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Meeting two Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders | Michael Oldroyd Story

Meeting two Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders | Michael Oldroyd Story

as hilarious is that music may sound it
is not how I want to kick off my next YouTube video a YouTube channel oh and by the way this
is not the voice of Brunel one time we are at the one hotel in Miami I was in
Miami with a couple buddies you know we were having a good time some successful
fellows you know that I met here in New York and I put it’s like hey you want to
go to Miami you know I’m like cool yeah sure so like I’ve done a plane and flew
down to Miami had had some extra funds at this point in my life was able to
take a spontaneous trip like that and lo and behold without even getting into all
the specifics we end up on the one rooftop I guess he knew somebody who
lived at the one hotel one rooftop whatever and I find myself up there very
excited I was like whoa is this heaven like this place is amazing
the one rooftop the one hotel in Miami unbelievable you know it had the music
going you know people were getting loose just beautiful girls and I remember I saw these two girls walk in and one of
them was just drop-dead gorgeous I remember seeing her and thinking all my
gosh like who is that right so I figured an excuse to to kind of go around to the
different tables it was really a ploy but I was I had a show that night Miami
that I was doing stand-up comedy and I was going around trying to promote for
the show even though I didn’t actually care about promoting I didn’t need to
the show was already taking care of they had promoters and stuff but I was
pretending that I needed to promote for it just so I could have it was the only
excuse I could think of to go out and talk to these two girls that world with
this one guy so went up to their table and I said hey guys sorry to interrupt
but I was just wondering I’m very interested in stand-up comedy I’ve got a
shot and I’m just letting everybody know about the show they asked some questions
I was like I’m giving some samples if you guys want to hear quick joke or two
they were really nice the guy was cool the girls were cool
nobody was rude there was no bad vibes and I appreciated the respect that they
showed me all three of them really it was genuinely cool and I would about my
way you know I moved on from that and you can tell when it’s time to leave you
know you make your first pass hang out chill for a little bit head out let them
do their thing let it marinate in their mind so anyway later in the day I’m
hanging out with my buddies in these this group has rearranged to a different
part of the rooftop right now they are letting out right and I’m looking at
this girl like I have a physic I’m physically moved by this girl’s right I
had to go up and talk again I couldn’t help myself I went back sat down with
them and they were into it she was smiling she was laughing
we’re having a good time and I remember this chick I’m not gonna say her name
but they were both Miami Dolphins cheerleaders right and one of them the
one that I was attracted to most she was like hey you should go put this in your
underwear and walk around the pool there was like this Reid thing like this like
Reid thing and like an idiot I did I took this like it was like cat tail or
something I put it in my in my shorts in the night I kind of like walked around
the pool like this and every one I did one hotel rooftop was staring at me and
laughing like there who is this guy with this confidence man
I walked around the entire pool like this and I came back I sat down I was
like see I did that for you you know she liked it she thought it was hilarious
I think she was like extremely just taken aback by it they were all
entertained in fact he was someone who was sitting next next to us that it
witnessed this that actually offered me a job because I did that this person
said excuse me I’d like to offer you a job
what you just did right there is remarkable who does that like you just
come up and talk the most beautiful girls at the one rooftop in Miami and
then you made a fool of yourself in front of like everybody here with no
remorse and don’t care I’d like to offer you a job I was like huh I appreciate
I’m not looking for a job right now but you know I’ll take your information so I
sat back down next to the girl from Miami and I was like you know I’d like
to hang out after this and this girl is like oh really you want to hang out why
you want to have sex with me that’s what she said I was like no no I
don’t wanna have sex wait I do but you know I want to get to know each other do
you know it’s like the in that mater lab she I think she recognized the truth and
that she knew I wanted him she knew I wanted to get naked with her we got a
picture so you can stalk my Instagram and check her out found out she has a
boyfriend chicks be scandalous go found out she
has a boyfriend she never said anything about that she followed me on Instagram
after taking the picture with me I followed her dagger in the bag and
then she never responded to any of my messages again I’m like yo what’s up
with this right and I looked her up saw that she has a boyfriend so
unbelievable stuff just weird wild shock weird Wow

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