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guys I am so excited this hair is
finally back and it’s four coins oh my god thank you everything is so expensive
almost all the time and everything’s always with diamonds but this hair I
like I just love it so much I don’t know why maybe it’s really cute maybe it’s
pink maybe it’s long here maybe it’s the hair that I want I’m I’m at a loss for
words and I think you get diamonds for completing this entire suit so let’s go
check it out okay okay did I finish it yes this is actually so great and I
always love this suit I love the dress I love her hair actually I don’t only like
her bow anymore but I’m not going to ruin this like she had this type of
ombre on her pink hair and I am digging that plus I got 20 diamonds for doing
nothing Kate wait let me see how the hair looks
whatever it doesn’t match I’m gonna make it work okay let’s go back to the store
and see what is good there’s so many things for coins and wait do I have
enough diamonds for all of this okay whatever I’m just gonna buy all the coin
item because I can and I wonder if I need to spend any diamonds to complete
any of these suits hopefully not thank God for my VIP bonus because if
not this is gonna be oh it already is expensive but it’s less expensive and I
don’t think I can buy everything at once so let me prioritize what I should get
now I’m gonna get everything I’ll figure out what to do okay so now I don’t have
any coins left but I know I can finish a few things maybe and I finish the sugar
cheerleader – girl this is great there’s like three suits out there just for
coins and you can get it for bare minimum which is coins and you get
diamonds and you get a full suit I am actually a baffled that love Nicki will
do this I just completed three suits and it probably boosted my wardrobe because
I sometimes I look at that and now I have the pom-poms that I always wanted I
always wanted pom-poms don’t know why but here they are and okay so what do I
need to do I need more coins and in order to do that I need a farm for
something okay so I can finish him I don’t know how I can do that alright so
I need some of this I think I already got that nope I didn’t that’s disappointing um I think I can
get these two yeah I finished another one oh and it’s from every night’s dream
interesting in 30 diamonds just from that I’m such a happy camper I’m a
little disappointed because I can’t get this one right now and it’s really cute
like it actually looks very cute it’s totally for the season it would match
great with my outfit and my outfits a little bit of a mess right now but it’s
okay I’ll make I’ll make it work somehow that’s it go look at your store there’s
a lot of things to do I’m just posting like a bunch of mini videos because I
don’t know how often I can post any more for like the next week or so and I just
want to keep you guys entertained and if you like my stuff and want to keep
posted leave me a like comment and subscribe bye guys

81 thoughts on “Love Nikki – [UPDATE] 3 FULL SUITS YOU CAN BUY IN THE STORE… FOR COINS!”

  1. Effie stahp !! i need to go to work !!! (*꒦ິㅿ꒦ີ)
    and yeah, if you play in JP server theres a lot of suit return to store that you can purchase with coins (some parts)

    honestly just buy all the gold coin cost first and leave the diamond’s last because it will be there forever and you can always buy it whenever you have “extra” diamond

  2. Oh my god I’ve been wanting that pink hair! Happy that there’s so much for coins, I have like 3 mil coins rn and I need to spend ???

  3. Hii Effie! Omg yesss, I'm gonna get the suits! It's expensive but I like them so it's okay:)) I hope you have a great day Effie, thank you for the videos! <3

  4. "how dumb is it that you need to buy a pompom for each hand" I didn't even think of that?! ?
    Glad there are some suits you can complete with coins. Hopefully, Love Nikki will do this again in future updates!

  5. I’m so surprised that you didn’t have the pink suit it was free for the server how long have you been playing you don’t have the rabbit one either

  6. The only thing I didn't understand why the suit with clock didn't return with Evernight , does what mean we won't get Evernight as event again ?

  7. There is actually 6 full official suits for coins. These three and then there is Sweet Love, Wonderful Holiday, and Dress Song. Also luv the vid like usual!

  8. Hi effie ! Im so happy these suits are back and for going…for once something worth it is here….i can finally focus on NOT wasting diamonds lolll ??

    Have a nice day ??

