Max is Psychotic 6 [Series Ongoing]

It doesn’t matter. After all, I’m still your
faithful companion. [Intro Plays] (That’s Dana. She’s such an archetypal
gorgeous Cheerleader.) Ah, hi Dana. You’re up early. Yay! Max! Trevor asked me to the Vortex Club! Oh, he asked you?
– You absolutely should go with us. Borrow one of my outfits and come as a
cute couple with your bitch, Warren. Shake that booty! Bust a move! It does sound like fun. But my little booty, forget it.
I have my self-respect. [Dana Laughs] Seriously, come on and dance with us!
I bet Warren would be all over that action. Sorry to pry, but I heard a rumor you’re pregnant. What? Shit…
You’re very good at being nosy. Can you keep a secret, Max? Of course. I won’t say a word. [10 Minutes Later] Listen to this… Dana’s pregnant. Ew! I didn’t think she was like this! I’ve got your back no matter what happens…
Trust me, okay? [20 Minutes Later] She went all the way. Oh no. You can’t color over that sunlight. I see what you’re doing. It’s like a goddamn reality show around here… Dana, I totally get it. This friend of yours sounds like a problem. Nothing good, Max. Nothing good. Why don’t you ever want to see me, Max?
You’re so cute. Logan, no! I just- Shake that booty for me.
– Oh for god sake! You’re almost psychic. I felt like you
knew everything anyway. Hardly, I just have a sixth sense for trouble. She thinks she’s Victoria. Buh-bye. We should get you and Dana out one night. Maxxx!
– Never mind, Taylor. You set me free. Thank you.
I’m glad we talked. Me too. [Dana Laughs] And like I said: I won’t say a word I swear to dog. This is serious, Max. I promise this matter
is being discussed by the faculty. [Max Thoughts] (I could become very popular
by coming everybody’s gossip ninja.) [Max Laughs] (But I need fake proof before I get busted.) (Figures Juliet would be dating Zachary.
She’s gonna wish she didn’t.) Hello Zach. Sup, Max! It’s weird to
not see you without your camera. I’m always taking pictures with my eyes
I am a camera. By the way, Zach… Juliet, she just told me her Blackwell lovelife is good… Know what I mean? Sweet! Awesome! Can I ask you a question? Did you fuck Dana? No, asshole! Sorry… Is it a stupid question- You mean stupid shit!? As long as you don’t talk to
everybody about all that shit with the sex. Dana has a lot on her plate. Yeah… I noticed she kind of set
up her own drama. Zachary, Trevor doesn’t care about football.
Not much school spirit, I guess. BIGFOOT STOMP! Oh my god! Jocks are so stupid!
There’s no way everybody else will figure this out. Okay, Max, one more meeting left… You’re almost done.
[Inserts Earbuds] (Why hello, Trevor…) Hey, Trevor.
– Holla, Max. What’s up, Justin?
– Getting my coffee on before I destroy some rails. Clearly! Justin, I need to talk to Trevor alone. I got him blazed. Nobody has secrets in
Blackwell anyway. If you say so… Dana’s pregnant. Oh shit… Dana’s freaked out by all this. She needs
friends and support now. When was the last time you talked to her? In the dorm. I was supposed to stay quiet
but this is bigger than a high school drama. And I think Zackary might be the dad.
Listen… [Beginning Playback on Phone]
Hello Zach. Sup, Max! It’s weird to
not see you without your camera. Can I ask you a question?
Did you fuck Dana? Yeah, asshole!
– Sorry… As long as you don’t talk to everybody
about all that shit with the sex. [Ends Playback on Phone] I wanted proof Zachary is involved in this.
Sorry you had to find out about Zachery that way. This sucks! Right when I finally
find a cool chick to date… We’ll take im out with our boards! [[Many Hours Later]]
I’ve heard Zachery beat the shit out of Trevor… Now, he’s in the hospital. That’s awful! Came over to cry like a little bitch. I’m so sorry you have to go through all this… I have to go see if Dana needs anything. Yo, Justin, go crash. It’s been a rough day
as you know. I’ll check back later, okay? You’re right. I’m only torturing myself here… (Gotta give it up for those Bigfoots, they do stomp.) You can’t get out now, Dana!
So tell me the truth or rot in there! Hey, Juliet! Is everything cool? Oh yes, Max. I’ve locked Dana in the room
because she fucked Zach, my boyfriend. But it opens from the other side. Touché. Now I feel like an ass.
Now that skank can go straight to hell! [Dana] Seriously, can you come in here for a minute? All this gossip is cruel… [Dana] Max! What the hell!!
– Uhh You really think I’d mess around with Zachary??
And Max, I am not pregnant! Come on you really believe that-
[Picks up Pregnancy Test] Oh… You definitely deserves a face-punch!
I have a fucking headache now! Thank you! Be honest, Dana, are you a slut? You
obviously know more than you’re telling. What?? I think you better go! And Max, it’s not cool to treat me as if I’m some- Except I have proof! Logan Robertson.
