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Meet the man who became an IRONMAN.

Meet the man who became an IRONMAN.

83 thoughts on “Meet the man who became an IRONMAN.”

  1. What a beast.
    That island won't allow you to become who you want to become right off the bat.
    Keep pushing. You will make it there.

  2. This guy might beat Javier Gomez today at the at IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Cairns
    Cairns, Queensland, Australia June 10, 2018!!

  3. im not so educated in triathlon,but why does he go in the sauna? I know in bodybuilding but do is it for the same purpose,to lose water weight?

  4. So frustrating to hear so many of these guys take so much risk just to shave a few grams off their tires and ended up with a flat tire on race day.

    Just race with a decent set of reliable tires and stop using taking these stupid risks in an attempt to get that tiny bit of advantage on their competitor.

    Seriously, it’s so predictable. Every Kona you see at least a dozen flat tires.

    I’ve never had a flat tire in my life during a race. Hard to believe these $15000 bikes can be so fragile

  5. So basically you've gotta be the ultimate hobbit? Where are all the Africans? Something ain't practical here, I'm thinking it's the bike.

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