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Maya + Lucas || Their Evolution (Part Two) [CC]

Maya + Lucas || Their Evolution (Part Two) [CC]

Older Girl: What’d you call us? Maya: I’m gonna probably need help now. Older Girl: Spunky. Blonde: And what are you, Spunky? Lucas: Her name is Maya. Riley: You have to fight with him exactly as much. Maya: But I don’t know what he… Riley: Do it! Maya: Okay. Ha hurr. Ha hurr. Ha hurr. Ha hurr? Ha hurr! Riley: What if I have exactly the right amount of faith in people? Maya: Bird. How am I in a triangle with that? Cheerleader: What’s your name? Lucas: Lucas. And these are my…how would you like to be called? Riley: Uh, girlfriend. Lucas: And how would you like to be called? Maya: The girlfriend equally as much. Cheerleader: “Girlfriendes”? Maya: It’s complicated. But I’m here now, and I catch on fast. I wanna be in the triangle! Maya: Can we just calm down, this isn’t who we are. Lucas: Yeah? Who are we? When people you’ve loved all of your life
suddenly decide to leave? Well, you sit by yourself for a while and
you’ll try to figure it out. And you’ll blame yourself, but it isn’t your fault. You probably won’t believe that though
and you’ll think you did something wrong but you didn’t. It isn’t your fault. Most of all, you stay with your best
friend. Maya: Did you get to Lucas yet? Riley: I hope Lucas, I hope Lucas, I hope Lucas has a very bad day. Maya: Gosh, you’re cute. Riley: Vroom, vroom baby! Maya: Look at us! Riley: Look at us. Lucas: Don’t look at me. Maya: I’ll look at you whenever I wanna look at you, Huckleberry. Lucas: Everybody’s
stronger than me When we’re kings. *School bell* And into my marriage and into your five. Is one Lucas? Hm, no. Sorry. Maya: Oh ’cause it goes achoo and then everyone goes ahh! *Laughs* Riley: Oh. Maya: What? Riley: Nothing. Maya: Read that one right now. Riley: What? Maya: Hi, Jexica, my name is Lucas Fri–. Wait, why would Lucas write to Jexica? Riley: I have to choose between two girls, and I thought that I liked them both, but what I really love is that you want to ride unicorns while eating cotton candy and collecting falling stars. I think you would fit in with our group of friends, but please don’t tell them I invited you. Maya: He knows. Riley: No, he doesn’t know, Maya. Maya: Hey, Huckleberry. Lucas: Yes? Maya: What do you know? Lucas: I know a lot of things. I know that we need to stick together. I know that the only way we can do that is if we’re honest with each other. Maya: Get to it! Lucas: I know that you are Jexica! I’d recognize you anywhere. Maya: No, you said something to her so now you have look at me and say something to me. Lucas: I’d recognize you anywhere, too. Maya: You’re not even trying. Lucas: I’m tired all the time. Maya: What would you do, A? A-huh. A-huh. I know. Riley: What did it say? Boys: Shh. Zay: Maya and A don’t get to spend a lot of time together. Lucas: Let’s let them have their moment. Maya: I don’t know. Anywhere in the world, as long as it’s with you. Lucas: I’m you! Riley: You’re me? Lucas: Yeah, all of a sudden I’m a loser! Riley: I like a boy. Maya: I like the same boy. Older Girl: Your friendship is over. Riley: That could never happen to us. Older Girl: Why not? Maya: Because there’s no friendship like ours. friendship like ours. Lucas: What is someone gets hurt? Farkle: Oh somebody’s getting hurt. But I’ve been saying all along if you guys aren’t going to be honest with each other