– What? Here’s your dirty laundry… You can really
learn a lot at the Vortex Club. Max! Enough!
– I already know way too much… like the fact that- I said please go!!
– Poor Trevor. He’s so nice… Don’t… don’t say a word-
– Oh yeah? Here’s my homework. You better get on it. By the way, Dana, don’t ever touch Warren.
I’ll fucking kill you! See you later. Dramatic, I guess. Yes another
great day in Arcadia Bay. [END OF #6-1
INITIATING NEXT SKIT] And this is where the otters perform
their aquatic magic. Samuel really should keep this locked,
it’s too easy to sneak into. Care for a midnight swim?
– My pleasure. Splish splash! Boys or girls? Boys of course- Girls of course. Do you know how much this fucking outfit costs!?! Boys of course. Oh! That’s a good posture.
[Looking at the Crotch of a Statue] Girls of course. [Kate Crying] Boys of course. [School Bullies] Girls of course. Maxxx! Dude, I need a target. I don’t know Seriously? Come on!
I want that heated water! Sorry. I thought I could just fit right back in at school,
but with all going on, nowhere to hide these days. Dude, do not even torture yourself like that.
You can own Blackwell Academy. I hope so Chloe. [Max Flips a Switch] Hello, gorgeous!
– Don’t stare too long, perv! [Max Laughs] It would be so cool if you and me were
going to school here together. I was way too cool for this school.
In actual files here. Really… It’s a long story… [Chloe] Yo, Frank! About that weed…
[Frank] – Where’s my fucking money? [Chloe] I.. I don’t have the money.
[Frank] – Then no fix for you. [Chloe] Um… pretty please? Seriously, I need it. Money, drugs, I should have known. Wrong, Max.
– What? What do you mean? Well…… [Frank] Get your bony ass over here!!! [CENSORED] [Chloe] Seriously!?!
[Frank] – Jesus… Sorry, Chloe. [Chloe] Wrong answer! Ew, gross! I don’t blame the Principal
for expelling you… Bad Chloe! I was an idiot. Frank bum-rushed the door and… I got expelled. Should’ve fucked in a stall
instead of right out in the open. That’s a dollar for the… Um… … The swear jar… Chloe? What’s wrong? Hey, so… are you dating anyone at Blackwell? What? Like who? Logan? Hayden? Nathan? Anybody? Oh, I’m too busy with school and photography. Oh, please! You can’t be an artist unless you experience life. Some bro has to be crushing on you… Like Warren. Warren? Yeah, he’s with somebody else. How do you know that!?
– Right I still go to school here. Ouch! Thanks, Max. Anyway, Warren is such a
classic nerd. I’m not into them. Warren really did give a serious beatdown
to Nathan. That was awesome! Uh… do you think so? I mean, it was
so sweet when he stood up to Nathan. Nathan got smacked down. Warren is the sickest.
And I owe him big-time. [Chloe’s Thoughts] (Another day in paradise. My best friend, still lying… Warren… Um… Chloe, are you okay?
– Forget it… Chloe…? Can we stop? I think I’ve had my pool
experience for the year. Let’s jet. Yeah. Gross. I feel like we just
went swimming in chlorine Bay. You look cute with your hair soaked in chemicals. Thanks. You would know. [Door Opens in the Distance] [Max and Chloe] Hide! No! Not this way! Yes we have to go! Wait! Turn around! They’re-
[Engine Starts] Chloe?? Chloe wait! Wait, Chloe! Chloe!!! Max, stop wandering outside get back to your dorm!
We will continue this discussion later. Shit! Busted! I don’t get it, I mean… I’m her best friend. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know Chloe as
well as I thought. [Principal Wells] Hello, Max. Would you like to tell me
what happened yesterday? [Max] There is just a lot going on… Yes, but you were disregarding posted
signs about trespassing. I-I am so sorry about that. It might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of dumb things this week. I can’t focus when I’m scared. There’s nothing to be scared of at
Blackwell Academy. You’re not supposed to be outside your
dormitory at this hour. And you know Blackwell has
a zero-tolerance policy. [Max] I’ll never get the image out of my head of
Alyssa jumping off that roof… And I had the power to change things. All because my power didn’t work…
It didn’t mean shit. [Principal Wells] Max!!! My hand just reached out.
Maybe if more people cared… I feel so powerless… Leave that to me. I should have been
more proactive about her awful situation. I’m sorry you had to go through that. You tried to help but… Goddammit! Blackwell is my responsibility… And I… I let her down. But it sure would be nice to get back
to Blackwell Academy the way it was before. Now, you have to start acting like the photographer
you want to be. You know I won’t always
be here to take charge. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting.
But you come talk to me whenever you want. Thanks, Principal Wells. Shit… This could have gone way worse. Chloe, oh Chloe… Is it worth it? [[Chloe Lost in Thought]]

