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Mariachi Bands, Magic, Adult Dancers: This Airline Has It All

Mariachi Bands, Magic, Adult Dancers: This Airline Has It All

Every morning I wake up, take a deep breath
of compressed air and thank my lucky stars
that this is my job. I’m Jamille Donna
and I work on the Global Skies new live
in flight entertainment. Welcome to our nonstop flight with 14 hours
of live nonstop entertainment. The beauty of live performance
is that we’re all watching
the same thing at the same time and it gives people
an opportunity to connect. Some of my favorite acts
are Aaron the magician, our Yoyo maverick Mattie and our world
renowned barbershop quartet. 999 bottles of beer on the wall,
999 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around,
998 bottles of beer on the wall. Because our passengers
and crew members occupy all of our cabin space, we do need to store
the entertainers down with the check luggage
when they’re not performing. And since we’re
an international airline, we like to infuse our shows with an authentic
cultural experience. Ladies and gentlemen we’re
encountering some turbulence please sit tight
with your seatbelts fastened. Thank you. Flying is one of the biggest
human fears so we have an opportunity to distract people
from their fear of death by freedom of fun
and interactive environments. If you’re feeling nauseous, remember you have a sick bag
underneath your seat. If you’re feeling naughty,
it’s time to give it up for our thunder from up
under adult dancers. Once the sun sets and the kids
are asleep, we like to get a little freaky. And once we’re nearing
our final descent, we like to end our journey on
a high note with a few laughs. Thank you. No need to stand. In fact, please stay seated and
keep your seatbelts fastened. It’s nice to perform
in front of a sold out crowd. Who here’s flying
for the first time? Let’s hope it’s not our last.
Am I right? I bet you haven’t seen anyone
bomb this hard since 9/11. Oh my God. That’s awful. Dane Cook does it and people
laugh. I don’t know why I do it.

15 thoughts on “Mariachi Bands, Magic, Adult Dancers: This Airline Has It All”

  1. Imagine being this close to popping your mile high club cherry, and then you hear angry Arabic shouting from outside the airplane bathroom…
    " hey, can you keep it down out there please, I'm about ready to blow in here!" 😄👌

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