honestly
fell in love with the fitti tempest and I started playing the game because I
thought she was so cool the headphones the spray cans
the jumpsuit all the way up to her neck slashing milk that’s so cool and her
tattoo is cool and everything about her is really darn cool it screams bad her
hair isn’t like also a light pink blue and contrasts with the yellow and the
black like I don’t know everything about this is so cool so I think I’m gonna
give her a solid B so I actually skateboard as well like I love this I
love the bandage on her face I love the bubblegum she’s blowing it for sideways
cap her overall outfit and tattoos and aesthetic is actually to die for so
you’re actually in a for me now this one was one on my first few events that I
had and I found that this suit wasn’t very versatile at all so I decided not
to get it or anything that’s redeeming about this outfit if
you make up indie hair but otherwise I think that it’s whatever and that the
suit is whatever I also use the makeup a lot so I think I’m going to put it as a
healthy I actually wanted to complete this one
first because I thought that the car she had and like how it’s got an SUV but
it’s not an SUV the overall aesthetic of this piece was nicer than the blue one
in my opinion I wish that there wasn’t that weird black streak in her hair and
I also wished that her hair was actually a different color besides having that
black streak maybe like with a different streak I don’t know like or maybe you
red hair that would be nice but I do like for pose because luck Niki what
they do best is always making their legs looks so good
look how long and slender and amazing her legs look if only I could have those
legs I think I’m gonna keep trying to see as well prom I never really
associate I never really thought of anything about palm because I went to an
all-girls school so prom isn’t really a seeing promposals weren’t really a thing
either so that was kind of annoying and I don’t really care about prom and the
dress is whatever to me so I think I might be a hater but I do like the hair
and I do kind of like the makeup but the makeup does look a little weird because
the eyes look too big for a face the one thing I do like is that your needles and
toenails are colored purple be silver stiletto from prom princess if you look
closely you can see that the toenails already painted so that’s why she has
purple toenails in the outfit but otherwise I think it’s just like a
beanie because it doesn’t have that bit and the outfit is in that wrist palette
to begin with dude this one was so cool I liked it a lot but I also didn’t
really like how not goofy is arms or I think that as a quarterback or whatever
it type of football player he is he should be more bulky but I guess for the
aesthetics of the game it’s better that he’s funny I also don’t like how both
ease up it’s just never returned I don’t know what event it was it was way before
my time but not just practice and it’s so expensive but for him I don’t see how
the outfit is very versatile because it’s really hard to style a meal of the
time I love Nikki but this is one of my favorite meal of it’s fun love makes
peace so I think I’m gonna give him like easy not white blossom I don’t think
anything you see anything about it yes it’s a light turn suit and yes it’s
really hard to get but this is one of the prettiest lifetime suits that I’ve
seen so far and you get 40 diamonds from it with like a lot of different things
for the styling bottom fact that the suit is technically
makes it a huge plus I think that this is an x-ray because even though it’s
hard to get it’s still free at the end of the day so Sakura mochi rabbit it is
it was a stamina event I think you listen it could type of salmon event and
I was not ready for it because that was one let me eat this back to back to back
down the event and I was so upset because I really wanted B I do really
like the color of her eyes but unfortunately the entire outfit is just
mad if you look at it closely I think the only redeeming feature of it is the
sacrum which you rabbit I think I’m gonna put her at 8 so sly angel is
actually one of my favorite outfits when I start playing with Nicky we have I
love the syringe I loved her makeup I loved her outfit
because of the transparency of her skirt I think that’s a plastic skirt aesthetic
but it was really nice because you got to see through it and it says heartbeat
and she looks so cute and the syringe is pink is so nice and she has an IV stands
next to her so I wish I could have gotten the suit I don’t have it I wish
to get it one day but I think that this suit is actually really cute and I think
I’m gonna give it an A so I’m gonna have to be a hater here but I really dislike
his hair I don’t like how long it is and I don’t like how it kind of like swishes
outwards I also don’t like his makeup because it looks like he has mascara on
and I’m not saying that guys can’t wear mascara before this outfit it just looks
