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lululemon | 3 Ways Yoga Benefits Athletes | Nick Foles

lululemon | 3 Ways Yoga Benefits Athletes | Nick Foles

– I thought I’d be easy. At the time, I was probably 16 or 17, just thinking like, “I can
do anything, I got this.” And I just remember, it kicked my butt. And I look over, and my mom was doing all
the advance positions, and looking over at me, smiling. I’m Nick Foles, professional quarterback, elite ambassador for
lululemon, and I do yoga. – He’s always been into
yoga since I’ve known him. He’s got a crazy life and a lot of demands and I feel like the
meditative aspect of yoga is really helpful for him. – Everyone looks at football
as a violent, physical sport, but there’s something
that’s beautiful about it, ’cause all 11 guys have
to be on the same page every single snap. I’ve played in some big games, and everyone always wants to ask, what were you thinking? And the answer is always, “There wasn’t much going through my mind.” When I practice yoga, the
reason I really enjoy it is, you can be sort of, in your zone. Just having your mind clear
when you go into the game to where you can read
and react and not think, that’s the most important
thing I’ve noticed. There’s a lot more teams in every sport that are implementing yoga as recovery. The more flexible you are as an athlete, the more resilient you are to injuries, and my flexibility’s
been a huge reason of why I’ve been able to get back out from a hit. You have to learn how to
be present as a person, and I’m not always great at it. I have everything in
order as much as I can. Life still is crazy. There’s never a dull moment. My job starts when I come home. Being with my family and
being a husband and a father, that’s the most important thing. So many times, it’s “Go, go go.” “Hey, let’s do more, more, more.” The day ends, you put your
head down, you’re like, “Man, I don’t even know
what happened in a day.” And you needed time to
slow down and take breath. If you’re staying present in the moment and not worrying about everything else, it’s just you in that moment. I don’t care if you’re a teenager, or if you’re 90 years old. Everyone can benefit from yoga. It does something special to you.

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