Lyoto Machida Karate Throws, Trips & Foot Sweeps in MMA Takedown Breakdown

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, He is the son of Yoshizo Machida A Shotokan Karate black belt who moved
from Japan to Brazil at the age of 22 and started his family.
Lyoto then grew up in his dojo and started training karate at the age of
three and achieved his black belt by the time he was 13 years old. Steeped in his
karate training he acquired many unique trips, sweeps and throws that we will
take a look at. First up we’ll look at the backward trip or the scoop throw.
Here we can see it being demonstrated in a vintage karate instructional. It’s
where you take a shifting step in on your opponent, changing stances and
placing your rear leg now behind your opponent’s thighs. Your now lead hand
then goes across their chest knocking them back over your positioned leg. Here
you can see Lyoto pulling it off in a karate tournament as his opponent moves in on him.But now here it is against a judo black belt who steps in and changes
stances himself allowing Lyoto to masterfully pull off the technique. Now
while he has used his technique multiple times it rarely looks as clean as the
previous example. While he does step in and shift his stances just the same
putting his leg behind the opponents he normally uses his lead forearm across
their neck or chest and will even bring his rear arm in to push their shoulder
the end result though is the same. Now the timing and precision needed by Lyoto
Machida to pull off that technique is absolutely incredible more often than
not though when he moves into a clinch position he’ll still step his leg around
to the outside of his opponent’s but the opportunity to get his arm across their
body is not there so he’ll end up in a standard upper body clinch position with
an over or under hook. He will then push his opponent’s upper body even getting
underneath their armpits and finish with an outside leg trip.
Now onto the foot sweeps, throughout his matches Lyoto will look to faint or
punch and get his opponents weight shifted back onto their rear leg this
makes their lead foot very light and a prime target for sweeping. From an
orthodox stance Lyoto will then bring his rear leg to sweep the
opponent’s foot out from underneath them. We can see him here using it in a
sparring session against UFC middleweight Uriah Hall. Now if Lyoto
is in a southpaw stance or open guard position he will look to execute the
sweep but this time using his front foot. The same principles apply with getting
his opponent’s weight onto their back leg by entering with strikes or kicks and he
will grab their lead wrist with his hand and help use it to pull them over. In
this example against BJ Penn he pulls off an absolutely superb execution of
the technique. Now the timing required to execute those foot sweeps has to be
absolutely impeccable and here he is performing one from the over-under
clinch position, it should be noted that his techniques in the upper-body clinch
may be influenced by his time spent Sumo wrestling which he started at the age of
12. From the upper body clinch he will likely go for a step around throw after
getting his hips into a T-position with his opponents. Also in his early
days in Japan he spent time working with famed catch wrestler Antonio Inoki which
may has also have influenced his style. Regardless of the technique used it’s
the timing speed, precision and fluidity of movement that characterizes Machida
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