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Match Voice to Person (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

Match Voice to Person (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

– Here smell me then. – You smell like vanilla. – Yeah good. If you like, wear vanilla guys like that, like the smell of food. – Who lied to you? – Cosmopolitan. – This is a white chick. She’s reading Cosmopolitan and taking fragrance advice. I’m Karlos. – How am I gonna do that? – Okay blindfold, okay. That wouldn’t work for
me because I sound white. I used to get phone interviews, you know how your job calls you and they’re like “Oh great”, and then I get there and they’re like “We didn’t have an interview for you.” And I was like yeah you did, yeah you did. – Yup. – [Man With Beard] Hello. – [Karlos] Hi. – [Man With Beard] Do I smell good or bad? – It smells like soap. – [Man With Beard] Well he got that right. – Did you grow up here in Seattle? – [Man With Beard] No, I’m from Kentucky. – I think he’s a black man. Rap. – Well, first of all that’s racist, to assume that all black men rap. – He’s definitely black because only a black man says all black men, like that’s something I literally say, so he’s definitely a black man. I feel like he has like a fade, or no, maybe even dreads. And that’s my final decision. – Alright, thank you. – [Older Woman] Hi there. – Uh, ooh. – [Older Woman] Ooh? What? – Are you okay? – [Older Woman] I’m okay. – Is this that person’s real voice? – [Older Woman] You’re
walking on thin ice now. – I don’t know, this person’s creepy. He sounds like a caricature. Are you a male or a female? Say “Suck my dick.” – Why would I say that? – Definitely a female, ’cause a male would have said it. – Well, suck my dick. – Talk sexy to me. – Oh man. Suck my dick. – Give me some slang
terms, talk Ebonics to me. – What’re you talkin’ ’bout y’all? – Definitely white, 50 year old white woman frail and skinny. It was nice meeting you old person. – You too, young black person. – [Man] Hello. – Hello. How was your day, how are you doing? – [Man] I’m pretty good, pretty good man. I woke up, I’ll be tired today. – Oh wait, wait say you’re tired again. – Tired. – He might be Asian. Do you like anime? – Yeah. – Yup. – My voice sounds Asian? – Yeah do you not hear yourself? I believe he is a
foreign exchange student, you have like the Asian comb-over, maybe smaller than me. Bye. – Bye. – What’s so funny guys? – [Girl] Hello. – Hi. – [girl] Hi. – Who are y’all finding
these caricatures at? Do you like Outback? – Outback SteakHouse? – Yep, she’s definitely Australia. – What race do you think I am? – Greek. – Do I sound smart? – Uh, the way you said smart, yes, smart. – Cool, thank you – Smart. – [Woman] Hey. Here smell me then. – You smell like vanilla. – [Woman] Yeah, good. I mean, I do it for my boyfriend. But if you, listen, listen, listen. – Oh no, uh-huh. Your voice is annoying. – Oh my God. – So this chick was a
cheerleader in high school. – Whatever.
– Did you read Ebony? – I don’t know what that is. – Yep, definitely not black, or a person of color. ‘Cause even if you’re not black, you know what Ebony magazine is. It’s like the blackest magazine there is. – Yeah. Okay. – Yeah. Definitely stops at Starbucks
at least twice a day, she orders a double venti frappuccino. – I love frappuccinos, too. Because if you think about it. Like, no listen– – Listen, listen, listen. Oh my god! (laughs) What is she wearing? Like booty shorts? I don’t think that you’re
actually a valley girl, I think that you’re more of
like a from New Jersey girl. Like Snooki. Snooki! Snooki, perfect example! Bye. – Bye. – Oh she’s wearing wedges. – [Woman] Yes, obviously! – [Man With Red Shirt]
What’s up, what’s up? – You sounded like heavy footed, so you’re wearing some sort of a boot. How you doing, how’s your day? – [Man With Red Shirt]
I woke up a little late. – Off the rip you just sound like, like a white kid. Who probably lives with his parents. Whisper sweet nothings in my ear. – How you doing today? – That’s not sweet. – I like your haircut. – Oh, thank you! 6’2. Like surfer dude, collared shirt, khakis. Bye. – Bye, thank you. – [Blonde Woman] Hi. – Hi. – [Blonde Woman] Hi, what’s your name? – [Karlos] My name’s Karlos. Do you think you have a unique voice? – [Blonde Woman] No, do you
think you have a unique voice? – No, I think you have
a unique voice though. I don’t think you’re from here. I think you sound like
you’re from like Boston. – Oh, are you kidding me? Okay, whatever. I’m not allowed to say anything, but I’m from Pluto. – Pluto? Can you please say “I wish
a motherfucker would.” – I wish a motherfucker would. (laughs) – She’s so white. You know who you remind, okay, Long Island medium, that’s who I that you probably look like. Bye. – Bye, it was very nice meeting you. – Likewise. – Very interesting. – I think I got the Asian
guy right and Snooki. Don’t I know your wife? I think I know his wife. I know your wife, don’t I know your wife? – You may know my wife, she’s Nobubu. – Michelangelo?
– Yeah. – Yeah. I just went, how did I, I just went to
a fucking party with ’em. (laughs) – I was using my white voice that day. – Were you? (laughs) How did you feel being
known as, ‘Black Man’? – I mean it’s not the first
time I’ve heard that, obviously. – See, has that ever affected your job? – I’ve never been
victimized by discrimination because my voice sounds black, but that’s probably because
interviews are done in person. (laughs) – I was actually adopted
when I was 11 years old, by a white family. And my mom was and english teacher and she worked very, very hard ’cause I did not speak
like this before I was 10. And she said that I’m
already gonna have to work twice as hard to be in this world, so it’ll at least make
it a little bit easier, just speak a little bit more properly. – This young lady. – I’m not a Greek, but I am Australian. – Are you Australian?
– Yeah. – Okay, what’s your nationality? – My mom is Singaporean and my dad is British. – That’s kind of like Greek. – Who was the frail voice? – Me. – It’s the pedophile from Family Guy. (laughs) – Want some ice cream? (laughs) – Where are you from? – From Oahu, born and raised. Moved out to the main island
when I was like 17, so. – There isn’t an Asian here. – There is. – There is an Asian here! – I’m an Asian!
– There are Asians here! – We’re Asian! – There’s a lot of Asians here! – But like the Asians that
I was thinking was like, they drive Porsches and shit. (yells) – Who’s the Asian? – This guy. Where are you from? – Whoa! When people look at you, do they think that
you’re just an American, like a black American? – Yeah, like when they look at me, they think I’m American. But then when I speak to them it’s. – Who did I say was ‘Valley Girl’? – It was me. Do I look like I’m from the Valley? – Yeah. – Oh. – I got the short shorts right! – You did get the short shorts right. – And the wedges! – I was a cheerleader
for a really long time. – I think I technically got her right. – Yeah. – I said she’s very Snooki. (clapping)
Group hug. – It was nice seeing you guys! – You guys are awesome! Oh now you’re like, “Oh
shit, I’m gonna kill you.”

