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MA-AI en Jiyu Ippon Kumite – KARATE

MA-AI en Jiyu Ippon Kumite – KARATE

Hello karate lover. Today, let’s work on Jiyu Ippon Kumite, and especially the distance, MA-AI. If you’re new on the channel, I am Lionel Froidure. I propose you tonnes of video about karate, interviews, tips and much more. If you’re motivated, you will find the subscribe button. The distance is the FIRST thing that you need to master when you’re working in pair and especially in Jiyu Ippon Kmuite. It’s mandatory for a lot of you how prepare the karate black belt. The notion of distance is… It’s the distance from where he can strike me. Can he strike me from there? And from here ? Yes, but he really need an extra push on the legs to get to me. And from here, can he do it? MAstering MA-AI is mastering the space between us. Mastering the empty space between us. It’s the same like last time with HENTE technique. It’s about to know when he will have to start to launch his attack. Tha’s his influence area. From where he can attack me? I know that from here he can but he needs to step before. From here I KNOW that he can strike just by pushing on his leg. Attack! I strike and goes back. Same. Think that Dealing with the space between us it’s before and after. Before. After. I always goes back to take back my ma-ai, my safe distance. I d’ont stay on the strking area. I am trying to not stay here and then after going back. It’s too late. I strike and move out as quickly as possible. Slowly. I am linking the reatreat of my arm with the retreat of my body. It’s really important. No matter where you’re going : inside, outisde… I move out all the time, so he will need to move to take back his striking distance. It’s your base for Jiyu Ippon Kmite, free sparring, shiai… Take your distance. I hope you like it. Check these other video to boost your karate skills. See you soon for another video.

5 thoughts on “MA-AI en Jiyu Ippon Kumite – KARATE”

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  2. Bonjour Lionel,

    Une super vidéo !
    Est-ce que tu pourrais nous faire une vidéo consacrée aux différents déplacement pour reprendre sa distance, ou au travail de changement de position pour justement créer / briser la distance ?

  3. Bonjour Lionel. Puisque tu as rencontré des maîtres d'arts martiaux internes, par exemple i chuan, tu n'as jamais été tenté de passer à celà, qui semble plus adapté que le karaté pour une pratique efficace a un âge avancé ?
    Autre question, tu n'as jamais fais de reportage sur Kenji Tokitsu ou Shigeru Uemura?

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