Mean Girls (9/10) Movie CLIP – Regina Meets Bus (2004) HD

Oh, my god.
It’s her dream come true, Diving into a big pile of girls. (girls snicker) Okay, yeah,
I’ve got an apology. So I have this friend
who is a new student this year. And I convinced her that
it would be fun To mess up regina george’s life. So I had her pretend
to be friends with regina, And then she would come
to my house after And we would just laugh about
all the dumb stuff regina said. And we gave her
these candy bar things That would make her gain weight, And we turned her best friends
against her. And then– oh, yeah, cady–
you know my friend cady. She made out
with regina’s boyfriend And then convinced him
to break up with her. Oh, god, and we gave you
foot cream instead of face wash. God!
I am so sorry, regina. Really, I don’t know
why I did it. I guess it’s probably because I’ve got a big lesbian crush
on you. Suck on that! (ululates) Girls (chanting):
Janis! Janis! Janis! Janis! Cady: Regina! (door slams) Regina, wait! I didn’t mean
for that to happen. To find out that everyone
hates me? I don’t care. Regina, please!
Regina, stop! No! Do you know what
everyone says about you? They say that you’re
a home-schooled jungle freak, Who’s a less-hot version of me. Yeah. So don’t try to act
so innocent. You can take that fake apology And shove it right up
your hairy– (screams) (brakes squeak)And that’s how regina george
died.No, I’m totally kidding.
But she did get hurt.Some girls say they saw her
head go all the way around.But that’s just a rumor.
Some people swear they saw mePush her in front of the bus.That was an even worse rumor.

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