a little weird I think it would look better if he had black hair but then
this is called the white diamond so I can’t understand why it’s like why he
has hair like that but I think if we change it to black hair he’d look like
Lucian or lose in from mr. love so that’s enemy and you’re gonna put him at
a deep cuz I don’t really like him up a deeper doing yes she boil affair it’s a
meme you can get from the stylist contest store which is from the
competition there’s nothing ways to put cool about
it besides the Vegas love because it’s translucent the suit just didn’t
captivate me enough it doesn’t come with makeup
regardless I think it’s gonna settle at an E for me just because it’s such a
boring suit in my opinion let me be a date because of her handbag tender
puppies so I don’t like poodles and I’m sorry if do you have poodles
keep in this is fantastic her cheeks is really good and they’re always see
people using it and actually really like the color scheme of this because the
blue / turquoise and the black and the orange hair makes her look so posh and
polished and her doggy acutal are kind of high-end dogs sometimes it’s usually
portrayed as high-end dogs so I can totally see the aesthetic of this it was
kind of expensive to get with jingle kitty but I’m gonna put it up his
students ask for jingle kitty it’s so cute I love a mismatched eyes I love her
paws and I love the ears I wish I could get the entire outfit the only down part
is that it’s expensive and it doesn’t look very versatile to use and I don’t
like how the ears are a part of the hair so it’s a shame that I won’t be able to
use it separately so I think for that reason it will settle for a beak for
summer lemon you have to exchange it in the bloom in the street and I honestly
hate doing that because these outfits are very coning expensive you only
redeeming quality of this outfit in P hair because it’s kind of like an ombre
it goes from blue it’s over to football and that’s the only thing I really like
about the suit I’m admit if you want to put it at B now I hate dynamic meet
maiden because in order to complete it you spend like 200 to 300 diamonds to
complete the top and bottom I think it took the dumbest thing ever
I also hate the hair because she looks so done with it everything about this
we’ve done besides school life boy because she has a mama on it and I think
that’s super cute but otherwise it’s like whatever to me and I’m gonna put it
I do my girl I don’t like the outfit I don’t like her hair and I hate the way
you have to get it because you have to get it from the elemental reconstruction
things so it’s very expensive and the reward is kind of decent but at the end
of the day still don’t like it I hate the method of obtaining the suit
and the only and one more thing that I think I see is that she has a lamp on
her head on her chest and on her sleeve so that’s kinda cute but it’s not cute
enough for me to bring her to addy at time idle like what is this even how you
get this so yeah this is like a hard for me because of the difficulty in getting
this outfit the reward is pretty good but not good enough for me to bring it
back to the D so that by your steam dick look we have nice
staircase going on I like that next we have this detective girl the
only thing I can say about this outfit is that it’s hard to get because you
have to get it from the stylist or I think that it’s quite expensive and that
it’s kind of mess so I’m gonna put it at ease like this isn’t even worth my time
to mention same with winter miracle and this suit is so done because it’s
literally the outfit that Niki where is I think and be hair warm this is
beautiful but it’s so hard to get from the stupid Pirelli on like it takes you
a million years or it takes you a million coins in or no billions of horns
in order to even get something closer to this but even after playing for two
years I only have two out of six of this so although I love warmness and it’s one
of my favorite haratz it’s a hard to feed maybe because it’s so incredibly
difficult to get this suit seamless steel sailor
I love the diver on her but not only is the suit incredibly hard to get the
reward from it is stupid too so I think it’s a D even though it has really cute
seals on it pastry-cook it’s really unfortunate that boogy hair
and the eight print are diamon required and the reward from this is a stupid
shirt so I think that although it’s kind of cute the socks don’t match the apron
and the hair are expensive but here is pink by the way so let me pink plus a
few stocks and brown like this isn’t it so it’s a hard for me funny girl is
another dumb one so the reward of bunny girl kind of offsets the cost of her
hair it’s kind of nice to complete an outfit but I still kind of have felt in
my own petty way by not buying it and not completing it because I’m like no I
don’t want to pay money for a doll gold because I don’t think it’s a pretty hair
and I’m gonna put it at 8e because I don’t like it that much