everybody gets hurt. Riley: What just happened in art? Maya: Forget that, we need to figure out this Lucas thing. Riley: Forget that, we need to figure out this Maya thing. Maya: What? There’s no Maya thing. I’m the same Maya I’ve always been. Riley: The Maya you’ve always been would take nothing from nobody. He went after your art. Maya, your art is who you are. The guy went after who you are. Maya: Do you think it should just be us who decides about Lucas? Riley: Why do you keep on changing the subject? The subject is you. Maya: Because I think that Lucas should decide, too. I think it should be all of us. Riley: I’m going to take Lucas. Maya: What? Riley: What are you going to do about it? I liked him first, he’s my boyfriend, and I don’t think that you should have anything to do with him. What’re you going to do about that? Maya: Now that I’ve heard you say it, do you think that I’ve been selfish? Riley: What? You can’t have him, he’s mine. What are you going to do about that? Maya: I don’t want you think of me like that. Riley: I think of you as somebody who would never let me say what I’m saying to you. I think of you as somebody who would fight for what she believed in. Even me. Especially fight me! Maya, if you like Lucas then you’re gonna have to take him from me. Maya: You’d let me? Riley: No! No, I wouldn’t. You know why? Because you taught me that. You taught me that. Riley: Maya! Maya: Yeah? Riley: Where are you? Maya: What? Riley: Where did you go? Lucas: But I also laugh when Maya ha hurrs me and calls me Huckleberry 50 times a day. Lucas: And then there was Maya and that campfire. Lucas: Except– Farkle: What?! Lucas: It was Maya who pushed her. It was Maya who did that for Riley because that’s who Maya is. Maya: What’s wrong with us both liking a
nice guy? Riley: Do we? Maya: What’s wrong with who I am now? Riley: Maya… The world has one of me. The world needs one of you. Maya: My voice is still my voice, Riley. You’re going to need to show me a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn’t. You want me to go
home? I’ll go home. Teacher: I owe you an apology, Miss Hart. Maya: Everybody does. Lucas: I’ve made my decision! Topanga: You gonna tell us what you decided or what? Lucas: Is no one concerned about Riley and Maya?
very much Cory: The girls are fine. Lucas: I care about your daughter very much. Topanga: My daughter now. Lucas: I care about your daughter very much, too. You know, Maya loves to make fun of me. But then in Texas, she doesn’t want
to see me get hurt. She gets those feelings from someone, Miss Hart, and from what I’ve heard it isn’t her father, you are a wonderful mother. Topanga: What about me, Chucky? Lucas: I’ve had it. Maya: I wanted everything you had. Riley: Is that why you liked Lucas? Because I like him? Maya: I don’t know, I guess we’ll figure that out when I’m me again. Lucas: Oh, did you find her? Maya: You make a decision about us, Ranger Rick? Lucas: I did. Maya: Yeah, well it doesn’t matter. Farkle: Yeah, it does! Zay: Yeah, we’ve been waiting for like two years. Maya: It doesn’t matter because you picked Riley. Riley: What? How do you know? Oh, I’m so sorry, Maya. Yay! Maya: Because no matter who you picked, you picked Riley. You pick her, you got Riley, You pick me, you got Riley because that’s who I’ve been lately. Lucas: What do you want to do? Maya: I need to decide whatever way I like you and not whatever way the little Mary sunshine part of me skipping around in
there likes you. Lucas: Maya, what’s going on with you? Maya: It’s like I don’t have a role here anymore. Riley the Sweet, Farkle the Genius, Lucas the Good. Lucas: I thought that was gone. Maya: It’s not gone. I’m gone. I’m the one that’s gone. Lucas: Maya, I’ve been down this road. Forget it. I
missed a whole year of school because I thought I had to be something that
