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Mason Square Boxing Coach | Connecting Point | Web Premiere

Mason Square Boxing Coach | Connecting Point | Web Premiere

just like that but my name is who began you on the
proteomics refer back to gap yeah basically programa some by amateur fighters Fit Kids between 8-9 actually 833 and we can from the basics
and was second among the races second p.m. a full time to have them up
with something in Springfield have been on a job with 29 years now and mathematics and ice I have allowed
you know young people and it’s using they’re doing
something on the wrong side at a lot and I’ve been seen it over and over
again for years and I’m out one and I what can I do what I’m
doing right now arresting kids and bring him to do I just systems
networking site wanted to come up with something out tho I love back there applesauce and has
also my love and I just got to get the kids love it like I do both I go go it and yes you can grouping is never a bigger fight for
them up like a fight and then I go in and we start doing the above show how to hold the hand how to move
your feet and they realize they can on coordinated and then the next ep quite
innovation roseanne and it has a he said teaching basic the fundamentals
you know bring them down tonight shown from the kids have been around for
a while and I Wow these guys that we’ve been training hard you know and that netted I kinda print out time
train hard to get good you know min ago them with anything like be due
to be trained her to work hard that’s a good thing to happen both I go go programs like this are
essential to communities I like basis where for yup you will be
able to come in here you learn the game a box in the sport of
boxing you learn life skills how to work together as a team in a
camaraderie and I’m not sure that all these kids to be world champion
someday but they can be world champion light and I think you have enough I’ll let
like this just a phenomenal a tremendous asset for added eliminate
trainer he got fish tree and told me not to go
started dedicating myself more discipline cause you to bring me everywhere I
didn’t know that and I never stop a lot of dedication Harward sometimes twenty years much nine
ish work till it well I wanna by a professional like i
dnt like Mayweather back you know sir why we like them meal I got into it
would actually like this worked out baird & many thank you know always
watching plate I got into it and it also help me get on the street had me away from a that big hug and %uh after fat ass ebony going to like their
daughters and I was wondering what kept on going
yeah every day you coming to hear you train and you not you know your computer
nothing and then the first democrat these kids
to terminate you can’t pay an overdue notice that you think that team winning
trophies you I hate I help them do that you know I system
it’s the biggest fag you know you watching Katie connie how
we work when it came in you know they were corny good at doing
nothing now people don’t want to be in the ring with him but the back good you know so that’s a big thanks and then
I know when I’m here working on the bill when I don’t have to do with him on the
street without this program has no no doubt my
mom has some to the runaround industries around this
time in Arcata Tom really Quang Thanh the Skid Row border
and just hanging out and that is when I get you know in
trouble still to be here estate are you not concerned about you
know hanging out with the wrong crowd be like that will no doubt in my mind
that there were no I hear so here’s the hypotensive way only deliver not only only look back and feel like I made it at that something good

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  1. Guys and gals, I have written a boxing novel and it is in production now! It is called Olympic Gold! If you guys wouldn't mind, I'd like to come and speak with you about being a guy who played sports and was certain that he would be a college hockey player at least! A knee injury and mental illness took a good part of my life but I am getting back on track and would like to share my experiences with you! I also have three novels published about sports! Would like to talk about them and overcoming the crazy obstacles of mental illness! Mike Maloni: [email protected] or 413 636 5400 

    The piece was great, it really showed how, with the help of guidance, young people can make a definitive choice about life and how to live it.  

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