box dream is equivalent it was very expensive to get both suits I think both
suits was 4,800 diamonds in total and that’s only for two suits that I love
the box I love the Barbie s theme of it it’s
very it’s more Barbie than the actual Barbie dolls even though the Barbie
dolls were inspired by previous Barbie but this one I really love
and that’s the reason why I got in the first place her makeup is kind of hard
to use because she looks a little weird but B whole aesthetic and the pink
aesthetic of this is definitely in my alley and I think that it’s a solid a
for me back light cord is one of the ones I love to hate but I actually loved
but I also love to love it’s always going to be my honorable mention because
although it’s very messy each individual part of the suit is really top-scoring
it was super cheap for me I love how the hair is an ombre because it goes from
silver to purple and everything about it is very very fun so I think that it’s a
solid 800 um the everlasting melody was free I liked that they incorporated
different instruments into the game I’m kind of weirded out that it’s not truth
the hair is very fun to use it looks like what is it it looks like it chooses
hair in this kill this love video and I don’t know like Aleksey gold tinge to it
and I also like the fact that it was free but it’s not that special so I
think that is it just deserves its place will see because look at all the other C
contenders like girl you you’re doing well while we pop sweetheart what was
this again this was accumulative each side so I forgot what suit it was with I
forgot yeah I forgot what – it was wood I just got it
because I had to get another suit I don’t think it seems I don’t think like
it’s adorable but it’s going to be an e for me
the bunny one here was funny because the bunny suit actually looked more of an
Easter bunny suit compared to the actual Easter event I’m just gonna put it at a
deep the sweet spell is one of my favorite suits in love Mikey I think
that it’s so intricately made every single part of the suit is very nice
right here it’s kind of weird but her makeup is one of my favorite makeups in
the game I love her pose I loved everything she has I think that this is
a solid pass and just for laughs I’m just gonna put up her censored version I
think your censored your version is a Dharma joke so I’m gonna put it at a
deeper spite ice bolts was really nice it’s one of my first suits I got unlucky
I like the pose I love the hands how you could use it to look like you’re choking
someone otherwise like it’s kind of hard to use
a suit I think that just because of its usability in the start corridor and all
the memes I’ve seen out of it I think D would be suitable for it human lament is
the outfit that is host to one of the most memorable makeups ever I think that
is suit overall it’s really nice from the hair and the mean of her makeup
otherwise her suits kind of really hard to use I do miss her super stage a lot
but she has that going for but I think that she only deserves a B because like
it was my first Hall event and I actually didn’t really like the suit I
end up regretting it a little but you know what things happen and I think she
just deserve to be actually really like virtual nobody because it kind of my
mini up up to me me food I don’t know why I like her hair
I liked her birth like and love her piano around her actually reminds me of
DJ Sona for those of you completely and I love the police so if that is
something that I love and she was the third note so it’s super affordable I
think she deserves a a actually like turning a Rhapsody back in the day but
then now I know my taste I think that the suit is super bulky I really don’t
like the color scheme the only thing she has going for her is her makeup but I
usually use it as a meal because she looks pretty and Georgina sees her hair
a lot but it’s also kind of hard to use because of her color scheme it’s like
orange and blue and I don’t really use her background item which is meteor neon
a lot so I think she deserves a spot in like D the drummer set it’s very plain
it’s whatever I think I did multiple videos on these guys so I’m just gonna
put both Carly and voice so I’m gonna put um Thunder beat in E I’m gonna put
power reinforce indeed because it has one of my favorite Posie Aries in the
game you can see the super cute cat peeking out from her thigh the pop queen
is one of my favorite outfits not only because it’s in love and he’s attempt of
diversity I think but it’s also so poor like she’s in a non sarcastic way she’s
really sway and I actually made a an outfit of her
kind of it’s inspired by her and Lisa and it got a lot of traction and
Instagram so she has like a special place in my heart she deserves a spot
Eddie I don’t like shopping that’s it I’m gonna put it at B think I don’t want
to drape a you storm was a free thing it had one of my favorite meats like I
really like eating the tattoos because they were the only tattoos I had and now