doesn’t get you anywhere. Maya: Yeah and now you say please and thank you and what does that get you? Lucas: She’s cutting school? Farkle: That’s what she decided to do? Lucas: Deep down Maya’s beautiful. Riley: Okay, calm down. Lucas: We couldn’t find her. Farkle: Looks like somebody found her. Lucas: Maya, what did you do? Maya: Well, I might’ve had a brick and a hammer, and I might have swung them over my head a little bit and ran like right toward them like I was– Lucas: Maya? So, you’re Maya again? Maya: Well they seem to think so. They ran away so fast. Maya: Yes, I needed to find myself you Cactus Pete, Huckleberry, horseback riding, Ranger Rick ha hurr, ha hurr, ha hurr hurr. and she’s that and we’re Lucas: And, she’s back. Riley: And we’re back on. Lucas: Yeah. Except for one other thing… Maya: Hey! Boing has nothing to do with this, okay, he’s just a fantasy. You don’t go out with a fantasy, you only think about him
all the time. What’s the matter with you? Lucas: Yeah, I’m real messed up. Lucas: Yeah, she always breaks the rules, but this time she could have been killed. It’s like you never know when to stop. Maya: Farkle! Farkle: She saved my life. Maya: Come on, Lone Star, you’re not really mad at me, you like when we tangle. That’s
what you like about me, you just don’t want to admit it. Lucas: No, it’s not, Maya. I don’t think it is. Riley: Okay, triangle over. Our mothers told us that you made a choice. Lucas: Yeah, I did, but this shouldn’t be my choice, it should be a
decision that we all make. Maya: I got no pride just flip a coin, let’s get a pizza. Josh: Movie night! Lucas: Movie night! Girls: Coward! Lucas: I know. Well, if we’re actually gonna decide this then we should imagine what our lives would be like together.
Maya: Okay, here’s ours: *Music* Ha hurr, hurr Singing *The man lives by the rules, but all she does is break them. He always keeps his cool, she’s the one who shakes him* Singing *They call him Bond, Huckleberry Bond* Lucas: Alright, let’s go over the mission. Maya: The purple cat is evil. She must be destroyed or she’ll destroy us. Lucas: Got it. Be careful, we’re in purple territory now. Smackle: What’s your name, Gorgeous? Lucas: The name’s Bond, Huckleberry Bond. Farkle: Smackle? Smackle: I’m with you in this, too? Maya: Gorgeous is with me, Chipmunk. We’re the power couple of the world and there’s nothing
that could ever tear us apart. Maya: Don’t matter. We’re the power couple of the world and there’s nothing that could ever tear us apart. Maya: What’re you all looking at? Farkle: You! Smackle: We’ve been watching this thing for the past two years. Zay: We wanna see how it ends. Maya: You think we’d tear each other to pieces? Lucas: Yeah, I could see– Maya: Stop helping her. Riley: This doesn’t need any help. I know you two. I know how this ends. Lucas: We’d rather argue with each other than save the world. Maya: Wah, wah. Lucas: You know, she’s right. No matter what we decide this is our world and it’s only the right decision if we stay friends. Maya: We can control that, right? Riley: Are you really going to make me explain myself? Maya: What do you think?Lucas: Yes! Maya: Yes! Maya: Look, I know you lose your mind over me in front of the firelight but is it cool if I sit down? Lucas: You can take your chances. Lucas: Riley and I tried to be boyfriend and
girlfriend but we weren’t ready for that? So then you and I tried and you poured a
smoothie on my head? Maya: Best date ever. Lucas: Why did you pour a smoothie on my head? Evan: Adventure? Maya: Yes! Adventure, break the rules. Lucas: You don’t have to break the rules to have an adventure. Maya: What do you have against breaking the rules, Ranger Rick? Zay: It’s who he used to be, Maya, cost him a year of his life. I think maybe he’s learned something. Maya: I don’t like Lucas like that. Josh: How do you know? Maya: I went out with him one time, poured a smoothie on his head. Josh: In a cute, romantic way? Maya: No, in a he’s so nice I wanted to mess him up kind of way. Maya: Okay, Huckleberry, Little Golden Sunshine Head is right. This triangle needs to be put out of its misery and there’s only one way to do it. Lucas: How? Maya: Well, we all know you chose, somebody, we all know it’s the right choice and we know it’s the only choice
