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MEN’S BASKETBALL – Virginia vs. Dayton Highlights

MEN’S BASKETBALL – Virginia vs. Dayton Highlights

We are live across
the Commonwealth. Welcome to Cavalier
Courtside from the ballroom of the world-famous Atlantis
Resort in the Bahamas. It is game two of three in an
all-action tournament called the Battle 4 Atlantis. In just 30 minutes, it’s the
undefeated and fourth-ranked Virginia Cavaliers squaring off
with fellow undefeated Dayton Flyers. Snap pass to Key,
delivers to Guy. Jumps into a long triple
and buries it from outside. Deals to Kihei Clark in
front of the Dayton bench. Clark– the seas part as
he drives through the lane, and the lefty’s
scoop falls home. Dishes back to Guy,
returns to Clark. He’ll heave a three– good! Virginia within one. The jab step– Clark rolls it back for
Hunter in the right block. Hunter– a little
turn-around hook is true. Driving down in the lane,
kick out to Crutcher with one to shoot, and they did not
get the shot off in time. It’s another stellar
shot clock violation. Double-teamed out front,
gives to Key, back to Clark, lets it fly– good! That’s what he
answered right there. Said yeah, I blocked that. Come and get this. Instead bounces to Hunter,
double-teamed in the block. Skies up and scores
with the right hand. He says let’s slow it down,
instead throws to Jerome. He launches the three. It was halfway down
and then kicked out. But it’s all good. The rebound tracked
down by Hunter. He gives it to Jerome–
another three– it’s true! Guy to Jerome off the
screen, gives it to Hunter. Foot on the line– two is true. Seven-point advantage. Down low with Jack
Salt– rises in the lane, the lefty layup no. Got his own rebound,
puts it back up and in. Four the shoot for Dayton. Crutcher trying to shake
Guy, fades and fires– oh, and he threw up a prayer,
and it fell home, at a time-out by Anthony Grant. 11 minutes even to
go, Wahoos up by four. Guy slashes, rises
in the lane– oh, he challenge the trees in
an above-canopy lay-up. Was defended by Matos. Guy– grip and rip, long
jumper is good for three! Guy on the right elbow. Backs out, the bounce– 25 feet. East of the iron to the cutting
Jerome– the floater is good! He’s just so good
getting into the paint. Cavaliers taking their time. They snap to Jerome. A head fake, Jerome
crashing into the lane, puts up the runner– it rolled around
and then popped out. Rebound being
contested– it’s Guy amongst the trees, who rips
it down and sticks it back in. Where did he come from? 25 feet away from the bucket. Jerome, a dribble-drive,
hands off Hunter as the shot clock
expires– a three! He got it! The Cavaliers were
tested, but they will march to the championship
game in the Battle 4 Atlantis. 66-59– they take it over the
previously undefeated Dayton Flyers. We will see you for a
2:00 PM tip off tomorrow.

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  1. Dayton player shot/made a 3, & Virginia announcer said he threw up a prayer Look like Virginia was doing a lot of praying against Dayton.

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