  9. Thank you for entertaining us/me ^^
    these were the best 3 minutes and 44 seconds of my entire day !

    (wow it has been a long time since I last left a comment and I wanted to write something sorry if this was random)

  10. I'm more surprised by the fact that you don't have the 2 makeups from the store that cost diamonds, than that all these suits are available for coins ? Also, the only suits that I noticed that came back were the police/criminal and wasteland outfits, because I hadn't completely finished those yet, oops o.o

  11. Omg Effie I was asleeeep? I was also really happy to see all these suits all for coins (and not that many), because I was still upset from the price of the witch recharge?? I knew they were coming because jp Nikki had them but I was pleasantly surprised☺️☺️ loved your vid too? #notdeservingofearlybirbtitle

  12. Omg I already have waving veil tho…..Btw it's one of the oldest suits I believe. How long you been playing? I'm so happy I have half those 3 suits in the store as I'm out of diamonds trying to complete a hell suit, a recolor for association without ruining the other, and the tipsy snow since recently I was to lazy to try. You made my day as I generally have to wait forever to get a suit and I don't have the cheerleader which I thought cost money. Thank you!

  13. As soon as I saw the new outfits in store I immediately spent the last of my birthday money on the limited time offer for today. wHy sPenD mOneY oN rEal cLothEs wHen yoU cAn sPend it on a gaMe

  14. Omg YESSSSSSSSS :HYPE: (ノ≧∀≦)ノ I've been waiting for these suits for so long & I would absolutely use my spare coins for these suits. AND they have diamond rewards?! ?

  15. I am going to go but these suits now :3 thank you for pointing that out! I Wouldn't have known otherwise 😀 <3 luv u!

  16. This is so amazing I always wanted the glasses and the cheerleader suit I wouldn’t have known if this vid wasent made or on my recommendation list yasssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!thank youu

  17. i'm so glad they finally brought them back (for just gold!!!) I've always loved the sheer dance hair and the rabbit set!

  18. It just had to be the time I spent all my gold on crafting that Nightly Spirit Dress T_T. I'd always wanted Sheer Dance since I started. More dias for my emergency fund, it’s almost 3k strong now, yeeeeee, thanks LN.

  19. I love the pink hair to its one of my favourites? I just love the flowiness of it(me and my vocabulary lol) Glad I only need to spend coins on it and thanks for the double upload love ya?

  20. I was super happy to see these suits as well! It felt great to finish 3 outfits all at once, and I’ve been waiting for the clock and glasses in the rabbit suit for sooo long. Can’t wait for pirate ladies to drop tomorrow too.

    (Salty thoughts: there’s so little stuff that comes back for coins only… because events cost more and more diamonds… so the return costs are also jacked up… RIP ☠️)

  21. I wish I could be excited but I completed all of those suits when the events were out. :')

    Edit: Also they're for coins because 2 of them were originally free login suits. And 1 of them was a free suit you were given at the start of the Evernight Hell event.

  22. I've been wanting Dreampath For Travellers for so long, so happy they added it to the store! Sugar Cheerleader is pretty cute too. I spent all my coins and now I have 2/3 suits and almost all of Sugar Cheerleader ?

  23. This is one of the reasons I love love Nikki because they return suits in a different way not a event with 7 days these 7 days aren’t enough you shit nugget Nikki

  24. They were only for coins because they were free login suits when they were last available (I got them all when they were free) ☺️?

  25. I bought every single one of these outfits today and went broke… thankfully I was planning on decomposing everything I didnt need and gained my money back…

  26. There another tip to complete lot of suit of the 4 season u only need to log in using fb and then join a stylist association then everyday log in to love Nikki go to stylist association then click commension and do the dress up one time the rest time u just have to click the done 3 without even dressing ur character it easier lastly it’ll give u give u 3 reward keep on collecting it then go to workshop there a lot of suit u can get them by exchanging the thing u get when u finish the quest u could collect all of the 4 season suit then you’ll get diamond.

    Hope this help but u must need to sign in using fb to join a association group or else u can t

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