that you could possibly make. Lucas: We do? Maya: Sure, we do. Because we know you like both of us, but we also know there’s only one of us that makes your little cowboy heart
go clippity-clop. Lucas: You’re right, you said that right, you
said that completely right. Maya: And it’s me. Lucas: Ahhh. Maya: So it’s you and me forever? Lucas: Um. Maya: Also, I want you to stop talking that Riley girl. Lucas: Maya– Maya: You can’t hurt me, can you? Lucas: I can never hurt you. Maya: This is why you’re such a nice guy. This is why I really wish I had a smoothie right now. I
don’t want a nice guy? Yikes. Okay, Huckleberry, if you care about me, here’s
what you do: Go find Riley, tell her you love her. Lucas: Love her? Maya: Just say it, we like it. Lucas: Thank you. Maya: What’re friends for? Maya: When good things happen, do they stay good or does a little bit
of good just bring a bigger disaster? Or, who do you deal with a good thing? How? Bay window, bay window right now! Maya as Lucas: I wanna be a veterinarian and I wanna kiss your face. Ew. Riley: You’re all in on it? Maya: The Riley Committee. Farkle: I paid dues. Lucas: There are no dues. Maya: Quiet. Lucas: Who’s up for a taco? Lucas: You lost, now get off of me! Farkle: We got her right after– Maya: Kathy didn’t want her anymore. Farkle: What does she stand for? Maya: Because Kathy took her chair. Maya: You don’t know me. Turns out, Clutterbucket is Irish. I’m Irish. Know why I’m a short stack of pancakes, Huckleberry? ‘Cause I’m a leprechaun. Here, have a potato. Good boy, Lucas. Lucas: Maya … Maya. Cory: Put that hand down forever. Maya: You have to answer my question about the body. Lucas: Other than whatever’s going on in our little lives. Maya: A billion trillion stars you could give them all Riley names is what you
could do. I’ll get you started: Twinkly, Sparkly,
Twinkly. There’s three! Farkle: Over here. Lucas: Hey! Farkle: Over there. Maya: Hahahahe. Maya: Hey, Friar, you as tough as everyone thinks you are? Lucas: Hey, Hart. Are you? *School bell* Maya: I know you’re here, Cowboy. Maya: Maybe you’re right, so maybe I’m not as tough as people think I am. Maybe I don’t want to be. You happy you-you-you, Huckleberry? Riley: You guys have already been watching it? Zay: Are you crazy? Farkle: Red Planet’s sleepover at my house. Lucas: I’m bringing s’mores. Lucas: I brought s’mores. Maya: And I want us all to know how important we are to each other. Riley: Alright, Peaches, do not say who you have. Maya: Never, Sweetie, I know how much this means to you. Zay: Tell us. Maya: Never. I won’t even tell you if it’s a him or ha hurr. Riley: Thank you, Maya. Maya: ‘Cause we’re gonna have it now while we’re all 15 and you’re 24. Cory: Lucas and Zay both left someplace that they loved. Riley: They were right to love Texas. We had the best time there. Lucas: And we’ve had the best time here. Lucas: Now, whenever anybody asks me who was your first girlfriend, I will always answer Riley Matthews. Theme song: *I’ve been waiting for a day like this to come, struck like lightning,* *My hearts beating like a drum on the edge of something wonderful* *Face to face with changes, what’s it all about, life is crazy but I know I can work it out* *’Cause I got you to live it with me* *I feel alright, I’m gonna take on the world, light up the stars, I’ve got some pages to turn* *I’m singing oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh *Take on the world, take on the world, take on the world, take on the world, take on the world, take on the world.*