100 thoughts on “Match Voice to Person (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut”

  1. 3:19
    Dude:Your voice is annoying
    Me through the screen:First,have you heard your voice and second,that is just rude to say that to someone,they can't just change their voice.She will have that thought that her voice is annoying her entire life.

  2. 1:46 she sound like the pervert from family guy💀💀yoo I didn’t finish the video before he said the same thing

  3. CUT: “let’s get the whitest sounding black person and the blackest sounding white person to make a point about stereotypes even though we know the stereotypes are generally true that each race/culture for the most parts sound distinct to each other.” Next time CUT just go all out and get a white north London British sounding person that’s actually from El Salvador or something to “make a point”

  4. You know you from Hawaii when you hear someone from Hawaii say which island they from and “ born and raised “ right after in a Local tone haha CHEEHOO Hawaii in the building! 😂

  5. lmfao i’m from long island ny and the last lady in the yellow made me laugh because i knew she was from long island right away. i was offended by him saying we have boston accents too.

  6. Most black are racist I’m not saying all I’m saying most and if u don’t agree with me finish watching the video if u still don’t agree think about all the races not being able to say a word accept for one race that’s racist like if you don’t want us to say it then why do u use is as a joke it don’t make sense do all the other races need to make words you can’t say

  7. "He's definitely a black man, because he said 'All black men'… only black men say that." LOL that had me rollin.

  8. Damn I felt that roast to the first character old lady shit kinda hit hard even tho I'm 18 and a penishaver

  9. He’s a living proof that POC can be terribly racist towards other POC and have it passed over as humour. I enjoyed the guests though.

  10. ‘‘ My mum’s singaporean my dad’s British”
    Everyone: oh she’s a mixed Asian
    Karlos: that’s kind of like Greek
    * proud singaporean here :))

  11. A lot of folk saying he was being racist, but he literally wasn't even the least bit racist. He solely judged based off of voices, and that was it. If you were blind and heard him talk, how many would have said he was white? All those interviews he got where they said "uhm what?", THOSE are racist.

    To be racist, one needs to profile the majority of what they think off of you, stereotypically and/or discriminatory based, and treat you in such a way that it subliminally reinforces the same negative narratives that continue to directly or indirectly oppress the majority of that group.

    This is why they also say "black people can't be racist". You can say racist things yes, but for your literal being to negatively affect a large group of a people, based on the afformentioned, even unknowingly, is what makes one into what racist is.

    This is how you have folk who are completely racist and do not know it. Before you get confused, no i am not talking about systemic racism. Systemic racism is based upon an infrastructure or occupational standpoint.

    Basically things like housing developments, or work opportunities being passed over because a resume had the wrong name, or being held back in a society that is built systematically to hold someone back or keep the majority of a group from progression. (Like how the majority of incarcerated folk are 90%+ african american men, upon more than half of whom are there on negligible charges… see also, "for profit prisons"). Or how statistics say that the majority of crimes are committed by black people, which is false.

    As you can see, no matter which way you look at it, how can a black person be racist? It's impossible. They can say some racist things sure, but nothing they say is anything based on something that should probably be seriously addressed. There is a difference so large and so great, a black person can say a wholllllle lot of shit to you, and even treat you differently, but it won't affect the vast majority of those who lack pigmentation or melanin. Racism is based solely on a hatred of a people so ingrained that you don't even know the difference.

    Which is why so many of you think he is being hella racist.

  12. what's snooki s'posed to mean…. why am I always chasing the meaning of these new slangs!! when does this shit end

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