looking back and it did it did help me so thank you it deserves a spot indeed
midnight prisoner was one of the first male suits I had and I was so excited to
get it I thought it was super cool he achieved makeup though but loved his
hair actually looks really cute with tornado Rhapsody makeup I think he just
deserves a spot at eight because I like him I think he’s really cool and I love
Crimebuster because of the corgis my working has a corgi and Chloe’s are
adorable one of them has a doughnut she has the most cutest in the most
mischievious smile ever she has been she has to keep up which is the which is
very versatile in this very corridor and then also her hair is very cute so I
give this outfit a solid 8 but not essentially oh sweet superstar I don’t
like the hair a lot but I love her outfit and I’ve used her quite a few
times I love her makeup I love her shoes and her whole aesthetic is really nice
though I don’t really see myself using it a lot so I think I’m gonna give her a
beauty love it because my parents had 7 Pomeranians and this girl has 1 2 3 4 5
pretty close to my face but these palms are adorable and the
fact that the pose is so natural yeah fluffy heart is amazing because you can
just put the shoes on into the pose so that’s one thing I love about the suit
like this suit I think is a material love letters to the sky is one of my
favourite suits ever mostly because of the whole concept of it with the
airplane you can see that there’s clouds but like a tinted cloud on the airplane
and see how her skirt has beautiful beautiful clouds her pose is always very
versatile I love her hair I love everything about her so she deserves a
spot and s little adventurers look pretty decent
it’s just decent so I’ll put her at D it’s not bad it’s not good it’s not
amazing see what the chief dresser I kind of like the gold aesthetic of it I
can see myself using her to replicate other types of movie star is needy and I
don’t know we’ll see a headpiece solitude baseball girl I like the
concept of it actually I really do like the concept of it but it still serves a
foodie because it’s not amazing but it’s not really bad so whether attached is
one of my favorite one because not only does she have a close has a beautiful
dress and her background ions are amazing so that the suit preserves a
place at best because it’s also an association suit so it’s actually not
that difficult to get the suit in my opinion put our policewoman and remember
having trouble with her because I needed to craft a gun but otherwise like
whatever I think it’s an e like no common and quit phantom I don’t see
myself using this one a lot but the prize was amazing so I’m just gonna put
it at DD maple fox has one of the most memorable ones and I think I’m just
gonna put it at AC because it’s kind of funny and I like the Fox around his neck
and the concept was cute it’s just the face but the face is the reason why it
became so popular in the first place so I’ll give him that
sugar chestnut I hate the hair but I like the aesthetic is very tumblr esque
I don’t know so I’ll put it at a be a stormy melody was one of my favourite
suits because not only was it in the complication it came with a makeup and I
love the makeup with her I love the green hair and the orange hair and I
think that it was one of the most worth getting competition suits that you can
get and I think she deserves a spot indeed
look atthe you let you see material like look at everybody at seat she’s just not
there yet pink raspberry was kind of a free suit
it was really nice because it was one of the suits our flash ear I love the pink
and the purple in her skirt I love the two tone hair color and I think she
still deserves a spot in the B now I’m gonna put out these pretty minute tips
yes no I actually really like this one but it’s kind of plain compared to all
the other suits so I think she deserves a spot in D and then um heavy machinery
I really love the concept of day so I’m gonna put it at sea because it’s one of
the chapter suits and I think it’s so nice but a bike is one of my favorite
suits as well because the pose is really nice it comes with the bike and she
kinda looks like she’s I’m dabbing I don’t know my dance moves but there’s
one nice ones that kind of looks like that and kind of mixing people all the
time does she deserve the spot sure because I don’t know I’m very fond of
this outfit maybe because of the flowers in the vice and crime rows eat this
green eat I like it wonderful holidays it was the first free suit I liked how
lovely she gave us a lot of free suits so maybe I’ll give her a D rippling silk
I kind of did like but I think we’re gonna give it a sweet mainly because
it’s not that special but the one thing I do love about her is her dress because
it just becomes water so that’s really made she meant coke because she has a
Shiva and a frog on her head umbrella and on her stomach I think that the suit
is absolutely adorable very cheap to get and I think it’s be material to use it’s
