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Male Dancers Join Women Cheerleaders On Sidelines At NFL Games

Male Dancers Join Women Cheerleaders On Sidelines At NFL Games


100 thoughts on “Male Dancers Join Women Cheerleaders On Sidelines At NFL Games”

  1. It is interesting how they said it Male cheerleaders not gay cheerleaders even though they are gay. I guess this two guys are more important than the the two women they replaced

  2. Basically this was the nfl saying.. you wanna complain about your job? Ok we'll have guys come in and do your job and I bet they wont complain

  3. Well now we know why the Rams Saints game was fixed !! Two more women out of work… and the pussification of men continues …

  4. Repulsive Feminist doesn't like men looking at women in sexy outfits, if lesbians look thats ok… the mainstream fake news is Full of Sht All of the Time

  5. I boycotted the NFL and I'm glad I did WHAT NOW A TRANS COACH GTFOH there's a reason why there not straight male cheerleaders nothing against gays just all these changes as if the NFL really wants there to be justice. When its billionaires who want more revenue

  6. It's Football! there is no need for cheerleader at all! they do not actually lead any cheers! Most fans dont really pay attention to them.Get rid of all of them i say.

  7. They add 2 guys dancing to a squad doing nothing that changes the game or outcomes yet all these homophobes come out say the nfl is over and the world is over. Get over it… there are already male cheerleaders and more to come. All of you have no problem making big dick nick jokes though ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. This is why there are no super bowls in my future.Havent tuned in for years now.Between the NFL and all those commercials…..
    they'll teach me queer is beautiful,guns are bad,pay gap…..etc.Just too much american bull!

  9. I canโ€™t believe the NFL will let this shit happened but you wonโ€™t bring back Colin Kaepernick. This is not right for a man to perform in this fashion. Man this country is making wrong turns and the females is letting this happen. That mean these two guys bump 2 women out of a position to be cheerleaders

  10. So these 6 women is what caused two women to lose a spot. Well these 6 women just killed some of the younger women dreams. Something is wrong man should not be doing this I donโ€™t go there to watch men shake their body like that. Just get rid of cheerleading altogether

  11. I hear alot about all they need is friends and family. Not one word about God. Humans will let you down. Jesus will always be around for you!

  12. I like how he starts off saying male dancers and she starts with female cheerleaders. Why not start with male cheerleaders lolll he knows wassup

  13. California and the NFL the reason I donโ€™t watch the NFL any longer what the FIUWTC excuse my English if we still speak that in the USA

  14. When did guys start wearing facial make-up??? This makes me puke! Please stop forcing your political agenda down my throat! Just another example of the war on masculinity! Glad I stopped watching and supporting the NFL long ago!

  15. Western culture is the only culture that is destroying it's self in the name of tolerance, even though we need tolerance but we shouldn't tolerate evil

  16. Ok, so why not dress like the women and use pom poms? Like every other NFL cheerleader squad does? Doing all the same moves right? All uniformed? Right?

  17. Respect the women and give them what due not putting someone else's agenda in to the mix Men should not being doing this in front of large mixed audience. By the way TV shows show Satanic warship dance ON TV we views think its just a show nope its to please its rulers that we have brainwashed and control of the population

  18. That's not very cool… That's very repulsive and disgusting! Thank goodness the @STEELERS do not have cheerleaders.

  19. It is amazing how much people will look the other way when it comes to sports. The values that you learned as a child are being pushed aside just so you can justify watching your favorite team instead of saying enough is enough. Do you think all this anything-goes stuff is making the US a better country?

  20. No one here is mentioning the real problem of the NFL which is brain damage to its players. Why you all are getting your panties in a twist over two innocent guys who want to dance with the team is beyond me. What are you all so focused on what type of genitals are present rather than real issues like the suicide rate secondary to brain disease and depression that ex-players suffer.

  21. These guys are bumping young women out of their positions. wheres the fake rage,, Oh well no body watchers foot ball anymore its a joke

  22. so much hate, men should be men bla bla bla. Have you watched The Commodores, Bobby Brown, James Brown etc etc with their straight hair, curly with to much grease , eyeliner, tight pants. back then it was normal, now you are gay you are this you are that. accept others the way they are because you will never know who is gonna pick you up when you hit the ground.Think about is. Love from The Netherlands

  23. Theses guys are incredible dancers, and fun to watch. If youโ€™d prefer to watch women, then do so, but I think itโ€™s cool to have men included, as they are obviously at least as talented as the women.

  24. What's going to happen is that men are going to start taking these women jobs. And I wouldn't be surprised to see a woman trying to play full contact body tackle in NFL. There's things that only men should be doing same thing for women. I know we live in the country of equality and that's fine but reality is fact

  25. BRUHHHHHHH!!! THEY SOOOO GAY!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  26. This is one of the reasons NFL viewership dropped over three million last Sunday. It was the least viewed NFL game in history.

  27. Oh god, I bet they can't wait to have the first hajib wearing muslim cheerleader in a specifically designed modest wear uniform. smh

  28. Thatโ€™s whatโ€™s up guys
    # Team dancers
    ( hip hop dance / ballet / jazz / cheer / b boy ) doesnโ€™t matter

  29. So The Answer To The Complaint By Cheerleaders..Is To Add Faggots!?!…Hell Naw…Keep The NFL..For Men Only!!..Cheerleaders Know That There Just There To Be Eye Candy..THATS WHAT THEY SIGN UP FOR..USING THEIR BEAUTY AS A WAY TO GET NOTICED…They Dont Talk About How Many HomeWreaking Cheerleaders Who Have Affairs With Married Football Players..They Our Gloified Strippers GET OVER IT!!

  30. Well… in all honesty, the game doesn't revolve around cheerleading. The game will do just fine with out them!!

  31. Wow I can't believe how much hate they get. I'm from Germany and believe me we are not this fucked up with masculinity. Damn I can smell the fragile masculinity.

  32. If the women are being mistreated, then having some male cheerleaders isn't going to help, is it?

    Let's be dead honest here. The purpose of the cheerleading is to glamorise the event and sex it up a bit. Putting male cheerleaders in misses the point.

    If you're going to put in male cheerleaders, you might as well give them slightly different routines. Nobody really wants to see men dance like women, that's just cringe-inducing. You would be better off running with the fact that there are men in it, and provide something unique that an all-women team can't provide.

    Progressives should be careful what they wish for, as the end result may be that cheerleading is scrapped altogether.

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