73 thoughts on “Maya + Lucas || Their Evolution (Part Two) [CC]”


    And cuz I used to have a ship triangle with Zay, Maya, and Farkle, but it changed when Smackle came sooo :I
    and plus I wanna be with Zay xD

  2. It breaks my heart, i really really love the idea that Maya and Lucas end up a couple, but they didn't. Somehow i hate Riley so much =_= but maybe that is the way to anything happen, that's why we have Girl meets world.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Honestly, Maya deserved so much more, I feel like because she was so selfless, she was always the one getting hurt. Lucas knew how much that meant to her, and still chose Riley, and although she hides it, you can still see how much it hurts her to see Riley and Lucas doing stuff together; having the happiness that Maya fantasized about for the entirety of her life, and Maya ended up with the exact same as she started with. I feel like she went on a journey, full of pain, just to be greeted with more pain for the rest of her life, watching the person she loves making memories with her best friend…

  5. I’m really sad about the whole Maya and Riley thing. Maya is so inspirational and sometimes insecure but when it comes to Riley she just won’t stop thinking of herself as a person who should have what she wants instead of thinking about her best friend

  6. damn now that im older i can see it so clearly. i was so mad at the writers when this happened but i think they knew this was the best couple all along. but they just couldn’t be together. what person would do that to their best friend? it would’ve been weird as fuck. the writers also let us know that the ‘maya being riley’ storyline is bs by making lucas ask her ‘why did u pour a smoothie over my head’ cuz she was still fucking maya. damn, what a mindfuck of a show

  7. Hii! So I covered “Exhale” and posted it. The video is called “Exhale – Sabrina Carpenter || cover by Abigail Golan”. Can you please listen to it and tell me what you think about it?🙏🏻 love you❤️

  8. Ugh, when she's all brow-beaten, pretending to accept that she doesn't want a good guy, because Riley said so. Yikes, indeed.

  9. I haven't even watched the show but here I am getting all mad that Lucas didn't choose Maya. THEY WERE PERFECT SKSKSK

  10. Disclaimer: THIS IS MY OWN OPINION.

    look, my opinion is that Maya and Lucas should’ve ended up together. In the very beginning, Maya and Lucas dated for like a couple of seconds. Maya was the one who pushed Riley onto Lucas. Maya kept a secret about her liking Lucas because Riley likes Lucas. Maya starts calling Lucas by nicknames. Let’s go forward… during the Rodeo, Riley cared if he accomplished his goal, to ride the bull. Maya cared if he gotten hurt. Maya cared more. Now there’s the campfire. Lucas and Maya almost kissed. Let’s forward more…
    Lucas and Maya protect each other.
    When Lucas told Katie and Topanga that he finally chose, he talked to Katie more.
    Then at the ski lodge, when Maya told Lucas about the person who makes his heart go clumpity clump, Lucas starts smiling and smiling. But then Maya says that he chose her, Lucas just says “uh.”
    Riley is sensitive, so Lucas wouldn’t wanna break her heart. While Maya is tough but still has emotions and can be sensitive. So Lucas can’t break Maya’s heart either but I’m thinking that he chose Riley because she is too sensitive.
    Maya of course, just stays hurt and doesn’t care about her happiness and puts other people’s happiness and needs before her own.
    Maya and Lucas may be a bit different, but they would be amazing together in somewhat way.

  11. It seems like riley shouldn't have the title of being the girl who would do anything for her friend. Maya should have gotten that title because no matter how much she loved Lucas, she always stepped back so riley would be happy. Lucas chose the wrong girl cause maya was the one who chose his happiness before her own happiness

  12. People like Maya ,like me , have our breakdowns and we get tired of Being strong and sometimes we have anxiety alot and look at this Shes broken I'm broken

    Everyone's broken

    I'm most of all we all cry…

  13. I will never truly be happy because maya should have ended up with Lucas. They worked well together even if they joked around and the way they look at each other throughout the whole show seems so real. And so what, one date didn’t work out they should of at least given of another shot.


  15. I feel like Lucas did pick maya. Maya deserves him because yes she didn’t fall for him right away but maya and him had more of a click

  16. maya broke her heart so many times to protect her best friend, never once saw i riley do that for her – how can he not see she's the right girl for him ( maya ), not some childhood crush like riley. the choice he made was wrong. if you look at his mimics and gestures towards maya they're more genuine and heart – felt than towards riley. and why would he wanna have a girlfriend well that's not the brightest candle on a cake.?

  17. As much as I wish Lucas and Maya end up together. Maya actually deserved someone better than Lucas. Someone who would choose her in a heartbeat.

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