whatever are you Savage I used to have a dress
like that kind of nice like I like themes so I think I’m just gonna give it
a see what Tigers can’t it’s kind of like a furry thing but I love absolutely
love the tattoo on her on her on her abdomen so I think that because of this
instead of getting her @e I’ll give her a D and a lot of these are deeds but
like I’m trying to be realistic here not everybody can beat the best so
lunar spa I think many different you mean because of her cat move the cat is
completely free to get this outfit is free there are two versions of the cat
one is purple of dark purple ones black really reminds me of the attack from
card captor Sakura it’s not zero Barrow but the other cat I forgot the name of
it so I’ll put a picture of sweet sunshine I think it’s a be mature
because kiss you would be alright but the makeup the outfit itself and it
income it’s free suit and how top-scoring the suit is this is like a
lazy suit can just slap it on and call it a day for a lot of event stages
because it’s just so top-scoring and I love it
sugar cheerleader I don’t like how the pom-poms are separate it looks like an
attack II to me so I’m gonna put out and eat a zani this skateboard girl
literally does no justice to the name the other skateboard girl was way better
and I think that she just deserves a humble spot at be taking strawberry is a
deep oil painter is whatever II magic spark if I could add a new growth that
says bad I would like this is the worst outfit ever because it’s so hard to
crack it takes so much money to craft the end the only thing you get in return
is earrings and I think it’s like one earring so II but I would have put it at
the lowest spot if I could fire tail came free I think it came free with
Cosmo time I think but it’s a great pain I didn’t ask for it it’s nice that I got
it though but still I don’t really like the dress it was kind of bad there’s a
plain youth melody by a vintage lady it’s kind of nice but still no sheer
dance I was waiting for it because I love the hair I love the dress and at
the end of the day I think she still deserves a spot at being because it she
only has four items and although she got only cost coins and it was basically
free to get it’s like very plated here I’ll Roman was one of my favorite heroes
I can’t even fit at feet because it’s a very heavy evolution
but Roman here really deserves a spotlight because it was one of my
favorite hairs when I started playing this game ink wash painting it’s not
special stripes gentleman is atrocious II winter angel because you get it every
time there’s no recolor and I just keep decomposing it’s such a
waste of money while it’s flower I think it’s ugly I don’t like the color scheme
II blossom season I mean they tried but it just didn’t work out east right now
let’s see never liked the hair I had a problem with it everyone burn also had a
problem with it so that’s an easy dance including I think is ugly PE Panda dream
I’m actually kind of liked I’ll put out of the beat cowboy style is one of the
worst hairstyles I’ve ever seen in my entire life I hate the overall outfit
but I don’t think she really deserves that much hate because of Diamonds spark
it has saved me on multiple occasions so I’ll give it a deed chocolate house made
I actually really liked it so the more you girl it was good base because your
future prize was stupid I could buy multicolored scarf put like
this entire outfit was very top-scoring so I think he’s out playing it as eat it
deserve a spot at be beautiful agent was super expensive though I did like it
so I hated sexy bad girl hated it I hate wild hair angel and white very plain
okay pizza fast food one I think it’s funny because if you ever read the
description of the item you’d know what I like it plus it’s fifty diamond so
I’ll give it a spot at be sacred doctor I’m going to give a spot at E is very
plain compared to the slide angel and the white diamond rock singer I hate the
haircut absolutely atrocious I’m a mermaid has a very stunning and
beautiful dress I’ll give it a see so this is my overall
cheerless for aqua Federation I hope you guys
enjoyed because this was a very difficult video to make it’s very long
dueling if I had to screenshot every single one
go through the actual Federation like 10 million friends but yeah if you like
more videos like this I’ll try to do it for other kingdoms maybe not pidgin
Lilith and clouds in the meantime or maybe I’ll do it in separate parts
because they have like hundreds of clothes and this one was already near
100 so yeah I’ll leave everything in the description box below you can make your
own template I’d love to see your thoughts and your rankings of the suits
let me know in the comments below if you’d this or if you strongly strongly
disagree with anything I put up here or strongly strongly agree with anything I
put up here thank you guys for watching remember to Like comment and subscribe
if you like my content and I’ll catch you guys later you

