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Male Cheerleader

Male Cheerleader

This fall
a hipster
will find his passion be a cheerleader today
thats it! you are gonna be a cheerleader ? Thats gay! He will fight for his dream dad… i
want to be a cheerleader well atleast you are not a hipster well at least you are not
my son dad i am your son! Mmmm not sure about that you sould ask your mom what? Why? She
was a cheerleader dad! Thats an offensive joke! Your culture its offensive you [email protected]
hipster dad! You cannot say that! Bla bla bla! Nobody sees your videos any ways! go
away! Go away son! And be a cheerleader like your dad! He will lose friends hey simon i
heard you want to bw a cheerleader are you gay now? Are you telleing me that hanging
out with the most beatiful girls in the schoo its gay? Pfff super gay! You should hang out
with us! Yeah and go to our pijamadas yeah and sleep togeter yeah! And enter to the wreasiling
team! Yeah! And fight and grab another half naked men yeah and take showers togeter! Yeah!
And see eachothers butts! What? Becouse its only gay if tou like it right? yeah! Yeah
deffenly not gay like you! Wait where did he go? Yeah! He will find unjustice i really
dont understand women can do men stuff they can wear men clotes but when a women do something
that its concidered girly everybody loses their minds! You know how may unjustice there
are fot women? Its called feminism! Feminism? It should be called equality, and that was
a long time ago now women rule the world men just obey you guys are all the same do you
know how many women are beat by their hisbands every day? Never raise your hand in front
of a women he will fight for equality i dont care about what people think i dont care about
what you think i think i should be a cheerleader simon i understand you want to be a cheerleader
but i dont understand why you are wearing a squirt becouse equality! He will get inspired
honey dinner its ready mom dont look at me my son its confused! I wonder why? Hunny dinner
ita ready hunny dont look at me! He will reach the stars the cheeerleader good job! What
did i tell you before?

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