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Malaysia & Zell Swag Aren’t Feeling Jennifer | Basketball Wives

Malaysia & Zell Swag Aren’t Feeling Jennifer | Basketball Wives

– Thank you.
– Ooh, my titty came out, see? [laughter][upbeat music]– Jackie and I,
we’re slowly making strides,
and me going to her play
is just a sign
that I’m trying to work
in the right direction. – Hello.
– Hi.– I know that the play
is about domestic violence.
I also know that the writer is
a domestic violence survivor, and that’s another reason
why I want to go. – Good.
How are you? – Good to see you.
– Nice to see you. – All is well?
– Yes, all is well. – Have you seen Tami since– – No, I haven’t seen her since. – I can’t.
– For what? – We only see each other when there’s, like,
a group thing. – Well, she’s coming,
I’m sure. – Hopefully, she got
them legs covered up. –It’s hard for me
to be here right now.
I’m going through so much.However, Jackie’s always been
super supportive of me, and she’s always been there
for me, so I definitely wanted to be here for her
in this moment and escape,
escape from my reality.I know it’s not just gonna
wipe away the pain
of losing my brother, but it does help
as a coping mechanism for me, and it’s something
that I wanted to do to make sure that I could keep
my mind busyand off what’s going on
in my reality.
We can go.
– [chuckles] – Hey, O.G.!
Hi! – O.G. is just
not my cup of tea. I don’t drink tea, but if I drank tea,
she wouldn’t be it. – Why are you so tired? Working on that fashion article. Now, wait a minute.
Don’t forget who the mother is. I can’t [bleep] remember
anything. I’ve drawn
a [bleep] blank, Deon. I’ve drawn a blank.
I’ve drawn a blank. I don’t even–
I’ve drawn a blank. I can’t [bleep] believe it. – Where y’all want to sit? – Hi, babe.
How are you? – How you doing?
– Good. – Why is she–Malaysia,
sit right here. – I see Kristen and Evelyn
and someone else. And so I just don’t really want
to be around any negative energy. – All right, let me say hi
to Malaysia. I don’t want to be rude. Hi, Malaysia.
– Hey. – How are you?
– Fine. And you? – Good. Hi.
– How you doing? – Evelyn, Zell.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. I thought you were gonna
say hi. – I did.
I said, “Hey.” – Oh, you did?
– Remember? You said, “Hi.” – I think
I grabbed that “hi.” – I just can’t be fake,
you know? That’s not my style.
I’m either all or nothing. – I get it.
– I don’t want to sit. I don’t want to kiki,
’cause you tried to– you don’t mean me no good. – Well, I hope y’all get to–
– No. –With Malaysia,I mean, obviously, there’s tension
between her and Jennifer.But really I’m like–
I’m just trying
to get my friends
back together.Let’s talk about it.
It’s sad.
– Again, no, thanks.
– Oh, my gosh, Jen’s shoes? – Just leave her shoes alone.
– You hate ’em? – Y’all need
to upgrade her. She’s, like,
still back in 2007. Like, she can get
new looks now. – You just don’t like
the shoes? – The shoes, the old purses,
the stinking breath. There’s, like,
a long list of things. And you just need
to take her, wash her up. Like, she’s bad. Like, she just need to–
and she need a judge. She need, like,
a super-gay judge. – You know, your friends… [laughs] Your friends
are like pit bulls. So he just goes–
he goes in on Jen. I mean, he even made mention
that her breath stinks. I mean, he’s not lying. She’s a big dragon breath.

100 thoughts on “Malaysia & Zell Swag Aren’t Feeling Jennifer | Basketball Wives”

  1. Malaysia wasn't really being negative. She told Zell, "Leave her shoes alone." And then after he continued (because Evelyn asked), she laughed… but so did Evelyn. Don't get me wrong, I like Evelyn, but she was interrogating and instigating that response.

  2. Why do people not like Evelyn because I actually really like her. I did not even know Malaysia knew Zel whatnot?

  3. Evelyn has known for a long time that Jennifer breath stinks because look at her face when he said it ? BIHHH

  4. His ass was really hating ,say what you want about Jenn.. but you can't say the Chic fashion sense isn't on point!

  5. Kristin is Clearly asking for an ASS whooping from OG! And eventually it will probably happen, whether it be physically or verbally ?????✅??‍♀️

  6. Jump offs, that hang around basketball games, to see who they can screw.
    They don’t have any real jobs.
    Except for fighting on arguing. How embarrassing!

  7. Ur friends togethers.. oh ok (?) first of all u just acting because u need to be on the show u need this show because in the past u acted like u care less about getting people close including ur self n u care less about the show .. fake ass person!

  8. Evelyn ugly ass always bringing up Tami, bish mind your business and stop talking about mfers that's not thinking about you.

  9. Why Jen don't just leave the show and go on with better things don't she have much more going on like outside of basketball wives? I mean all they do is attack her. Evilyn is fake to me because she plays like she is cool with Jen one minute but when she around Malaysia and others she acts stupid. Even when Jackie brought up the rumor evilyn wanted to know more she said can we call him like egging Jackie on. That's not cool

  10. Why is it always some rat looking wannabe b** who trying to be relevant talking about someone is not their cup of tea b** I don't care what you think what the f*** are you even doing on the show and who the f*** is you

  11. Malaysia gay friend got alot of nerves talking about Jennifer first of all she has all the part he strving and wishing to sit down back in the corner where u should be


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