100 thoughts on “Love Nikki – Ranking ALL of APPLE FEDERATION’S SUITS! [Favorite Suits Revealed!]”

  1. #earlybird
    You should do more videos like this, it’ll be cool to see you rank the pigeon kingdom!

  2. I mostly agree with you but I'm not gonna tell which ones because I dont want any keyboard warriors

  3. I really love the white blossom suit. Thanks for their ranking. Hope you'll make the rank of all the nation on miraland

  4. Just Realized that the "Demon Lament" Suit Image You Used Is Actually Mistaken as "Tornado Rhapsody" ಠ⌣ಠ

  5. I hate Peacock Pavane with a passion lol for me it's the ugliest event suit of the whole game x) For me Graffiti Tempest is a S, she's just so cool and i love using a lot of her parts (mainly socks, gloves, tatoos)

  6. I agreed with 99% of this, but Mrs. Frein deserves AT LEAST B Tier. How am I going to make a luxurious 1920s-inspired look without her??? The coat has a freakin DRAGON on it, and the pop of pink flowers in the hat is to die for!!!
    I do agree that crafting her was awful, specifically the shoes. I had to get an S in 13-4 to unlock the side quest crafting material, and that stage is BRUTAL if you don’t have Miss Apron or Warmth Nearby. And in addition to all that, the shoes are just kind of tacky :/

  7. can u please not put bts songs a the back round music, i just sing along with the music and don't even hear what your saying lol (don't blame me i tried not to)

  8. ummmm rude Eiffie you know that love nikkie can know about this if you dont like dont buy it . you dont need to talk about the suits you dont like . you know what i HATE all the suits you like.:C

  9. just because you have money you dont need to roats love nikkie's know they work hard on all the suits .

  10. Yay, another great video! It must have taken hours to make, haha.
    I really like the concept of this video, also because now everyone can go and compare their lists!
    It would be awesome if you made more of these over time. I always enjoy listening to your opinions! 😉

  11. I really enjoyed this! I love how you're super honest with all your opinions, it just makes me laugh 😂😂. If its possible, you should do more of these.

  12. Rank Chinese server suit, so we can be seeing which one we like, and which we don’t. Love this kind of videos.

  13. Girl, after this I almost wanted to rank suits into the "appropriate kingdoms"
    I don't like the fact that they Apple has become the default kingdom

  14. Trefoil Affair is pretty but it's sooooo not worth it.

    Also I have 2 pieces of Warmness or whatever it's called I already forgot, and it makes me happy lol. I like that the pizza suit comes with one of the rare red/orange hairs.

  15. Wow. Our opinions on suits are incredibly different. It was quite amusing to watch your brutal opinions on suits that I really liked.

  16. Was I the only one who noticed a Sweet Spell with a colored background in ‘A’ and a Sweet Spell with a black background in ‘E’

  17. I have no memory of lollipop sweetheart. I apparently have the suit, I found it in my closet, but I don't recognize it at all. It looks like a brand new suit. If it were announced today as a new suit, I wouldn't bat an eye. I'm so perplexed about this. I know all the other suits listed. What happened?

