Media Training Hits and Misses 😳 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(rock music) – Media-training day! – Today we’re doing media training. We’re taking all of the rookies through a True Television interview
with Meredith Land. She’s the lead evening anchor for NBC 5. – Nice to see you. I plan to ask them all kinds of questions from political ones to
questions about the Cowboys. I’m looking for those moments
where I can get them a little off-kilter, and see how they react. – [Kelli] I’m going to be
watching and taking notes as Meredith interviews the ladies. Then the ladies are going to go into the radio and podcast
booth, where’s they’ll meet up with Scott Padgett, who’s
our chief meteorologist in town, but he’s also
our judge on our panel, as well as Nicky Harrison
who hosts a podcast for the Dallas Cowboys. – Is it going well so far? – Yeah, very well. Today is a very important day. I think the fact that
there’s so few of us left, they definitely are going
to take media training into consideration. – The border crisis, it’s
just hard to watch the images, you see it every night on the news. How do you process that? – My family themselves, they actually came from Mexico, so I understand that you want to be fair to the immigrants
and to the citizens themselves. So, it’s a tricky balance. – I think that our legislators
just need to come together and find a way to keep these people safe. – Are you excited to hear Jason Witten’s in the broadcast booth again this year? – So no, he is gonna be
on-the-field this year, baby, so that is gonna be so exciting. I mean he brings a consistency. – Did she just say, “baby,”
to a lead evening news anchor? – You know what, we’re gonna
go to the Superbowl this year because it’s on my birthday, so that’s gonna be a whole treat. (laughing) – A lot of the professional
teams are cutting their squads. And do you think that your
team is still relevant in this female-empowerment landscape? – I feel like now, more than ever, the Dallas Cowboys
Cheerleaders are so relevant. They are timeless, there’s
a reason the uniform is in the Smithsonian and why
they’re as iconic as they are. – Yeah, Dallas Cowboys
Cheerleaders are often imitated, but never equaled. And, at the end of the
day, for me personally, I think it’s so important that we know that the Jones organization does look out for their cheerleaders. – Her answers could stand
more polish and preparation. I couldn’t understand
what her answers were to most of the questions. She’s bright, and she’s bubbly in-person. But she just talks too long, too much. – And we’re just training camp candidates, and I already feel like
I’m part of the family. It only can get better from there. (cymbals) – So you kinda like sports. You like football a little bit. – Yes. – Just weren’t very good at it. – Actually, I can throw a mean spiral if you really need me to do this. – Okay, all right. So how do you sign the
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? Is their a sign for that? – Yes, it is. – Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. – Wow, oh my goodness. – Good to know. – Learned something new today. (laughing) – If you make the team,
and DCC begins, for you, what’s the future? – I wanna purse my broadcast career. My whole goal, doing DCC,
is to just have a resume. I just wanna have something
so that when I’m done with this, they’re not like,
“Oh you worked at (beep) “for two years. “How does that help you with “getting a broadcast career?” And I think DCC will just
enhance that resume for me. – She came across as, “I’m going “to use the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders “to advance my career in
journalism after this. And I don’t think she
realized what she said. – Thank you. – Good luck, y’all. – Thanks. – Knowing that she works
in broadcast journalism, I was expecting a lot more. If I was cutting, I would cut Julia.

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