[Young Max] (What do you truly want
to do when you grow up?) [Young Chloe] (Max, I’m already grown up. What about you?) (Taking over Arcadia Bay? That would be awesome.
And no adults could tell us what to do.) (That would be majorly cool.) (And I would love to be a photographer,
as if I ever could be…) (What are you talking about? Max,
you are a photographer. I believe in you.)

[[Thought Ends]] [Door Opens] [Frank] Nice piece! Oh, why, thank you.
Happy customers are the
foundation of a good business. [Chloe Throws Frank’s RV Keys on the Roof] [[Chloe Lost in Thought]]

[Young Chloe] (I dare you to drink?)
[Young Max] (Yuck!) (Whateva. Give me that bottle.) (Oops!) (You know you’re clumsy, Chloe. Shit! Shit!
There’s wine all over! What do we do now?) (That’s a dollar for the swear-) [Joyce] (Did you break another… Really!?!) (Ah-Hey, mom!) [Young Max] (I’m sorry, that was my bottle.) (Max Caulfield. It surprised me fierce. I was
hoping you could be a good influence
in her life now.) [Young Chloe] (You saved me…)

[[Thought Ends]] [Answering Machine] This is Officer Corn. Just want to let you know, your daughter’s car was identified near the Blackwell campus last night around the time of the break-ins. Give me a call soon. [End of Message]
[Joyce] What? Are you in trouble
again, Chloe? Don’t you sleep? [Chloe’s Thoughts] (What the hell am I
getting into here…?) I just don’t know anymore… That’s what makes it so horrible. [[Chloe Lost in Thought]]

[Chloe] (I never trusted David.) [Max] (This guy has serious trust issues.) [Max] (You have to live with him.) [Chloe] (Not anymore.) [Chloe] (You saved me again!) [Max] (I’ll always have your back… always.)

[End of Thought] Max! [Chloe Whimpering] Max!! I love her so much… [Chloe’s Heartbreak, and Crying] What kind of world does this?

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