  18. Whoo! Final Song! My first posed sui-………..

    Wait a C………………


    Whoo! Sakura MochiRabbit! My favorite suit_



    Time Idol!!! I love this suit-


    0o0 >what is this curseeee……

  19. I watched the video, so I’ll mention some of my different opinions (cause I don’t remember all the suits lol)

    Miss Hesper: personally, she deserves a B+/A because I love Love LOVE her pose, her hair with the blue Barbie’s makeup is a million stars, her gloves are in my top 5 gloves ever and her purse is soo beautiful. Other than those, everything else is a little meh (the color scheme is so beautiful, I love the pink of her dress so much)

    Shiba and Croak: I dislike everything about this suit, from her hair to her color scheme to her shoes, she should’ve been a free crafting suit tbh. Her dog is the only reason she’s in the D rank and not the E rank

    Frosty Rose(?): Other than her color scheme and the texture of her fabric and the tree, I hate everything about this suit lol. Her makeup is as horrendous as a nightmare, her V neck dress is horrible, her hair doesn’t look like it aged well, her pose is as atrocious as her price UGH a harrrd E from me. Even what I like about her suit isn’t enough to save her

    Sakura Love Song (White Blossom): Honestly the only reason why I’m crafting her is because she has an absolutely stunning shadow and animated background as a completion prize, and because I’m bored lol. Other than that the suit is quite plain. A solid B because of how good the completion prizes are. Who knows, maybe she’ll go up my grading ladder after I get her and use the pieces

    Demon Lament: This suit is a solid S. That should tell you how much I love it hehe

    Banquet Phantom: If there was a level under E then that is where she would belong. Easily one of the worst suits in the entire game, has 0 redeeming qualities whatsoever

  20. I loved this! Only thing is I wish you added an "F" tier for the absolutely horrendous outfits. There were some decent outfits on the "E" tier that did not deserve to be next to some of the absolutely horrendous ones lol

  21. I need a little help with my Discord I don’t know how to join the Love Nikki server can someone help? Thanks (๑⃙⃘'༥'๑⃙⃘).

  22. The fact that you mentioned Kill This Love triggered my Blink senses.
    Edit-The Demon Lament pic says Tornado Rhapsody on it.

  23. Chu have to fo another one of these!! Like the Lilith or Cloud one!! I feel they are one of the hardest!! I agree with most of these rankings by the way~~^¬^

  24. Just discovered your channel, and I'm really enjoying your content! I'll definitely be subbing and stopping by every now and then. ❤

  25. WOW! This ranking is amazing. I wasn't that familiar with all of the Apple Suits, but after watching you go through so many all I can say is that Apple is a big hit or miss wardrobe. Some outfits are gorgeous, other are workable, and then you get the ones that leave you thinking "did people seriously paid for this?".

    On a side note, I was really surprised over the sketchiness of the "Exclusive" Suit. I am a new player and did not know this at all! Is this something that has happened again? I would love to know because I am investing on this game, and I would hate for LN to pull something like this on me [I can't imagine what players at the time felt…]. Thank you!

  26. I had like around 2€ left to spend so I bought two of the cheapest zodiac packs and guess what both times I got that Fall set xD

  27. AH! Boy With Luv!! <333
    I agree with mostly everything, but imo Frost Rose isn’t worth so much money so she would probably be a lower tier on my list. I just don’t like her makeup and most everything she comes with except her dress, I love her dress. But I love Feast of Hunt, which is even more expensive. I love everything about her. She would definitely be A or S for me.
    I hope you do more of these! I would love to see Pigeon, Cloud, and Story suits!!

  28. Peacock Pavane was actually inspired off the fashion style based off of white peacocks for Chinese ballet/dances! 🙂

  29. Nice list you got:) I gotta say that Apple is not my most favorite region but has some really good suits like Feast of Hunt, White Blossom, and Sweet Spell:)

  30. I gotta be honest – the most hated item I have is the tatto from youth storm. I freaking HATE IT – I simply can't see how that improves your aesthetic!

    Keep Up The Good Work~!

  31. When you said you maybe loved the bouquet bike suit because of the flowers and the bike it was ironic😅

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